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18 Days China in Depth Nature Scenery Tour

  • Nuorilang Waterfalls
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18 Days & 17 Nights
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Trip at a Glance

Day 1-2:
Beijing, Beijing flight to Guilin;
Day 3-4:
Day 5-8:
Day 9-11:
Zhangjiajie, Fenghuang;
Day 12-15:
Day 16-18:
Xiamen, Yongding, Shenzheng;
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Travel Consultant: Jenny

Updated this article on Jul 31 2019

Trip Overview

In this China’s In-depth Nature Scenery, you will visit from Beijing, to enjoy the “East or West, Guilin scenery is the best”, “Fairy-tale World - Jiuzhai Valley”, “Unique Geological Features - Zhangjiajie scenes”, “UNESCO World Nature and Cultural Heritage Site - Wuyishan” and Hakka culture of Tulou Cluster in Yongding, and finally ends your tour in Shenzhen.

Itinerary Details Day by Day

Day 1 Beijing Arrival

Today you will be picked up from airport by hotel, take a shuttle bus to hotel and have good rest.


Day 2 Beijing-Guilin by flight ( B, L )

After breakfast today, you will take a shuttle bus to airport . Then you will take a flight to Guilin on your own. we will visit the Elephant Trunk Hill, and Reed Flute Cave.  Inside this water-eroded cave is a spectacular world of various stalactites, stone pillars and rock formations created by carbonate deposition. Illuminated by colored lighting, the fantastic spectacle is found in many variations along this 240-meter-long cave.

Elephant Trunk Hill is the landmark of Guilin
Day 3 River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo(B,L)

Upon arrival you will be picked up from Guilin airport and then you’ll be driven to Zhujiang Pier (40-minute drive) to start your boat cruise down the picturesque Li River, which is the highlight of any visit to Guilin, until you get to Yangshuo County. Along the river, you’ll be inspired by breathtaking views of peaks and pinnacles, crystal-clear water and picturesque pastoral views of rice paddies and water buffaloes. Visitors feel they have stepped into a traditional Chinese painting. In the afternoon, renting a bicycle , our guide will suggest your itinerary based on your available time’s length. free to explore the beautiful town and its famous West Street in the evening.

Overnight: Yangshuo

Li River Cruise
Day 4 Yangshuo-Guilin-Chengdu by flight  (B)

Today you will be free until be transfer to Guilin airport to take a flight to Chengdu.

Overnight: Ghengdu

Relaxing Li River Cruise
Day 5 Chengdu Chengdu-Songpan (B,L)

After breakfast, pick up from hotel and drive about 6 hours to Songpan, passing through Dujiangyan, Wenchuan, Mao County. Upon your arrival at Songpan, check in a featured hotel here. The rest of day is on your own to explore Songpan Ancient Town.

Overnight: Songpan

Day 6 Songpan - Huanglong - Jiuzhaigou ( B, L )

In the morning, you tour guide will pick you up and then escort you to visit Huanglong National Park. where densely scatters thousands of travertine color-ponds and flow streams. You’ll marvel at Huanglong Temple and fabulous Five-Color Ponds. After about 4-hour sightseeing in Huanglong, transferred to your hotel at Jiuzhai Valley.

Overnight: Jiuzhaigou

Day 7 Jiuzhaigou ( B, L )

Today, you will have a full day to explore the Jiuzhai Valley. There are 9 Tibetan villages in the valley, so called the name. Its best-known feature is its dozen of blue, green and turquoise-colored lakes. Jiuzhai Valley consists of three valleys – Rize Valley, Shuzheng Valley and Zechawa Valley, forming a shape of “Y”. In 1992, it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage.

Overnight: Jiuzhaigou

Day 8 Jiuzhaigou - Chengdu by flight ( B,L )

In the morning, you will take a flight to Chengdu. Upon you arrival, Drive to Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is the world-famous Panda breeding research base located about 10km (6 miles) out of the city. Then drive back to midtown Chengdu. After lunch in a local restaurant, you will visit Jinli ancient street--elegant style of the architectures tells you what Sichuan looks like during the Qing Dynasty.

Chengdu Giant Panda
Day 9 Chengdu-Zhangjiajie (B,L)

Today you will take a flight from Chengdu to Zhangjiajie. Upon you arrival, visit the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park firstly.It was established by the State Council in 1982 as the 1st National Forest Park of China. Covering 13 square kilometres, the park is known for its unique landscape with lush forests dominated by quartzite sandstone pillars. Bubbling brooks and charming lakes wind around the area and connect giant caves. You will take a cable car to visit the Huangshi Village.Huangshi Village is approximately 800 meters above the ground, and 1100 meters above sea level averagely. The village is characterized by the overhanging cliffs, high staking platforms, jagged rocks and elegant apexes. And it is reputed as the enlarged potted landscape landscape and miniature fairyland. After lunch, have a leisure walk in the most beautiful Jinbian Stream.After tour, take a cable car down.Then transfer back to your hotel.

