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Must-Do Winter Activites in Beijing

It is the winter time, and there is lots of fun Beijing winter stuff to do.

Beijing is a winter city. Winter is the longest season in the year, but it also brings out the true character of the city. Its winters can only be experienced outside.

1. Skiing

Skiing has become increasingly popular in Beijing, so go skiing in the most famous Beijing Ski Resorts.

Nanshan Ski Resort

It is one of Beijing’s top ski resorts. Nanshan has ten well-groomed trails for skiers of all levels and a snowboard park with a half pipe, four kickers and six rails-are served by a quadruple chair life, a double chairlift and nine T-bars.

Location: Located in Miyun County, about 80km from Beijing downtown
Cost: US$50 per day
Tel: 010-6445 0990

Badaling Ski Resort:

Badaling has two 800m long ski runs and a 2,300m snowmobile run. It also has sledding runs and a ski lodge with accommodation, food and drinks, stores and a gym. Any kid over 3 is welcome to take a shot at the slopes!

Cost: RMB 220 (weekdays), RMB 260 (weekends).
Location: Badaling Town, Yanqing County
Tel: 010-6912 9922

2. Great Wall Hiking

No matter how cold it is in Beijing, all the four (Badaling, Mutianyu, Juyongguanm and Jinshanling) sections of the Great Wall are open to the public. Choose a Great Wall Hiking tour from our friendly-customized tourist itineraries.

Climbing the Great Wall in Beijing winter will be more exciting and challenging, whether you are hiking on a clear sunny day or a snowy day.

The sunny winter days of Beijing is very warm and delightful, and select a section of Wall, and climb to its top. What a sight!

While it’s snowing lightly, have an excursion to the Great Wall is another life-time experience.

Remember to wear warmly.

3. Spa

Have a total relaxation after a tiring and cold winter day touring Beijing: Go to Spa. You will escape the hustle and bustle of the city life; ease the cold winter; and balance your eating and sleeping disorder. Besides, the most gorgeous scene is that you enjoy the hot spring spas while it is raining outside of your spa rooms. So enjoyable! Choose a Beijing Spa Tour from our ready-customized itineraries.

4. Fun Park Activities

When the winter comes, all of the lakes in the parks will freeze over, so there are many fun activities on the lakes, including ice skating.
There are those bikes where the back wheel is a treaded bike tire and the front of it has ice skate runners. Some people ride bumper cars with one central tire and the rest ice skates.

A big sheep pull kids around in a padded ice sledge. There are those really weird little things for kids where a little automated figure pulls the kid around in a little cart.

Some people play ring toss games, where there are various prizes out on the ice and you can try to toss a ring around them. Others munched on cotton candy.

Besides, there are also lots of park performances: Chinese opera, collective Chinese folk songs, and lots of dramatic and emotionally-riveting karaoke performances.

Also, people will just be sitting and standing in large groups, chatting, playing cards, sometimes playing “go” or Chinese chess.
The popular parks and lakes include: Qianhai Lake, Zhongshan Park, Zizhuyuan Park, No Name Lake at Peking University, Chaoyang Park, and Summer Palace.

5. Superb Sights in Winter

Winter is a great time to visit the Beijing highlights, because of the beautiful snow and clear weather. You will catch the different side of the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Great Wall, etc.

6. Eating the Hot Pot

Hot pot or “Huoguo” in Chinese is probably one of the favorite dishes to eat during the winter.

Everyone huddles around a pot of simmering broth during a chilly winter night surrounded by various types of raw seafood, meats and vegetables that you quickly cook in the broth and then dip it in a sauce of your choice. Read the most popular and famous Hot Pot Restaurants.

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