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Why Travel with Us

Reliable company Unlike other tour companies, we are local tour experts, we travel extensively and specialize in organizing tours in our regions only.

This means that you will get the facts about your chosen sites and destinations from real local people who have in deep knowledge of places where they are living.

Top Reasons to Travel with Us


* We are Local *

As a local travel agency, we get more advantages than the agency outside Beijing. We understand Beijing well and are familiar with each place our customer goes. We are convenient to go out to inspect and control the quality of each place for your trip. And if you have any problem during the trip, we can give a fast help and support.


We are based in Beijing, and operate tours, not a travel agency, this means that you are dealing direct with the peop;e who provide the actual services and not through a "broker" who is selling someone else's tour. This also means that you pay substantially less for the same tour and get the best custom services.


* Lower Price Guaranteed *

- we do have the lowest price. We will meet and beat any internet published rates from companies outside Beijing for all package tours. All Hotels and Tours are based on US standards. Never hidden booking fees.


* Time Saving *

Operated by real, local people, we have all the information you need at our finger tips and your inquiries / requests will be or responded to you in the soonest (0.5~23.5 hours).


* Flexibility *

We have wide ranges of travel products with seat-in-coach, group tours, private vacations, one-day tour, VIP trip and others available to big groups, families to individuals. Each individual guest or in the group is given our identical love and caring.


* Negotiable *

We highly appreciate your suggestions. You are the best person to know your exact, current situation and your ideas or suggestions will help us to find the best travel experience designed just for you. In addition, the more understanding and detailed information we have in advance, the better for customizing your trip.


* Fresh attitude and regularly updated *

You are traveling with a qualified, professional young team of Your each contact and request is considered as a challenge and all of us are eager to meet and exceed your expectations. We are simply your best travel mate in Beijing. Whether or not we schedule a trip for you, we are always happy to provide you news and updated travel information.


Briefly, we are young enough to be flexible and innovative in our business concept, systems and structures, but we are old enough to be your experienced partner for a great travel experience.


* Helpful *

We are always happy to provide you with news and updated information about tourism in Beijing and China around. Your trip is our honor and we, along with other local people, are unconditionally glad to welcome you to our beautiful country. and our team hope that you will find the trip, and/or the service you long for. If you have any question, comment or suggestion, kindly drop us a line on We will get back to you within 0.5~23.5 hours! We are here to help!


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