Day 10 Zhangjiajie (B, L)

After breakfast, pay a visit to Tianzi Mountain, one of the highest mountain of Zhangjiajie. Tianzi Mountain is a geological smoking gun that illustrates how fantastic the Earth can be. The range’s formation is surprising: there were once sedimentary rocks growing beneath the waters of an ancient ocean, which ultimately became quartz sandstones. Today, the layer of quartz rocks as old as 380 million years old, as thick as 500 or 600 meters, caps the Tianzi Mountain. After lunch you will experince the The Bailong Elevator, the tallest outdoor elevator in the world also known as the Hundred Dragons Elevator, carries tourists 330m up the side of a massive Yuanjiajie.

Later, move on to Baofeng Lake Scenic Area and take a boat there. It is a World Natural Heritage - Wulingyuan World Natural Heritage five fine line one, and in October 2001 was listed as Zhangjiajie Geopark, has the world's lakes classic reputation. From Suoxiyu tourist city just 1.5 km, with a total area of 4,100 acres. Baofeng Lake Scenic landscape in one set, folk customs in a melt. Especially Qixiu Gaoxiapinghu superb view, "waterfalls three thousand feet," Baofeng waterfalls, mysterious mountain temple and seen on the peak, seen through the mountains under the boardwalk and famous, is called World Lake classic.Then transfer back to your hotel.

Overnight: Zhangjiajie

Baofeng Lake
Day 11 Zhangjijie-Dehang-Fenghuang ( B, L )

Today you will drive from Zhangjiajie to Dehang. visit to Dehang, meaning "beautiful valley" in Miao language, is situated 24 kilometers in the west suburbs from Jishou city, capital of Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Xiangxi. In the scenic spot, streams are crossing to each other; deep valleys, spectacular waterfalls, grand mountain ranges, ancient trees and special flowers, precious birds and animals are everywhere.In this area, lives the Miao nationality: they speak Miao dialect; girls and boys are free for love; and they exchange feelings and love with songs. They use the traditional way for oil extraction, papermaking and rice grinding. Also the locals use special wheels with buckets to lift water for irrigation. Then move on to Fenghuang.

Overnight: Fenghuang 

Fenghuang Ancient Town
Day 12 Fenghuang - Changsha ( B, L )

Today  you will visit Fenghuang Ancient Town(Phoenix Ancient Town ),Upon arrival visitor will be impressed by its air of mystery, elegance and primitive simplicity. This is a world that is dominated by the colour green. The mountain slopes are covered with green foliage, the fields are green and even the Tuo Jiang River reflects the greenery. The bridges over the water and unique houses built on stilts display a harmony that is so often portrayed in traditional Chinese paintings. This is particularly true when mist pervades the scene in the early morning or after rain. It soon becomes apparent that the claim to being one of the two most beautiful towns in the whole of China is more than justified; the other town is Chang Ting in Fujian Province.then drive 6 hours to Changsha.


Day 13 Changsha-Wuyishan by train (3.5hours-4hours)(B)

Today you will transfer to Wuyishan railway station to take a train to Changsha. Then transfer to Changsha in hotel.


Day 14 Wuyishan( B, L )

Today you will pay a visit to Wuyishan,honored as "World Cultural and Natural Heritage" by the UN Organization of Science, Education and Culture. it is a typical rosy cloud landform.After breakfast, start your tour with your hike on Heavenly Tour Peak, known as the First Wonderland of Wuyishan. Climbing up the mountain makes you feel like being in the heaven palace.

After lunch, your afternoon tour starts your drifting down the Nine Bend Stream by bamboo raft! The winding stream spread through the green cliffs, so you can enjoy the elegant scenes on the bamboo raft. The rafts are bamboo rafts with about six seats. You are provided with life jackets. Two drivers use long poles to control the craft down the water. The landscape is fabulous with sheer cliffs and tall mountains. The cruise down all nine bends stream takes 2-3 hours. After rafting on Nine Bend River lunch, visit Wuyi Palace, the oldest palace in the Wuyi Mountain. Back to your hotel.

Overnight: Wuyishan

Day 15 Wuyishan-Xiamen by train(3-3.5hours) ( B, L )

After breakfast, you are arranged to visit Xiamei Ancient Village which takes you back to the Ming (1368-1644) and the Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties. Many of the old buildings are very well kept, a part of the Wuyi Mountains World culture heritage. After tour, transferred to railway to take a train to to Xiamen.

