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Welcome to Beijing Holiday Travel Advisor - Miya's Homepage

Hi, there! My name is Miya. I am working at Beijing Holiday as a travel advisor. I have 2 year’s experience of travel advisor in Beijing.

I love learning new stuff, traveling, movie and music, etc. I like make friends from all over the world.

Welcome to Beijing, China, my friends, I will be here to give you a helping hand and will tailor-make your trip in China a different one. Glad to share my wonderful country with you.

Beijing Holiday Travel Advisor --- Miya

Why not take the advantages of Miya's travel experience to design a itinerary just for you, that suits your budget and interests. Her passion to serve you never fades away!

Photos Taken on Our Trips

Reviews of Miya's and Beijingholiday’s Service

"Quality Tour with Local Tips, Facts and Eats"

My parents, cousin, and I had an amazing trip to China thanks to Miya's service, one of travel consultant of Beijing Holiday. She quickly responded to email us and helped arrange our perfect one day tour with pick up from our hotel. Ben served as our guide and our driver, who got us everywhere safely. He answered all our questions, giving us an engaging historical lesson, navigated the crowds quickly for the best seats and services, took us to a great restaurant, captured postcard perfect pictures of us and provided great directions and tips for the places we planned to see on our own.

I highly recommend Beijing Holiday. Choose her services to see the best of Beijing!

Jacquios, 2014-09-22

"13 Days Wonderful Tour: Shanghai - Beijing - Xian - Beijing"

At the beginning of this month, My boyfriend and I had a wonderful 13 days Tour in Shanghai, Beijing and Xian, which was organized up to the details by Miya and her Company.

Firstly, the tour guides that we had during our stay in China were excellent, very friendly and with perfect English! They gave advices on markets to visit, food to try and a lot of additional information about Chinese culture, customs, etc.

Secondly, the restaurants we were taken to were local and had delicious food such as dumplings, fish, duck and other food items and where you couldn't see any tourists but locals. One of the restaurants we visited was Cantonese, which was fabulous! It was a great surprise and we loved the food! Usually the guide asked what we feel like eating and then order so much food to taste. Our guide in Shanghai was absolutely the best in taking us out for lunch/dinner.

Once we arrived in Beijing, we were provided with laminated guide books which were a very thoughtful and nice gesture from the Company, well done! Most important, we visit the Forbidden City and learn the love story of Chinese Emperors and their concubines.

Finally, I have to say that we felt welcome and treated nicely during the whole tour in China and enjoyed the high quality service provided by Miya, her company and the local tour guides.

Highly recommend the hotels we stayed in: Beijing Howard Johnson Paragon Hotel, Xian King Dynasty Hotel, and Shanghai Golden River-View Hotel.

Louis Lee, 2014-08-21

"Excellent Tour Arrangement"

My family and I ( 4 of us ) were absolutely delighted to have an unforgettable 7 days trip in Tibet with Beijing Holiday. Many people believe it is a difficult process to enter Tibet, but this company made it so easy. We just emailed them my tour time, personal information and the Passport Number, they organized our Tibet permits which are included in the tour cost. We spent 3 days to travel across Lhasa, visiting Potala Palace, Barkhor Street and four temples. Then we went from Lhasa to Yamdrok Lake, Karola glacier and Kumbum stupa at Shigatse, and continued to get a view of Everest and crossed the border to Nepal, all for the cheapest price. That's exactly what I did and it was a surreal and unforgettable experience.

In conclusion, this company treated me not just like a customer, but like a guest. Every member is not focused on making money, but looking after you and making you feel welcom. I can't thank them enough!

Champyy , 2014-04-17

"Beijing & Xian 5 Days Tour"

Wow! From the emailing, planning, to the greeting, to the accommodations, to the sites - all with the nicest tour guides we've ever experienced. The hugs at the end of each city's tour with the guides were a sincere gesture of "thank you so much - we want to come back and see even more cities of China". No detail was overlooked. I wouldn't hesitate for a minute using Beijing Holiday to experience China!

Mytriper, 2014-03-25

Excellent Tour Guide

Dear Miya

Thank you for your help in Xian. We were very enjoy the time in Terra-cotta Warriors and Huaqing Spring. I am player, so do exercise is necessarily for everyday. Miya gave me a good idea, to swim in Huaqing hot spring. It is located in south of Xian, close to Qing mountain. In the morning, Miya took us there and spent one hour. It is land of idyllic beauty. If you want to relax please go there. Finally we highly recommend you to join Miya'tour. She will give you a big surprise.

