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Beijing Museum Day Tour

( History & Culture, Super-modern Future )

Visiting the Beijing museums is a must. It is the best way to better understand the dynastic histories, splendid cultures and super-modern future of Beijing.

Our Beijing museum tours provide you with the opportunity to better explore the Capital city up closely and personally. It is a must on your Beijing vacation itinerary.

Choose your Favorite Beijing Museum Tour below
1-Day Chairman Mao mausoleum & Revolution Military Museum 1-Day Tiananmen & National Museum of China
1-Day Juyong Pass & Science and Technology Museum 1-Day Arts and Crafs Museum & China Millennium Monument
1-Day Summer Palace & Capital Museum Travel Tips & FAQs
1-Day Beijing Museum of Natural History & Temple of Heaven  

Tour code: BJH-M-01A

1 Day Chairman Mao Memorial Hall & People's Revolution Military Museum Tour

Route:The Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao, China People's Revolution Military Museum

Overview: The tour highlights the sacred and holy Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao, and the majestic and imperial People's Revolution Military Museum.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-MS-01B

1 Day Juyong Pass and Science & Technology Museum Tour

Route:Juyong Pass Great Wall, China Science & Technology Museum

Overview: The tour highlights the ancient and venerable Juyong Pass Great Wall, and broad and profound China Science & Technology Museum, which is considered as an important front of popular science education in China.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-MS-01C

1 Day Summer Palace and Capital Museum Tour

Route:the Summer Palace, the Capital Museum

Overview: The tour highlights the imperatorial and gigantic Summer Palace, the largest and most beautiful Chinese imperial gardenf, and the impressive and classical Capital Museum, the first class museum at home and abroad.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-MS-01D

1 Day Beijing Museum of Natural History & Temple of Heaven Tour

Route:Beijing Museum of Natural History, Temple of Heaven

Overview: The tour highlights the mysterious and enigmatic Beijng Museum of Natural History where you will find fossil and know preliminary life, and the imperial and sacrificial Temple of Heaven, the China's largest existing complex of ancient sacrificial buildings.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-MS-01E

1 Day Tiananmen Square & National Museum of China Tour

Route:Tiananmen Square, National Museum of China

Overview: The tour highlights the massive and palatial Tiananmen Square where see the raising of national flags in the early morning; and the spacious and mystical National Museum of China, the largest comprehensive history museum in China.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-MS-01F

1 Day Arts and Crafts Museum & China Millennium Monument Tour

Route:National Arts and Crafts Museum, China Millennium Monument

Overview: The tour highlights the prestigious and traditional National Arts and Crafts Museum, and the ancient and exquisite China Millennium Monument.

Price from:$0/pax

Beijing Museum Day Tour Tips

Top Ten Museums in Beijing

1. China National Museum
It is a four-storied main building flanks the eastern side of Tiananman over 300 meters north and south. It is built to show the arts and history if China to tourists. The building was one of ten outstanding architectures constructed in 1959 to mark the 10th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic.
Add: East side of Tiananmen Square
Opening time: 09:00 - 16:00 ( closed on Monday )

2. The Capital Museum
The Capital Museum is an art museum in Beijing, China with its magnificent architecture, abundant exhibitions and complete functions. It opened in 1981 and moved into its present building in 2006 with a large collection of ancient porcelain, bronze, calligraphy, painting, jade, sculpture, and Buddhist statues from imperial China as well as other Asian cultures.
Add: 16 Fuxingmen Outer St, Xicheng, Beijing, China
Opening time: 09:00 - 17:00 ( closed on Monday )

3. National Art Museum Of China
It is one of the largest art museums in China, and is funded by the Ministry of Culture. The museum was built in 1958 and renovated in 2004 with a total area of 30,000 square meters. The museum focuses on creating varied galleries and ample wall space in order to provide artists and curators with the optimal conditions to display their work and communicate their ideas.
Add: 1 Wusi St, Dongcheng, Beijing, China
Opening time: 09:00 - 17:00 ( closed on Monday )

4. Military Museum of the Chinese People’ s Revolution
It is located in the west of central Beijing in Haidian District and occupies an area of 60,000 square meters. It is built to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic with exhibition of restored military equipment from the history of the People's Liberation Army, up to and including modern-day machinery.
Add: No. 9, Fuxing Road, Haidian District, Beijing
Opening time: 8:30 - 17: 30 ( closed on Monday )

5. Beijing Museum of Natural History
It is the most popular natural history museum in China and the first large scale natural history museum created in China. It is founded in 1951 with collections of paleontology, ornithology, mammals and invertebrates, and include a major collection of dinosaur fossils and mounted skeletons.
Add: No. 126 Tianqiao South Street, Beijing
Opening time: 09:00 - 17:00 ( closed on Monday )

6. China Aviation Museum
Located in the north of Beijing city, China Aviation Museum is built to celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force. At present, the museum collects more than 200 airplanes with the types exceeding 100, and weapon and equipped samples like ground-air missile, high cannon, radar, aviation bomb and aviation cameras.
Add: Mail Box No. 5806, Documentsnshan, Chang Ping District, Beijing
Opening time: 08:30 - 17: 30 ( closed on Monday )

7. Beijing Planetarium
Beijing Planetarium is a national leader in public astronomy built in 1957. It contains two main buildings. Building A contains the Celestial Theater, an Eastern Exhibition Hall and a Western Exhibition Hall while Building B contains a digital space theater, 3D and 4D theaters, several exhibition halls and two observatories.
Add: No. 138 Xizhimenwai Avenue of Beijing
Opening time: 09:00 - 17: 00 ( closed on Monday )

8. Paleozoological Museum of China
It is located on Xizhimenwai Street next to Beijing Planetarium. The museum containing exhibition halls with specimens aimed at the public, while the rest of the building is used for research purposes.
Add: No.142 Xizhimen Street, Beijing
Opening time: 09:00 - 16: 30 ( closed on Monday )

9. China Science and Technology Museum
It was built and opened to the public in 1988. It contains two hall. Hall I exhibits ancient Chinese technology such as astronomical devices, the compass, gunpowder, bronze smelting and casting, and so forth while Hall II displays topics concerning astronautics, energy, communications; material science and mechanics; information technology; life science; and environmental science.
Add: No. 5, Bei Chen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Opening time: 9:30 - 17:00 ( closed on Monday )

10. Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum
It is located in Beijing Xiannong Altar, which is the first themed museum that focuses on the collection, study and exhibition of architecture.
Add: No. 21, Dongjing Road, Xuanwu District, Beijing, China
Opening time: 09:00 – 16:00 ( closed on Monday )

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