Overnight: Xiamen

Day 16 Xiamen-Yongding(B, L)

Enjoy a relaxed start.Your private guide and driver will take you to enjoy Hakka culture. You will visit Taxia Village, and see traditional earth buildings at Yuchanglou and Tianluokeng. Taxia Village is a distinctive Hakka village, where you can best learn about the Hakka people’s culture and lifestyle.You will proceed to the King of the Hakka, the Chengqilou,which is the most classic one of the Gaobei Tulou Cluster. Chengqilou is the largest earthen building in Fujian, and nicknamed “the King of Tulou”. It is one of the tulou buildings in Gaobei Tulou Cluster which are located on the hillside in Gaobei Village of Gaotou Township in Yongding County. Gaobei Tulou Cluster are one of the major tulou clusters in Fujian. After tour transfer back to your hotel.

Overnight: Xiamen

Tulou Cluster
Day 17 Xiamen( B, L )

Firstly you will vist the Nanputuo Temple.During the remaining years of the Tang dynasty, the monks who inhabited the place had established it into a Buddhist sacred land. It used to have different names. And then pay a visit to Gulangyu Island covers an area of 1.78 square kilometers and stands opposite to Xiamen City across the sea.Then pay a visit to the Shuzhuang Garden and Piano Museum. After tour transfer back to your hotel.

Overnight: Xiamen

Day 18 Xiamen Departure

Today you will be transfer from hotel in Xiamen to railway station or airport for departure. Service ends.

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On a Yangtze River cruise you can participate in the onboard cultural activities, go exploring the riverside ancient towns, or simply relax on deck, breathe some fresh air, view the stunning passing scenery and take photos, explore the world-famous Three Gorges Dam, visit the mysterious Fengdu Ghose City, paddle through Lesser Three Gorges...

Relaxing Yangtze River Cruise

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For the dinner indicated in the itinerary, we usually take you to the very local famous restaurant, like the Quan Ju De Roast Duck in Beijing, Tang Dynasty Dumpling Dinner in Xian, etc.

For the meals not packaged on the itinerary, you can ask for some suggestions from your tour guide in each city and they usually know where to eat based on your interests.


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Normally we arrange one or two shopping stops at each destination. At these shops you can buy genuine, high quality local specialties at a reasonable price. These shopping opportunities are according to your own desires; there will be no forced shopping.

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The tour price quoted for this trip what you'll pay for, even if inflation or a drop in the dollar-to-yuan exchange rate increases operating costs, we never increase your final payment, and we never will.

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From: Maria Katrina
Sent: 2019-11-06
Country: Maria Katrina
To: Maria Katrina

Very nice. I think we are the first Filipino who visited this place - The Glass Bridge of Tianyun Mountain around Beijing

------- Original Message -------
From: Patrick
Sent: 2015-12-27
Country: USA
To: Trudy

Good Day ma'am,

Many thanks for your great service - the train and airplane seats were great and I really appreciate you help with travel planning.

Very Respectfully,



------- Original Message -------
From: Daniel Agana
Sent: 2015-12-06
Country: USA
To: Sophia

Dean Wudy was professional and an excellent tour guide! He was very helpful when we needed help with wheel chair issues. He helped us a lot through the entire trip, especially at the Great Wall. It is knowledge of Beijing history was great. We would recommend him and the driver Shed to anyone that comes to Beijing. We would like to have Dean and Shed for the next time we come to Beijing. This was a great trip. We love China.


------- Original Message -------
From: John Pritchard
Sent: 2015-12-02
Country: USA
To: Sophia

Wonderful time & Very helpful. Liked flexiblity language help & Lunch. Great Guys.

Beijing Holiday Review Form


------- Original Message -------
From: Chanlene Jacobs
Sent: 2015-11-22
Country: Canada
To: Sophia

We are very pleased with Mike & Chen's customer service. They are polite,kind and very paitent.

We will recommend to our friends & family.

Chanlene Jacobs

Sophia's Client Feedback


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Here you will find the answers to the questions our travelers most frequently ask about this trip. If you do not find the answer to your specific question, please contact us directly.

1. What's the private tour type?

Only you and your family, friends or colleagues in this group to visit the destinations listed on the itinerary escorted by a private English-speaking tour guide and private vehicle with an experienced local driver.

2. Is this trip customizable?

Yes. You can either work with your travel consultant to put together an itinerary that fits your specific needs while planning step, or you may work with your tour guide while on tour should you wish to change your itinerary.

If its a small change they will sort it out directly with you. If its a big change they may need to call our office to coordinate it and quote costs if you are adding on to the itinerary.

3. What's the difference between group tour and private package?

Group tour means shared guide and shared vehicle, cost-saving but not customized, and also it is shopping tour, but you can know a lot of people from the group.

PRIVATE PACKAGE means we will provide you with a private vehicle, which is big enough for your group of people, and a private driver and guide for private tours and transfers as listed in our itinerary. Private tour is more flexible and valuable. You could spend more time at places you feel like than what has been scheduled. You could start your tour every day.

