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Beijing Day Tours

( A large choice of Beijing day tours for 1st/2nd time travelers with special interests )

Join us on a Beijing day tour to get under the ancient skin of the capital city and experience local life and customs in just a few hours. All trips below are private escorted by a personal tour guide and vehicle, and also can be fully tailor-made to your taste. Just speak to one of our travel experts and start building your own one day Beijing vacation.

Choose Local & Real Beijing Private Day Tour

Top Beijing Day Tour

Great Wall Day Tour

Great Wall Helicopter Tour

Beijing Layover Tour

Kids Day Tour


Hutong Day Tour

Muslim Day Tour

Biking Day Tour

Spa Day Tour

Museum Day Tour


Beijing Excursion Tour

Beijing Bus Day Tour

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As a Beijing local travel agency, operating Beijing day tour for several years, we have chosen the top-selling Beijing Day Tours.

All trips are private and flexible, tell your interests to our personal travel consultant, and they can care of the rest.

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>> See all Great Wall Day Tours

Your Beijing day tour is not complete without visiting Great Wall.

For either first-time or regular Beijing travelers, hiking Great Wall is on the top list of the must-do activities in Beijing. We have specially designed the sample Great Wall tour in short one day.

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>> See all Great Wall Helicopter Tours

Take a helicopter to get a new bird's view of panoramic Great Wall in Beijing.

The tours are highly recommended for international tourists for memory will last a life time. Meanwhile, it is a safe and exciting adventure tour. Take your time to enjoy!

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>> See all Beijing Layover Tours

Only have short time in Beijing: 6-8 hours, or one day, but want to visit the famous attractions of Beijing.

Beijing layover tour is your choice. We can pick you up and drop off at the airport, and drive to visit Forbidden City, Tiananmen, Great Wall, Summer Palace, etc.

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>> See all Beijing Kids Day Tours

Beijing is an ideal destinations for kids. Take your kids together while exploring the city, which will bring their happy time.

All the tours we designed are both fun and educational, recommended not only by us, but by hundreds of families with kids we served traveling in Beijing.

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>> See all Beijing Hutong Day Tours

Want to get a glimpse into Beijing’s yesterday, explore Beijing's traditional architectural art & culture, and experience the real life of Beijing residents. Join our Hutong day tour by rickshaw or foot, have a further & personal discovery of traditional courtyard-styled houses dotted along old hutongs.

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>> See all Beijing Muslim Day Tours

During the Muslim day tour, it is easy to understand the Islam culture, find out the Moslem life and taste local Muslim food.

Our specialists designed the best itinerary for you to visit famous mosques in Beijing, such as Niujie Mosque, Dongsi Mosque, Huashi Mosque, etc.

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>> See all Beijing Biking Day Tours

Biking is one of the best ways to explore the ancient and modern faces of Beijing. There are many classic biking routes in & around Beijing.

Our biking day tour covers all famous sites, such as Drum Tower, Summer Palace, Hutong, Yandai Xiejie, Forbidden City, Badaling.

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>> See all Beijing Spa Day Tours

Want to relax your body? Want to have a relaxing hot spring spa on a weekend or after a busy work?

We recommend two popular hot spring resorts around Beijing: Chunhuiyang Hot Spring Resort and Jiuhua Spa & Resort.

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>> See all Beijing Museum Day Tours

Visiting Beijing museums is one of the best way to understand the dynastic histories, splendid cultures and super-modern future of Beijing.

Our museum day tours take you the opportunity to explore the Capital city in person.

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>> See all Beijing Excursion Tours

Plan your off-the-beaten excursion tour out of the bustling Beijing, where the Beijingers live.

Join us and spend one day at original Great Walls, ancient culture & art villages on the suburb of Beijing, you will further explore the unique picture of historical and cultural Beijing.

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>> See all Beijing Bus Day Tours

Beijing Bus Tour is cheap, convenient and flexible.

We have operated bus tours for several years, and make sure: departure daily all the year around; group size within 12 people; 22-seat tour bus in safe & comfortable; an experienced English-speaking tour guide accompany you.

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Beijing Travel Tips & FAQs

1. How to plan Day Tour in Beijng?

If you want have a day tour in Beijing with us, please contact us 4 days prior to your tarting date, and tell us your interests, budget and requirements.

2. Which day tours are recommend?

As a Beijing local travel agency with over 10 operating tour experience, we highly recommend these Beijing Day Tours: 1. Great Wall Day Tour, 2. Great Wall Helicopter Tour, 3. Layover Tour, 4. Bus Day Tour, 5. Kids Day Tour, 6. Muslim Day Tour, 7. Hutong Day Tour, 8. Bike Day Tour, 9. Spa Day Tour, 10. Museum Day Tour, 11. Excursion Tour.

3. Get China Visa or not

If you are coming to China for sightseeing, you should obtain a tourist visa from Chinese Embassy in your mother country. The visa will bring more convenience for booking tours from Beijing travel agency.

When you have short time transit via Beijing Capital International Airport, you can have a Beijing Layover Tour or Beijing 72-Hour Visa-Free Tour without a China Visa.

4. Beijing Weather

Beijing is one of big cities in China, enjoys the four distinct seasons, characterized by a short spring and autumn, a long hot summer and a long chilly winter. So, autumn is the best time to be in Beijing, with the mild temperature and clear days. Of course, different seasons have different beautiful sceneries.

5. Beijing Accommodation

In Beijing, there is no need to worry about where to stay when planning your Beijing Day Tour, because there are over 600 hotels and accommodations there, incl. star-rated hotels, business hotels, international brand, resorts, courtyards, etc. >> Book a Beijing Hotel at the fair price.

6. Beijing Transportation

In Beijing, the transportation is quite convenient. It is easy to take a taxi, a public bus, a subway. Of course, you need to know the details of transportation for Beijing is a big city and the lines are complex.

In order to avoid being cheated, just take the illegal taxi and tour bus. The Beijing taxi are all equipped with the light on the top and meter measuring, and the number starts with the "B" for all tour bus. Do not believe the low price offered by the black "illegal tour bus", otherwise, they will make you pay additional fees and not transfer you to the real destinations, like Badaling Great Wall.

7. Beijing Eating

In Beijing, you will have a most unforgettable dining experience. The best part is that you can splurge at a fancy restaurant or dine supremely well at any of the smaller family-running porterhouse. Especially recommend the Beijing Roast Duck, Beijing Imperial Court Food and Beijing Snacks.

8. Packing

For clothes

In autumn, jeans and a sweater are usually enough. In the warmer months, T-shirts and light pants or shorts are the best choice. In the colder months, it is wise to dress in layers, long underwear and jeans, shirt, sweater and down jacks.



When hiking on the Great Wall, bring enough food and drink. These can be purchased on the Badaling but at a possibly unexpected higher price. Remember, do not drink too much water because there are no washrooms midway.


9. Money & Credit Cards

When taking the Beijing day tours, due to the pressed time, please prepare RMB & USD cash in advance for a rainy day. In large stores or supermarket of Beijing, major credit cards can be used to purchase goods,incl. Master Card, Visa, American Express. However, you need to pay some extra fees for the exchanging service.

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