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Leshan Tour

Leshan tour is designed specially for visitors who want to visit the famous Grand Buddha, the world's tallest stone Buddha carved in the Linjiang cliffs. As the description goes, "Buddha is a Mountain, Mountain is a Buddha".

Follow our trips to explore this man-made and natural wonder and Leshan city. It is very convenient from Chengdu by driving, about two hours. We can also customize your own trip from Chengdu, incl. Mt. Emei, Dujiangyan and Jiuzhaigou depending on your interests.

Chengdu Leshan Mt. Emei Tour Map
Choose your Leshan Grand Buddha Tour Package below
3-Day Leshan & Mt. Emei 5-Day Leshan & Mt. Emei from Beijing 8-Day Chengdu Leshan Emei Dujiangyan
5-Day Sichuan Buddhism Culture 6-Day Leshan Emei Dujiangyan Bifengxia Leshan Travel Tips & FAQs
5-Day Chengdu Leshan Mt. Emei 7-Day Beijing & Chengdu Leshan Emei

Tour code: BJH-C-03C

3 Days Chengdu Extension to Leshan & Mt. Emei Tour

Route:Chengdu - Leshan - Mt. Emei - Chengdu

Overview: This tour takes you to visit the tallest stone Buddha statue in the world and Mt. Emei, towering, beautiful and mysterious; on the mountain, there are four scenic regions: Baoguo Temple, Wannian Temple, Qingyin Pavilion and Golden Summit.

Price from:$452/pax

Tour code: BJH-SCT-05C

5 Days Sichuan Buddhism Culture Tour

Route:Chengdu - Leshan - Mt. Emei - Chengdu

Overview: 5 days Sichuan Buddhism tour takes you to see Giant Panda in Chengdu, get an amazing view of Grand Buddha in Leshan and breathtaking sceneries from Golden Summit of Mount Emei. Deeply discover the buddhism culture of Sichuan.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-SCT-05A

5 Days Chengdu Panda, Leshan & Mt. Emei Tour

Route:Chengdu - Leshan - Mt. Emei - Chengdu

Overview: In the 5 days tour, you will have a good chance to have date with the cute Giant Panda, to get awe-inspiring view of the huge Buddha in Leshan and spectacular scenry from Golden Summit like sea of clouds, dazzling sunrise, Buddha rays, etc.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-BC-05A

5 Days Chengdu Leshan & Mt. Emei Tour from Beijing

Route:Chengdu - Leshan - Mt. Emei - Chengdu ( flight from Beijing )

Overview: The Chengdu area is the home of the Giant Panda, China’s national treasure and features the world famous Giant Panda research base. Also, other amazing attractions are listed in this private tour, such as Leshan Giant Buddha, Mt. Emei and so on.

Price from:$966/pax

Tour code: BJH-SCT-06A

6 Days Leshan, Mt. Emei, Dujiangyan & Bifengxia Panda Tour

Route:Chengdu - Leshan - Mt. Emei - Bifengxia - Dujiangyan - Chengdu

Overview: Spend 6 days to experience Buddhism culture in Leshan & Mt. Emei, as a volunteer to stay with the cute Giant Pandas, and then visit the world famous Dujiangyan Irrigation System.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-BC-07

7 Days Beijing & Chengdu Side Tour

Route:Beijing - Chengdu - Bifengxia - Leshan - Mt. Emei - Chengdu ( flight from Beijing )

Overview: This tour takes your to travel the must-to-visit destination of China - Beijing, and the biggest city in western China - Chengdu. It is perfect for you to explore the essence of two cities, including the Forbidden City, Hutongs, Leshan, Mt. Emei,etc.

Price from:$1423/pax

Tour code: BJH-C-08

8 Days Chengdu Leshan Emei Dujiangyan Tour

Route:Chengdu - Leshan - Mt. Emei - Chengdu - Dujiangyan - Chengdu

Overview: 8 Days Chengdu and side tour: take you to visit Chengdu, home to Giant Panda; the tallest stone Buddha statue in Leshan; the towering, beautiful, old and mysterious Mt. Emei; Dujiangyan Irrigation System.

Price from:$0/pax

Mt. Emei Travel Tips & FAQs

1. Brief Introduction of Leshan Grand Buddha

Leshan city is about 160km away from Chengdu. It takes you about 2 hours by car to view the Grand Buddha statue. The imposing statue is a well-known tourist attraction of China and the most magnificent scenic spot in Leshan. It lies to the east of Leshan city at the confluence of the Minjiang, Dadu River and Qingyi River.

The local folks describe the statue with a line "The hill unveils a Buddha, while the Buddha fades into a hill." Actually, the Buddha has the following specifications: 71 meters in height with a head measuring 14.7 meters in height and 10 meters in width. On its head are clustered 1,021 hair curls, each of which is as big as a huge round table. Each ear is 7 meters long and could accommodate 2 men; over 100 men could be seated on one of its 8.5 meter-wide insteps.

Another architectural wonder is the complex drainage system of the Buddha, which maks the statue survive intact so long time. The drainage system is made of hidden gutters and channels, which carry away rainwater and keep the inner parts dry.

2. Two ways to view the Grand Buddha

Hike to the top of hill, then climb down to the feet of Buddha
After entering from the Gate, visitors climb some stairs to the top of hill and then walk to the head part of Buddha. Two side has a series of stairs down to the Buddha's feet. Usually, climb down from the right side and climb up from the left side. Be extremely careful when you are on the stairs which are very steep and narrow, and very crowded, so just take your time going down and up. Then you have a good view at the Buddha's feet.

Take a river cruise around the Buddha
It is a better way to view the Grand Buddha by taking a cruise ship, because visitors can get a full view of the Buddha and it is not very crowed on the cruise ship. The boarding entrance is about 500m away from the Gate to enter into Leshan Grand Buddha Scenic Spot. When the ship are cruising in the middle of river, visitors will view the whole hill, shaping like a sleeping Giant Buddha with the Grand Buddha as its heart.

3. The Surrounding Attractions

In and around Leshan Grand Buddha Scenic Spot, there are numerous famous sites: such as Mount Lingyun, Wuyou Hill, Guicheng Hill, Moruo Hall, Qianfeng Cave, Lingyun Temple, Lingbao Pagoda, Dongpo Pavilion; cliff tombs in Han Dynasty; and many stone sculptures and inscriptions carved on the precipices.

4. How to get to Leshan Grand Buddha?

1) From Chengdu to Leshan

By bus:
Visitors can choose to take non-stop bus at Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station or Chadianzi Bus Station to Leshan Xiaoba Bus Station. All buses are air-conditioned and it takes about 2 hours from Chengdu to Leshan. Then take a taxi to Leshan Grand Buddha Scenic Spot.

By Train:

There is 1 K train from Chengdu Railway Station to Leshan North Railway Station, and the duration time is about 2.5 hours. Then you can take a taxi from the railway station to Leshan Grand Buddha Scenic Spot.

By private car:

Our company offer the Chengdu and around Chengdu rental service.If you want a private transfer to Leshan or surrounding cities, please read Chengdu Car Rental.

From Emei Shan to Leshan

Emei Shan is very close to Leshan City. Visitors can take the bus from Mount Emei Scenic Spot or Emei Shan Tourism Passenger Center directly to Leshan. It takes about 40 minutes.

5. What about the Leshan Hotels?

In Leshan city, there is a range of hotel options, from budget hotel to star rating hotel, like 5-star Desheng International Hotel, 4-star Celebrity Hotel and Hawaii Hotel, and 3-star Leshan Hongxing Business Hotel.

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