4. What's the arrangement of the vehicles for the tour?

Normally customers take care of the international flights on their own, and we can help you to book if you want. And the better thing is that leave the domestic transportation for travel agent, and they can book the train or flights based on your time and tour arrangement, it will be easy for them to change or cancel if there is any emergency.

5. How can we meet the guide at airport or train station?

Just tell the agent that your international flights information and we will arrange the guide and driver at the airport for you on time with your name card, and also the agent will arrange every city’s pick up and transfer for you, all you do is to enjoy worry-free trip in China.

6. Should we change our cell phone SIM card in China?

Normally you do not need, if you want to make a domestic call, you can ask help from the guide or hotel. If you want to communicate your travel agent at any time you want, tell them you need SIM card, they will arrange the guide help you to get one when you arrive.

And the SIM card will be 5-16$ with 4-15$ call charge in the card, which will be enough for your whole China tour.

7. What’s kind of clothes should we take? And what’s about the laundry?

Depends on how long you will stay and also the season, from late April to early Nov. you can just take some light clothes, other time, you need to take winter coat. And you can do the laundry in hotels where you will stay longer, and also different hotels have different charge rates. If necessary you can ask the guide to help to arrange it.

8. What’s the difference between shopping tour and non-shopping tour? Which one is better for me?

For shopping tour, you will be guided to some shops to buy things that you are interested, but this is not compulsive to buy, and shopping tour will be cheaper than non-shopping tour, but will be time cost in shops. And non-shopping tour you will not be guided to shops for the whole tour, and more time for sightseeing but more expensive.

If you want to buy something from China, shopping tour is better, and if you just want to enjoy the sightseeing non-shopping tour is the right choice. Also you can chose to have some shopping and non-shopping cities based on your needs if you go on a private tour.

9. How should I apply Chinese visa? Will you travel agent help with that?

Normally you need to go to the local Chinese embassy, and ask them what you should to prepare. And in some countries, they need invitation from China, so you can ask the Chinese travel agent to provide you the travel invitation, and then prepare some other documents, most time you can get the Chinese visa soon. And also you should apply the visa valid duration time based on your travel time, 15days, 30days or 90days.

10. Is it convenient for us to withdraw some money from bank in China? Should we bring cash with us for the tour?

If you hold visa card or MasterCard, you can get money at some ATM, and it will charge you some fee, different rate based on different card or country. Most shops and hotels can accept your credit card. And it is better for you to bring some cash with you, and you can change the cash at airport or hotel or bank, especially for USA dollar or Euro dollar, Australia dollar, most banks can accept that, but the change rate will change a little bit.

11. What if I get lost during the tour in China?

When you find the guide is not with you and can not find he or she in the immediate area, please don't panic, realize that your guide is not far away and he or she is actively looking for you. You will be found soon.

So you can stay where you are and let the guide find you. Do not move far away. This will ensure that you be found in a timely manner.

If there seems to be a problem with your guide finding you, find the nearest phone and call your travel company(local in China), the staff will help you to find the guide in the site. Or you can ask help from young people, because most young people can speak little bit English in China, and they will be pleasure to help you.

12. How far is Beijing airport to downtown hotels? How much it will cost if taking taxi?

It takes 40 ~ 50 minutes to drive from Beijing airport to downtown area.

To take a taxi, it cost around 100~200 RMB depending on the distance of your hotel to the airport. Subway and airport bus express are another good choice too, and they are bilingual instruction with English and Chinese.

13. What if I get sick while travel in China? Should I bring the medicine with me?

If you get sick during the trip, tell the guide or your travel agent immediately, and ask them to bring you to hospital for curing, and most hospital you just register with your passport and can get a doctor. If you catch cold or have loose bowels, just get some medicine in drugstores. If you need some special medicine, it is better for you to bring enough from your country.

14. Do the bathroom match our needs?

Most hotels especially for foreigners have closestool and shower bath, and luxury hotel even have bathtub. The hotels for foreigners are at least 3-star hotels, so the facility will be good.

15. How to avoid public holidays in China? And what will happen if come across the public holidays?

Usually the public holidays in China is Spring Festival (floating date), Labor Holiday (1st May-3rd May), Dragon Boat Festival (5th May-7th May in Chinese Lunar Calendar), the Mid-autumn Festival (15th -17th Aug. in Chinese Lunar Calendar), National Holiday (1st Oct.-7th Oct. golden week for tourism), all cost during these dates will rise much, hotels and vehicles will be 2-4 times expensive than usual.

If your travel will be in holidays, for one thing, your cost will be much more, and another is that you will see People Mountain People Sea in China.

16. Should I tip the guide and driver during the trip?

Although China is not a tips country, it will be better for people to tip the guide and driver if you think they provide you good service, it is not compulsive but it will show that you are gentle and polite.


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