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Beijing Hutong Day Tour

( Explore by rickshaw, bike or foot )

Hutong is actually a narrow street or alley with long history dating back to Yuan Dynasty. The courtyard-styled houses that local Beijing residents live once covered all Beijing. Many hutongs still survive today and attracts tourists to discover the authentic old Beijing.

Our tour itineraries will take you to hutongs either by rickshaw or on foot and to visit local family, learning how to cook and how to make dumplings. Through the tour, you will not only have a better understanding of the hutongs, but learn some skills in cooking Chinese food and making Chinese folk art.

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Beijing Hutong Day Tour Tips

1. Famous Hutongs in Beijing

1)Dongjiaominxiang - the longest one
Located in the east side of the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, Tian’anmen Square and downtown Beijing, Dongjiaominxiang is about 6.5 kilometers in length, which makes it the longest hutong in Beijing.

2)Yichidajie - the shortest one
Located in the south-east, on the eastern side of Glass Street, Yichidajie is only about 10 meters long, that’ s why it is also called One Foot Street. There are six shops in the street, which are engraving shops, a winery, a smithy and a barbershop.

3)Lingjing Hutong - the broadesrt one
It is located in Beijing Xidan District and with the width of 32.18 meters in the broadest part.

4) Qianshi Hutong - the narrowest one
Located in the west side of Beijing Zhubaoshi Street, Qianshi Hutong enjoy a 55 meters in length and 0.7 meters in width. And the narrowest part is only 0.4 meters. There is a courtyard at the end of the hutong which is a remnant of a monetary market in the Qing Dynasty.

5)Jiuwan Hutong - the most winding one
Located in the east part of Xaunwu District, Jiuwan Hutong is connected to Puchenshi Hutong from its eastern entrance and Xiaoweiying Hutong from its western entrance. It has more than 13 winding parts in the 390-meter length.

6) Sanmiaojie Hutong - the oldest one
It located behind behind Guohua Shopping Mall, Changchun Street, Xicheng District, Beijing. Sanmiaojie Hutong is a historical hutong which can be dated back to 900 years ago, to the Liao Dynasty (907 AD-1125 AD).

2. Activities in Beijing Hutongs

1) Local Family Visit and Dumpling Making Experience
During your hutong tours, visit a local family in the courtyard. Chat with the families about their life and learn to make Chinese dumplings (jiaozi). The enjoy the dumplings you and the families made together.

2) Chinese Cooking Class
If you are interested in the Chinese dishes, you can visit a local family and learn some basic skills in Chinese cooking during your hutong tour.

3) Chinese Calligraphy Learning
Chinese Calligraphy is a traditional culture in China. In this class, teachers will teach you some basic skills in writing and painting.

4) Make a Chinese Paper Cutting
The Chinese paper cutting is a national handicraft with profound cultural connotations. It is easy to learn and only requires a pair of scissors and paper. However, a good work requires more.

5) Chinese Knot Making
Chinese knot is another national handicraft with a long history in China. Each knot is woven out of one single silk thread, and given a name according to its shape and meaning. After learning how to make it, you can make some for your friends.

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