Ken W, 2014-02-10

Seeing the city of Beijing on 4 days

We booked the itinerary 4 Days Classic Beijing Tour with before I came to China for a month ago. Our advisor Miya help us to customize 4 day tour earnestly, and answer our email quikely. I can't believe how lucky we have been. From the first second we were collected from the airport, our private guide, Ms Zhang and our driver, Mr Hong have taken amazing care of us. Nothing has been too much trouble. We have seen all the sights and Zhang has filled us with information and patiently answered all our questions. We can highly recommend this company to anyone looking. They are better in the Beijing local agency. Thank you so much for making us feel so welcomed in our first visit to your beautiful country.

Visited January 2014

Victora Shavashan , 2014-01-11

Dear Beijingholiday,

Thanks a lot for arranging this discover tour to Tibet. We are pretty pleased with the arrangements.

I found you are a very professional organization and I am pleased with the way the arrangements were organized.We have the plenty of time to adapt to the high altitude hypoxia. It was thoughtful of you to arrange for Islam meal in the trip.

The guide was very efficient and courteous. He had good knowledge about the places to visit and was pretty fluent in English. We are happy with the service of the car driver. He was very careful on driving specially on the fact that we had a 6 years old kid with us. He was also very polite.

We like the feature that you entertain customized itinerary for the clients and do not stick to your own. Please keep it up!

The accommodation provided (4 points Sheraton) was also comfortable though it was winter in Lhasa. The heating was working very nicely. I would strongly recommend that you plan your trip through You will enjoy the trip!



Pgbell, 2013-12-30

"My Wonderful Guilin Li River Cruise with Beijing Holiday"

Our trip was wonderful , everything was very well organize , the guides , the places we see, a little bit too much, but with the little time we had, was impossible to do better, or more, the guides in Guilin were especially nice an sweet to us.

And the best were you, thanks a lot, and we are going to recommend you and your company with everybody.

Guilin Li River Cruise

Helena, 2013-12-18

“Trip to Great Wall”

My holiday was to Hong Kong and Perth to visit relations but always wanted to see The Great Wall. Only had one day and contacted Beijing Tours to arrange the trip. They kept in touch with me, by email, constantly and they done everything for me. I was picked up from the airport and driven to my hotel that was also arranged by Beijing Tours. I was met by my guide Pan and his driver with no problem. The hotel was just what I needed and not expensive. The following day I was picked up by my guide and driver and driven to 2 different sections of the wall. A lovely Chinese buffet meal was included and Pan was very helpful and answered all my questions. All fees for access to The Wall were included.

The following day Pan and his driver picked me up again from the hotel and took me to the airport.

100% satisfied with not just the service but the price charged. Very reasonable indeed.

Thank You Miya, Pan and Beijing tours for an excellent service.

Best Wishes

Tony Holden

Tony Holden, 2013-12-06

“Just what we wanted” - Yangtze Cruise

Under Miya's help, we did a 3 night 4 day cruise from Chongqing to Yichang in their (5 Days Classic Yangtze Cruise from Beijing) and had a wonderful time our tour agency had told us in advance that the cabins were not large with single beds, but they were plenty large enough and we could have upgraded of we had wanted to we did not need to. All of the rooms had balconies to sit out on while cruising which was wonderful especially when going through the locks. The staff were professional and friendly, the food wonderful ( though we would suggest you wait while the rush goes) The tours were great and very educational a really great trip well worth the money. Otherwise, my idea that now is the best time to cruise on Yangtze River.

Elaine, 2013-11-02

“The most beautiful temple in Beijing” - Lama Temple (Yonghegong)

When short of time to see all the sights in Beijing, I usually recommend to people not to miss this temple. Its location is quite accessible and the atmosphere both inside its premises and in the surrounding little streets, with many stores selling religious artifacts, make for a great visit. This monument was fortunately preserved from the ravages of the Cultural Revolution and it always astounds visitors with its beauty and the monumental sizes of its main Buddha statue.

Ausver George, 2013-09-17

“Great place on a clear day!” - Jingshan Park(People Park)

I thought Jingshan Park was truly a lovely park not because of any outstanding beauty but it was a real people's park. Residents living in the vicinity have free access to the park and they use it well. When I visited in the morning I found groups of people doing various forms of group exercises or simply walking and talking with friends. It's a great escape from their cramped living quarters.

Group dancing, singing, recitation - all forms of exercises to maintain mental and physical agility. It's free and there's no gym fees!

One group that caught my attention was a young female conductor, a band and a group of singers. Men and women with their song books belted away happily. It was 9am in the morning.

I found it very uplifting. When I was up on the nearby hill, I could still hear the music a few hours later. Upon leaving the park, I saw lots of activities across the road - people going about their morning chores, some carrying their shopping and breakfast goodies - a clue there's a market somewhere. I was richly rewarded with the sight, sound and smell of a small but very busy market place. I think these places are socialising places - the generally elderly men and women may not necessarily all shop but the market is a place for them to see their friends.

I decided not to combine the park visit with the Forbidden City but to make the visit a separate one. It was the right decision.

