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Winter Tour Packages in Beijing, Harbin & China

Less Tourist Crowds, Lower Costs, the Crisp and Clear Weather, the Winter Snow Wonderland and the only winter-available activities are all the top reasons to visit Beijing and China during its winter.

Beijing Holiday tour aims to offer a selection of tour programmes to suit our travelers with various fun things to do and most tailored services in Beijing and extension to the Snow Wonderland - Harbin for the Snow and Ice Festival, and other hot destinations with great views in Winter, including, Chengdu, Guilin, Yellow Mountain, Yunnan and Yangtze Cruise.

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Beijing Winter Tour Ideas and Sample Tours

  • Tour Beijing in Winter

    "I like winter especially for the snow and the fresh air, and everything looked beautiful with the snow. The tourist destination was hardly empty, and we were the ONLY people when we visited the Great Wall, which was pretty cool, and we felt the Wall more remarkably grand and majestic.

    There was lots of fun winter stuff to do, only available in winter, while our most funs were ice skiing, hot spring spa, and Great Wall hiking."

  • Great Wall Hike in Winter

    Covered in snow, the great wall seemed more grand and awe-inspiring. The hiking in winter becomes more exciting, either on clear sunny or snowy day.

    A really BIG challenge for adventure-lovers!

  • Winter Skiing in Winter

    Skiing is the most popular activity in winter! For you, ski-lovers, there are many famous international ski resorts in Beijing with Nanshan and Shijinglong ski resorts as the best ones.

  • Beijing Winter Spa

    It will be a really relaxation to take a spa & hot spring after a tiring and cold winter day tour. The Best part is to enjoy the comfortable spa while it’s snowing outside. Just get the frozen weather away!

Beijing Winter Tour Ideas and Sample Tours
5 Days Classic Beijing Winter Tour with Skiing & Spa

Tour Sites:Tiananmen, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Great Wall Hike, Shijinglong Ski Resort, Summer Palace, Beijing Spa View Hot Spring

5 Days Beijing Essence Tour with Skiing and Spas

Tour Sites:Tiananmen, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Great Wall Hike, Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Resort, Nanshan Ski Resort

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Beijing & Harbin Tour Ideas and Sample Tours

  • Harbin Ice Sculpture

    Harbin is called “Ice City”. The Ice Sculpture is the main winter draw in Harbin.

    You will see the best collections of ice artworks:

    * Ice and Snow World;
    * Ice Lantern Garden Party;
    * Sun Island Scenic Area;
    * Yabuli International Ski Resort;
    * Zhaolin Park

  • Yabuli Ski Resort

    Yabuli Ski Resort is a good place for experienced skiers, and especially experienced boarders.

    It is the largest ski resort in China. Its benefits:

    * the biggest ski jumping facilities;
    * better rental equipment;
    * more trails;
    * a better snowboard park;
    * nicer facilities;
    * better service and snow.

  • Harbin Ice Festival

    Harbin Ice Festival provides the visitors each year a whole new world of ice and snow.

    Recent years, more and more foreign visitors participated in the Ice Festival and created lots of Ice Sculpture artworks personally .

  • Beidahu Ski Resort

    As one of the first recognized Four-A scenic areas, Beidahu Ski Resort is an important national winter tourist sites and training base for winter sports.

    The resort is a must place to ski in China. It has:

    * the largest skiing slope;
    * the best facilities;
    * natural snow;

Beijing & Harbin Tour Ideas & Sample Tours
3 Days Beijing Harbin Round Tour by Highspeed Train

Destinations:Beijing - Harbin - Beijing

3 Days Beijing Harbin Round Tour by Flight

Destinations:Beijing - Harbin - Beijing

4 Days Beijing Harbin Round Train Tour with Jihua Ski Resort

Destinations:Beijing - Harbin - Beijing

5 Days Beijing Harbin Round Flight Tour with Yabuli Ski Resort

Destinations:Beijing - Harbin - Beijing

8 Days Beijing Harbin Winter Tour with Ice and Snow Festival

Destinations:Beijing - Harbin - Beijing

8 Days Beijing Harbin Winter Tour with Yabuli Skiing

Destinations:Beijing - Harbin - Yabuli - Harbin - Beijing

12 Days Winter Tour from Beijing to Jilin, Beidahu and Harbin

Destinations:Beijing - Jilin - Harbin - Beijing

China Winter Tour Ideas and Sample Tours

  • Chengdu Giant Panda

    Chengdu Winter Tour

    In the winter, explore the best of Chengdu: hold the lovely Giant Panda, enjoy Sichuan featured hot pot...

    Also, you can customize a special fairyland tour to Jiuzhaigou Valley: snow peaks, multi-colored lake and Tibetan villages.

  • Mt. Huangsh Snow Landscape

    Mt. Huangshan Winter Tour

    Mount Huangshan in the winter is almost like magic when the white snow covers the landscape since December.

    You will catch the awesome pictures of:

    * snow-covered peaks and forests;
    * endless sea of clouds;
    * breathtaking sunrise and sunset;
    * strangely-shaped pines and grotesque.

  • Guilin Li River

    Guilin Winter Tour

    "East or west, Guilin scenery is the best."

    Guilin in the winter is also green and cool. It is a little cold and Li River is unfrozen. The snow scenery of Guilin is special to make the area a dream-like world.

    Customizing a tour to relax yourself at the Hot Spring in Longsheng is a must-do in Guilin Winter Tour.

  • Yangtze River in Autumn

    Yangtze River Winter Cruise

    To be honesty, winter is a good season to cruise on Yangtze River, because of its lower price and less crowed. The price is often half of that in the peak season ( Spring & Autumn ).

    In addition, the scenery from Chongqing to Yichang is also the same breathtaking as the autumn.

  • Yunnan Tour

    Yunnan Winter Tour

    Yunnan is one of the best destinations to visitors, for its nice and warm in the winter.

    Taking a winter tour to get a feel of the rich local cultures & unique traditions of ethnic groups, and the famous attractions in Kunming, Dali and Lijiang.

China Winter Tour Ideas & Sample Tours
9 Days Beijing Harbin Shanghai Winter Tour

Destinations:Beijing - Harbin - Yabuli - Harbin - Shanghai

10 Days Beijing Xian Chengdu Shanghai Winter Tour

Destinations:Beijing - Xian - Chengdu - Shanghai

10 Day China Golden Triangle and Mt. Huangshan Winter Tour

Destinations: Beijing - Xian - Shanghai - Mt. Huangshan

10 Days China Golden Triangle & Guilin Winter Tour

Destinations:Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Shanghai

13 Days China Golden Triangle & Yangtze Chengdu Tour

Destinations:Beijing - Xian - Chengdu - Yangtze - Shanghai

13 Days China Golden Triangle & Yunnan Winter Tour

Destinations:Beijing - Xian - Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Shanghai

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