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Beijing Tour FAQs

First time to travel Beijing City, with a lot of questions and worries?

Put all your worries aside! We have carefully selected the most asked questions about the Beijing tour from our customers and real travelers of and the Beijing locals. Here are the top 10 FAQs about Beijing travel.

Below is the list of the 10 questions, and just scroll down to get the answers of the most asked questions.

1. Arriving in Beijing airport and how do I transfer to the downtown?

The Beijing Capital International Airport is about 25 kilometers from downtown Beijing. To make the way out of Beijing Airport, travelers can use the airport shuttles, taxi (cab) and now the subway, linking terminal 1 and terminal 2 of the airport and the downtown.

For foreign travelers, taxi or cab is a better choice of transportation as they do not have to worry about changing buses. Also taxi service is inexpensive in Beijing. A taxi trip from Beijing airport to downtown Beijing normally costs less than 100 yuan (RMB). Also, tourists do not have to wait long for the taxi as several hundreds of taxi queuing up in the airport for their passengers 24 hours a day.

However, if you will hire a local travel agency for your Beijing tour, you will not worry about the transfer, because they will pick you up free of charge (generally as a complimentary). Or, if you don't want to buy a tour from an agency, you are also can only buy their transfer service.

Airport Shuttle

2. When booking my hotel in Beijing, what matters the most? Brand, location, star-rating and price?

In Beijing, location is quite important, as location can drastically affect traffic and transportation. In some areas, the traffic is bad (mostly on the East side). Also, some areas are less accessible by public transportation, so unless you plan to have a car/driver or take taxis at all times. So, location can be a very important factor in your decision making. You can stay near a subway, the modern area with a bit of night life within the 2nd ring road.

Branding is most likely less important than stars, but well-known international hotel chains often have the highest quality service and rooms. The 3 star above are all westernized, able to accommodate a family of 4, clean, comfortable and have a bit of luxury. There are just some of the reasons you will love staying in Beijing City. Search on the Beijing hotels page for what suits your fancy, from a five star hotel to camping under a blanket of stars. Beijing has got you covered.

Our Beijing hotel page classified all of the hotels in Beijing according to the location, stars, brand, prices and 3 best valued hotels. Just book at the lowest price NOW!

3. Should I book Beijing tours from a local travel agency? Or I just travel on my own?

Beijing is witness to a splendid culture and insightful history, and will captivate a visitor with the historic and cultural relics created in Beijing by the various dynastic houses that ruled over the city.

To the point of whether or not the tourists should hire a local travel agency. You need to consider about it depending on yourself after reading my views:

Beijing has the most convenient public traffic and you can get to wherever you want by buses, subways, and taxis. But, the problem you will encounter with is that you have to keep thinking about: how do I get there? Where should I go after the Forbidden City or other spots? If you find a responsible tour company, they will take care of your trip, and you are going to explore in depth about the local culture or go to some far but remote areas. You will never feel lonely and helpless. In my opinion, you'd better hire a reliable local travel agency, so that you can have a relaxing and comfortable Beijing tour. Book an affordable Beijing tour Now!

4. Which part of the Great Wall should I visit?

If visiting Beijing it is mandatory to see The Wall. But which part do you want to go to?  Crowded & popular Badaling, scenic Mutianyu, hike along Simatai or see wild HuanghuaCheng or Jiankou?  Come and explore your favorite one!

All sections of the wall can be visited without an organized tour. If you do opt to go with a tour company make sure you ask what is included in the tour. Some tours are combined with a vist to the Ming Toms or may include shopping stops. So if you don't want to get dragged of the bus and made to visit a Chinese Medical Centre make sure you choose a tour suitable for you. Here are 40+ itineraries of Beijing Great Wall tour. Compare them and find the right one for your, then enjoy!

Badaling Great Wall

5. What are the differences of a private tour and bus tour?

A private tour in and around Beijing is an affordable and luxury way to see and enjoy Beijing with comfortable private vehicle and qualified guide speaking your language. You do not have to travel with strangers, catch sharp times, or do many things like a typical tourist.

Bus tour is a great money-saving way to enjoy Beijing sightseeing with shared tour guide and comfortable tourist bus. Remember, it's a good way to make friends from all over the world and share different views on the same topic - Beijing, and China.

6. What are the scams I need to watch out for when in Beijing?

Scams you find all over the world in all big cities. Always be careful with what you do and with who you can trust. One word of advice: never accept 'services' (or other things) that are offered to you without you taking the initiative, especially around the tourist attractions, such as the Forbidden City, Hutongs, etc. Also watch out for the taxi scams and art student scams:

If you are travelling on your own, you should prepare yourself all of the cost through reading the travel info and guide on the internet. You can find the general cost from Beijing center to your tourist destination. So that you will never be ripped off.

An example for the 'art students': 'Art Students' will approach you saying they want to practice their English with you. Two claiming to be from Sian came to us. They will take you for tea at the Tienamen Pharmacy, try to sell you medical services, then try to sell you their high priced art- all while trying to be your 'friend'. Don't fall for it and just keep to yourself instead of trying to help a student with their English language skills.

7. What are the top things to do in Beijing from the real travelers?

Be stunned by Beijing Tours & highlights - incredible Forbidden City; the scale and ingenuity of the Great Wall Tour; imperial Temple of Heaven; etc.

Marvel at the quick development and extremely advanced Beijing transportation system - Beijing West Railway Station, the Asia's largest; Beijing subway, fastest transportation way; Beijing flights to any destination home and abroad.

Have fun shopping in the most famous Beijing shopping districts - Wangfujing; Xidan; Xiushui Market; Sanlitun area; Panjiayuan Market; etc.

Here are a selection of the top 28 things to see and do in Beijing City (25 Must See), from the customers, real travelers and locals, which is necessary to get to know for your next Beijing trip. Need narrow down the selection? Check out the top 10 things to do and see in Beijing.

Beijing Roast Duck

8. How is the Peking roast duck? And the eating custom?

If you are first time to China, you should figure out how food works here.

Unlike in western countries, people do not order individually, you always order for the table and share. The food is placed in the center and you help yourself. The portion given is always very large.

It is said that there are two things that you must do when visiting Beijing: One is to enjoy the roast duck and the other is to take a stroll on the Great Wall. There is simply quite nothing like a perfectly roasted duck with bronzed crispy skin and tender, succulent meat. There are literally dozens of restaurants that serve this famous dish, but perhaps the best known are Quanjude and Bianyifang. Besides, there are other popular restaurants for Peking Roast Duck.

9. How do I use the Beijing public transport system?

Beijing has an excellent public transport system that copes amazingly well with getting a huge population from A to Z. The subway system is easy to use and English friendly. Buses are crowded. Taxis are cheap and efficient if you avoid the rush hour.

There are thousands of buses operating in Beijing with hundreds of routes, so getting almost anywhere within the city limits, as well as reaching suburban areas is possible.  Buses are generally crowded as they are the cheapest form of public transport. Getting a seat is sometimes impossible so get ready to squeeze in and stand. There are double-decker buses for the popular inner city areas. The bus service is not timetabled as such, so make sure to bring lots of patience along for the journey, but buses are usually quite frequent.

10. What are the kind advices for the first-timer to Beijing?

Doing homework by reading the travel info and guide through the internet. Our top 17 travel tips and information can guide you a smooth and easy Beijing tour. Check them out.

Have a question about your Beijing trip planning? Simply tell us your travel ideas and we will handle the rest. No deposit is needed until you are totally satisfied with all tour plan details.

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