Laoshi Bekah, 2013-08-28

“Know some history to come Tiananmen!"

I stay with Beijingholiday team in my China tour. Say "Thank you!" to all of them.

If you have no knowledge of the cultural importance/history of the square; then you will not see nothing but a big square that can hold 1/2 million people.

Square dates from the 1600's and has more history then the few months of student protest in 1989. It is the centre of Beijing and by default the centre of China.

Take 15 minutes to read up on the history of the square, its connect to the Forbidden City and the buildings surrounding it. It will enrich your experience.

I have travelled to this place many times over the last 10 years. A little knowledge enables my eyes to see much more, versus the average tourist (both domestic and foreign).

If you come to China without even a cursory overview of some of its history; why have you come to a historical place?

Carrey , 2013-08-09

““Susan Liu ..... A Great Guide!!!!!!””

We were in Beijing for three days and we hired Miya as our tour guide for two days to take us around the city. We went to see the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace and Great Wall of China all in two days. She planned it extremely well so that it would not feel rushed or hectic. She arranged for a car and driver to take us to Great Wall of China and Summer Palace. She explained the history and culture thoroughly as well as answered all our various and odd questions about the life style and people. She was very friendly and approachable.

We are vegetarian and were worried veg food would be difficult to find. but she made arrangements to find us restaurants where we would get vegetarian food without any hassel. She also took us to the main shopping market and suggested some more places where we could shop on our last day in Beijing. She told us to bargain and start at extremely low prices which we would have not known had she not told us the mark up margins at these markets. She also helped us translate while talking to locals or when we wanted to buy anything. She also speaks good english. She was very helpful & sweet to talk to. She understood if we got tired or were late. She made our trip a great one and she is a great tour guide!

Also her prices are reasonable !

Hinakahani, 2013-07-04

I just wanted to say thank you very much for a wonderful tour to Great China Wall. It was a very pleasant trip. The driver was very professional and the tour Gide was friendly and extremely knowlageble. I definitely would strongly recommend your company to everyone.

Ewa and Henry Hofman, 2012-06-19

Dear Miya,

I am back in Manila. Thanks for the wonderful and unforgettable experience in Beijing and Shanghai.

Snow was very accommodating, she attends to our needs and request. We also met Gong (her husband) and serves as our guide in the last day in Beijing. Snow and Gong provides excellent service to us. They even provide instructions on how to go to the shopping area after our day tour. Gong also made sure that we board the correct train going to Shanghai. I would like to extend my regards to her (Snow) and to her husband (Gong) for that excellent service. I would really recommend your office to my family and friends if they plan to visit Beijing.

About Jennifer (guide in Shanghai), she is very thoughtful. She never fails to ask us about the trip and what are our expectations. She explains very well the places that we are planning to visit. She provides pictures on what to expect in the tour. The group was very happy on how she handles our demands. She even provides suggestions which will help us decide in any matter that concerns our tour.

Over all, we had a very good vacation in China. Your services will truly amaze your clients.

Kaye Alamo, 2012-04-18

Dear Miya,
I hope everything is well.
How is the baby? Is he already born?
Sorry for not answering your questions before.
Our trip using HOLLYIDAY TOURS was really fantastic and everything was perfect, the guides the hotels, the train to Tibet, etc.

Below we are answering your questions.
Best regards.
Decio Slomp and Stella

1.How about the person of Beijing Holiday whom you contact. Is he or she fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?

-Our contact was always with Miya, during the planning of the trip and also during the many tours we had. In China, she is very kind, polite, afficient and help us with good sugestions during our stay in China.
Our kind and helpful travel advisor-Miya

2.How about your tour arrangements?
-All the tour, hotel, train and flights were in accordance with the preview. We didn't have any problem during our trip.

3.Are you willing to recommend our service to those who would like to come to China?
-Yes, we will recommend your service. It's a very good service indeed.

4.Your general opinion on us?
-Congratulations. This is a very good travel agency in China.

5.What will be your suggestions regarding how to improve our services?
-Just do how you did with us. Everything was OK.

6.Can we use your comments of our service, the photos or other images that you took on the tour for our websites, brochures, marketing and publicity? If yes, could you please send us some of your photos by E-mail?
-Yes, no problem. You can use.

7.We sometimes have requests from potential customers or journalists who would like to speak with a prior customer.
May we use you for a reference ?
-Yes, no problem.

Décio Slomp and Stella, 2012-03-12

Beijing Holiday has been recommended to us by a friend who new we were visiting Beijing. We got in contact with Miya to see what she could offer us and she was extremely helpful with making an itinerary that suited our price range and included all that we wanted to see and do.

You've given us the incredible service, the whole tour really exceeded our expectations and we would definitely encourage those visiting Beijing and China to get in touch with Beijing Holiday.

Thanks Miya!

