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Beijing Excursion Tour

( Ancient Suburb Villages & Great Walls )

Plan your off-the-beaten-path excursion tour on the suburb of Beijing, where more than half the Beijingers live.

We have provided for visitors who would like to get out of Beijing for one day: cultural villages, ancient villages, art villages, and original Great Walls, which take you to deeply explore the unique picture of historical and cultural Beijing. If all the Beijing excursions tours listed below are not what you like, feel free to tell us where are planning to go, and we can customize your own Beijing tours to your needs.

Choose your Favorite Beijing Excursion Tour below
1-Day Cuandixia Ancient Village 1-Day Changyucheng Great Wall 1-Day Fengtai Highlights
1-Day Hancunhe Modern Village 1-Day Yunmengshan Great Wall 1-Day Huairou Huanghuacheng Great Wall
1-Day Songzhuang Artists Village 1-Day Jiangjunguan Great Wall 1-Day Daxing Wildlife Park
1-Day Zhuishikou Village & Juyongguang 1-Day Bolitai Great Wall 1-Day Fangshan Ten Ferries
1-Day Jiaozhuanghu Village 1-Day Changping Yinshan Pagoda 1-Day Longqing Gorge & Guyaju
1-Day Mentougou Three Ancient Villages 1-Day Fangshan Highlights

Tour code: BJH-ET-02

1 Day Beijing Cuandixia Ancient Village Tour

Route:Cuandixia village

Overview: Cuandixia village is a picturesque mountain village, a hidden gem, like another "Shangri-la". Besides, have the house-hold lunch in the local family; if lucky enough for you to meet the aged people there, they will tell old, mysterious stories; and climb on the village mountain to enjoy its beautiful scenery.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-ET-03

1 Day Beijing Hancunhe Modern Village Tour

Route:Hancunhe village

Overview: Hancunhe village has been voted as the Top Village, take this trip to check how does the modern Chinese countryside village looks like. Visit the local families and have a local lunch in the villa-type house.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-ET-04

1 Day Beijing Songzhuang Artists Village Tour

Route:Songzhuang Artist Village

Overview: Acturally, Songzhuang Artist Village is composed of several villages around Songzhuang town in the east suburban Tongzhou District, Beijing. There are over 1000 artists lived in these villages, forming the largest art community in the world.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-ET-05

1 Day Zhuishikou Village & Juyongguan Great Wall Tour

Route:Juyongguan, Zhuishikou Village

Overview: Juyongguan is one of the most famous passes of Great Wall in Beijing. Zhuishikou Village is sandwiched by the hills with a stream in front of its entrance. The air is fresh there. The surroundings are beautiful. Here is worth your trip.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-ET-06

1 Day Jiaozhuanghu Village & Tunnel Warfare Site Tour

Route:Jiaozhuanghu Village

Overview: This one day Beijing excursion tour is an easy walk with the visits to the tunnel warfare sites and the military bases in the Period of Anti-Japanese War.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-ET-07

1 Day Mentougou Three Ancient Villages Tour

Route:Shuangshitou Village, Cuandixia Village, Yanhecheng Village

Overview: This is a relaxing walking trip, taking you to tour three ancient villages in Mentougou District: Shuangshitou Village, Cuandixia Village and Yanhecheng Village.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-ET-08

1 Day Changyucheng Great Wall Hiking Tour

Route:Changyucheng Village

Overview: Changyucheng Great Wall has one of Beijing’s highest Great Wall towers at the sea-level of 1400 meters with stunning views. Here is worth your exploring and hiking.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-ET-09

1 Day Yunmengshan Great Wall Hiking Tour

Route:Yunmengshan Great Wall

Overview: This hiking tour is a flexible walk, mainly walking on the path by the amazing section of the Great Wall. Yunmengshan Great Wall is a small bit of the Wall around Beijing. To its west, is located Mutianyu Great Wall; to east Gubeikou and Jinshanling.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-ET-10

1 Day Jiangjunguan Great Wall Hiking Tour

Route:Jiangjunguan Great Wall

Overview: Jiangjunguan Great Wall is the first Great Wall pass in Beijing from the east and is an important pass with military importance in the past. Hiking this section is a bit dangerous, but worth your exploring and discovering.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-ET-11