Prayer, 2011-09-23

Miya gave me all the feedback I needed at the right time, the info on the tour and payments is clear, you can trust her.

Very caring tour guide, took us almost all the way to the plane on our way back, he even helped us bargain at the silk market!!!!

The food wasn't the best at all times, but the Peking Roast Duck was really good.

Eduardo Verjel, 2011-05-07

I had a great time in Beijing. I would like to thank you very much for a superb trip and tour in China.

Would you please pass on our thanks once again to our trip planner, Miya and also the driver?!

Do not hesitate to use me as a trip reference to anybody who is thinking of visiting Beijing on a trip such as ours.

Simon Wijker, 2011-05-02

Thanks Miya. We just returned home yesterday. Jeanie and I had a great time on our cruise and especially in Beijing. Jessie and our driver Jason were outstanding!

Thanks again for all of your help and for an excellent tour of Beijing. Beijing Holiday is a superlative company. We will use your services again if we revisit China and will recommend you to our friends as well.

Take Care Miya!

Steve and Jeanie Fitzsimmons

Steve and Jeanie Fitzsimmons, 2011-03-19

Thank you very much for the prior arrangement for the two tours that we took during our trip to Beijing. I like to take this opportunity to highlight the wonderful service rendered by your tour guide, Miya who took us on the Forbidden City/Tiananmen Square tour. She was very friendly, approachable and always helpful. There was even an instance when we decided to book the kungfu performance (held at red theatre) at the very last minute and she volunteered to accede to all arrangement without any hiccups at all. She is a gem to your organization and once again thank you for making our trip such a memorable one! You bet we will definitely recommend Beijing Holidays to our friends! Thank you and regards May

May Lin, 2011-02-14

We travelled to Beijing to celebrate our 20th anniversary. The trip was spectacular and we were very pleased that all the details, transfers, and hotels were arranged by BeijingHoliday. The hotels were outstanding, truly top of the line. Every meal was fantastic and everyone we met and dealt with was incredibly nice. The choices and recommendations offered by BeijingHoliday were exceptional.

Tina , 2011-01-12

Am writing to tell you that, we are very happy with the tour package and flexibility, it was excellent from Guide to driver and adjustment to personal request. The hotels were very good especially Hilton Beijing. We were pleased with all the suggested show, Acrobatics, Tea Ceremony and Beijing Opera. Thank you very much!

Lisa , 2010-09-21

Your employees did magnificent job, from Miya to the driver. They've been intelligent, knowledgeable, respectful, cordial and capable with our entire trip. Our group have always been notable satisfied and vocally appreciative for the excellent treatment they afforded us. We would recommend friends and families.

Ted Patty Hewson, 2010-09-12

Thank you very much for making our lifelong dream of travelling to Beijing fulfilled. We really enjoyed our trip, everything went as planned from Attitude, Appearances, Quality of guiding, and Driver Service and the Food were Excellent. The memories will be forever pictured in our minds and hearts.

Scott & Cecilia Christenson, 2010-08-26

We had great time on our trip to Beijing, both the driver and guide did very well. We visited Ma Ju Yuan and Nei Lian Sheng. We all loved the Paragon Hotel Beijing. Thank you for all the guidance and for this trip.

Finland, 2010-07-15

This is the best Tour ever had, we like to thank you for all the quality service, patience with customers. We’ll definitely go with for our future travels to China.

Norma Robertson, 2010-07-01

This is unforgettable 3 days Beijing Tour experience, everything thing was handled to our complete satisfaction, from Hotel, Tour guiding to Driver. We are really impressed booking our tours with

Andy& Michelle , 2010-06-18

I will recommend your website to all my friends who plan to visit China. Your executive Ms. Miya has helped me a lot and your tour guide Ms. Lily is a wonderful person and a great tour guide. They both made the tours special for me. Thanks.

ANIRUDDHA SEN, 2010-06-02

Hi, Miya, It was a great pleasure to meet you while we were in Beijing. Thank you for taking the time to meet us. The tour was really wonderful -- you did a very good job in planning it for us in such a rush time. We do appreicate very much.

Mrs. Lily Hong, 2010-03-13

Dear Miya, I am writtingjust to thank you for all the efforts you have made for our trip to Beijing. We did have a wonderful time there. We are very satisfied with the quality service of your company and in particular with the guides that we have had the pleasure to deal with. We are very impressived at the amazing Great Wall and the Forbidden city. Beijing is the pround of the China! We look forword to visiting more cities in China in the future!

Mr.Jackie Bottum, 2010-01-19

We traveled to Beijing with Beijingholiday. I think it's a serious and reliable company. We do not have to worry about anything. You have offered the best services on food, hotel, traveling and so on. Now allow me to express my thanks to my tour guide and your company. I'll be sure to come to Beijing with you guys next time.

Mr. Brehm Herbert, 2009-11-21

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