1 Day Bolitai Great Wall Hiking Tour

Route:Bolitai Great Wall

Overview: Taking this hiking tour, you will enjoy the “sea of peach blossoms” in Pinggu and hike the Bolitai Great Wall in Bolitai Village.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-ET-12

1 Day Changping Yinshan Pagoda Tour

Route:Wangbaochuan Village, Haizi Village, Yinshan Pagoda Park

Overview: This is a hiking tour from Wangbaochuan Village to Haizi Village, which are located at Changling Town of Changping District. Then a side trip to Yinshan Pagoda Park, where still stand seven pagodas.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-ET-13

1 Day Beijing Fangshan Highlights Tour

Route:Yunju Temple, Zhoukoudian, Stone Flower Cave

Overview: This tour takes you to visit historical and cultural relics in Fangshan District, Beijing, including Yunju Temple, Zhoukoudian and Stone Flower Cave. They are applying for United Nations World Cultural Heritage.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-ET-14

1 Day Beijing Fengtai Highlights Tour

Route:Liao Jin City Wall Museum, Museum of the Dabaotai, Lugouqiao, Marco Polo Bridge

Overview: Take this Beijing excursion tour to Fengtai, you will visit two famous museums: Liao Jin City Wall Museum and Museum of the Dabaotai, and two bridges: Lugouqiao and Marco Polo Bridge.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-ET-15

1 Day Huairou Huanghuacheng Great Wall Tour

Route:Huanghuazhen Village, Donggong Village, Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Overview: Take this Beijing excursion tour to Fengtai, you will visit two famous museums: Liao Jin City Wall Museum and Museum of the Dabaotai, and two bridges: Lugouqiao and Marco Polo Bridge.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-ET-16

1 Day Beijing Daxing Wildlife Park Tour

Route:Beijing Wildlife Park

Overview: This day trip will be popular with children. Beijing Daxing Wildlife Park is 40km south of Beijing downtown. In the park, you can see many precious wild animals in China, such as lion, golden monkey, lemur and so on.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-ET-17

1 Day Beijing Fangshan Ten Ferries Tour

Route:Ten Ferries

Overview: Shidu Scenic Spot, or Ten Ferries, is often dubbed “the Guilin in the North” for its natural beauty. Shidu is the only natural scenic spot in north China that is characterized by karst peak forests and river valley topography.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-ET-18

1 Day Beijing Longqing Gorge & Guyaju tour

Route:Longqing Gorge, Guyaju

Overview: Longqing Gorge is famous for the old saying, ”Longqing Gorge is a small Li River in Guilin, a small three gorges on the Yangtze River.” But it is more dangerous than the Three Gorges. Guyaju caves have over 1000 years of history and a variety of shapes and styles.

Price from:$0/pax

Beijing Excursion Travel Tips & FAQs

1. What about "Beijjng Excursion Tours"?

As a Beijing local travel agency, we provide popular tours in Beijing city and off-the-beaten Beijing excursions. Beijing excursion tours are private and available both on weekends and weekdays. Enjoy a relaxing day trip outside of bustling Beijing!

Villages: Cuandixia Village, Hancunhe Village, Songzhuang Village, Zhuishikou Village, Jiaozhuanghu Village, Mentougou Three Ancient Villages.
Great Walls: Juyongguan, Changyucheng, Yunmengshan, Jiangjunguan, Bolitai, Huanghuacheng.
Suburban Districts: Changping, Fangshan, Fengtai, Huairou, Daxing.

2. What should I pay attention to especially?

1) Book 4 days in advance

When you plan to have a Beijing excursion tour, please contact us and tell your needs at least 4 days prior to your date.

2) Care weather & your health

Make sure you know what the local weather conditions prior to starting your tour. If encountering the bad weather, we suggest to cancel or postpone the tour. All Beijing excursion tours include walking time, please make sure you are physically fit. When hiking, shorter and more frequent rest stops allow you to enjoy various scenic spots.

3) Packing

When you take the Great Wall tour, please wear non-slip and comfortable sports shoes, and take enough food and water. Wear a head and arm coverings in sunny or high altitude areas, and use sunblock. Others: a watch, a compass, a phone, rain gear, a spare handkerchief...

4) Respect the local custom

The most local Beijingers are living at the suburban village of Beijing. They have their own custom and life style, please respect the local custom when hiking there.

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