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Chengdu Tour

Hailed as "Country of Heaven", Chengdu is the city you never want to leave once you arrived, famous for natural habitat of the Giant Panda and the delicious local snacks in the downtown, and many natural and historic wonders like Jiuzhaigou, Leshan, Mt. Emei, Dujiangyan in the neighbor.

Check our Chengdu tours - private and budget, including airport of station pick-up, intercity transfer, guide service and business service. Or just feel free to tell us your travel ideas, and our travel advisors will work side by side with you, to plan the perfect Chengdu tours depending on your requirement.

Chengdu Tour Map
Choose your Favorite Chengdu Tour Package below
1-Day Chengdu City & Panda 3-Day Chengdu Highlights & Panda Chengdu Travel Tips & FAQs
2-Day Chengdu Panda Essece 3-Day Chengdu City Tour Package
2-Day Chengdu Panda Classic 4-Day Chengdu In-depth Discovery

Tour code: BJH-C-01A

1 Day Chengdu City & Giant Panda Tour

Route:Wuhou Temple, Jinli Ancient Street, Giant Panda Breeding Base

Overview: Visit the most famous site: Wuhou Temple and Jinli Ancient Street in Qing dynasty style in Chengdu downtown; and drive around 30 minutes see China's measure - Giant Panda in Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-C-02A

2 Days Chengdu Giant Panda Essence Tour

Route:Wuhou Temple, Jinli Ancient Street, Giant Panda Breeding Base, Sanxingdui Museum

Overview: This classic Chengdu city tour takes you to visit the highlights, including Wuhou Temple and Jinli ancient street, Giant Panda Breeding Base and Sanxingdui Museum.

Price from:$290/pax

Tour code: BJH-SCT-02A

2 Days Chengdu Panda Classic Tour

Route:Jinli Ancient Street, Giant Panda Breeding Base, Renmin Park

Overview: In the classic Chengdu Panda tour, you will have chance to explore the top attractions in Chengdu, incl. Jinli ancient street, Renmin Park, and Giant Panda base; and taste traditional sichuan cuisine.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-SCT-03A

3 Days Chengdu Highlights Tour with Giant Panda Visit

Route:Jinsha Site Museum, Giant Panda Breading Base, Wenshu Temple, Renmin Park, Jinli Old Street, Dufu Thatched Cottage

Overview: 3 Days Chengdu Giant Panda Tour covers all highlights in Chengdu: taste Sichuan cuisine, visit Giant Panda base, Wenshu Temple and Dufu Thatched Cottage.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-SCT-03C

3 Days Chengdu City Tour Package

Route:Kuan Zhai Alley, Giant Panda Breeding Base, Wuhou Temple, Jinli ancient street, Renmin Park, Jinsha Site Museum

Overview: This tour is designed specially for visitors who want to explore the in-depth highlights of Chengdu. Kuai Zhai Alley, Jinli ancient street and Jinsha Site Museum show the ancient culture and history. Renmin Park to experience the leisure life of modern Chengdu people. Visit Panda Base to see the cute Giant Panda.

Price from:$0/pax

Tour code: BJH-SCT-04B

4 Days Chengdu In-depth Discovery Tour

Route:Renmin Park, Sichuan Opera, Giant Panda Breading Base, Sanxingdui Museum, Sichuan Museum, Wuhou Temple, Jinli ancient street, Wenshu Temple, Dufu Thatched Cottage

Overview: Chengdu cultural and historical tour includes the most popular highlights of Chengdu, incl. Renmin Park, Sichuan Opera, Giant Panda Base, Sanxingdui Museum, Sichuan Museum, Wuhou Temple, Jinli ancient street, Wenshu Temple, Dufu Thatched Cottage.

Price from:$0/pax

Chengdu Travel Tips & FAQs

1. What is a Chengdu Private Tour?

While taking our Chengdu private tours, you, your friends and your family enjoy the exclusive use of a car or van with a personal local English-speaking tour guide in Chengdu usually from 9:00am to 6:00pm for the tour you have booked.

Our tour guide will meet you at your midtown hotel in Chengdu. The major attractions of Chengdu are included in our pre-arranged itinerary. If you have any special request, please tell us, we are able to have a tailor-made tour for you.

2. Is this kind of trip customizable?

Yes. You can eighter work with our travel advisors to put together an itinerary that fits your specific needs while planning step, or you may work with our tour guide while on tour should you wish to change your itinerary. Clink here to customize a Chengdu private tour packages.

3. What is the weather like in Chengdu and when is the best time to travel there?

Located on the edge of the fertile plains the Red Basin in China's Sichuan Province, Chengdu has its own unique climate features: long and warm spring, short and sultry summer, cool and rainy autumn, cold and foggy winter. The spring and autumn are commonly very pleasant and best season for your Chengdu tour. But different seasons have their particular sceneries, and you can come Chengdu depending on your prefer.

Please click to see the Chengdu Climate.

4. What should I bring while traveling to Chengdu?

Chengdu is a modern tourist city and you can easily buy almost all necessities of life. However, we recomend that you may bring comfortable shoes for doing a lot of walking, an umbrella and sun-glasses for unsettled weather during rainy season. Whether you are a photography lover or not, do not forget your camera, film and batteries, or you will never forgive yourself.

5. What are accommodations like in Chengdu?

In Chengdu, there are many hotels and hostels for your accommodation, such as Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu, Sheraton Lido Hotel Chengdu... We have carefully selected the budget and luxury hotels depending on their good location and best value for money. See more hotels in Chengdu.

6. What cuisine options are there in Chengdu?

Chengdu cuisine is famous for its hot and spicy flavouring. The cuisine available in Chengdu is quite diverse. The local food in Chengdu has an almost endless variety, and is far more delicious than anything you can find in a "Chinese" restaurant in the west. We are certain you will love it. Local food includes: Mapo Dofu, Mao Cai, Fuqi Fei Pian, Spicy Diced Chicken , and see more Chengdu cuisine options.

You can also find Japanese food, Korean food and many western restaurants in Chengduas well as fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut, and KFC.

7. What kind of vehicles can I take for getting around in Chengdu?

In Chengdu, we have many options for getting around, such as 4-seat Santana, 4-seat Land Rover, 7-seat Buick GL8, 10-seat MB100, etc. All of our vehicles are good conditions and drive, and with private drivers who are fully-licensed, well-trained, professional, and experienced with Chengdu tourist routes. All make your travel in Chengdu a lot easier.

Please click to see the Chengdu Car Rental.

8. What are the currency and the ATM system in Chengdu like?

You can not deal with foreign currencies in Chengdu, but you can exchange your money at most of places: Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, top hotels (4-star or 5-star), all branches of Bank of China and currency exchange counter of other banks It is easily to find an ATM in downtown area.

9. Will there be problems with the language barrier in Chengdu?

When you travel with us in Chengdu, you needn't worry about the language barrier. We will arrange an English-speaking tour guide who are familiar with all attractions of Chengdu. The most of the staff in the star-rated hotels can speak English, but their English is sometimes limited with in the scope of their jobs only.

10. Can I easily find a Muslim restaurant in Chengdu?

Yes, if you inquire this question before you go, we will help you to find a Muslim restaurant or arrange you to go to the Muslim restaurant. The famous muslim restaurant are Tianfang Building Restaurant in Qingyang District, Huyanglin Xinjiang Style Restaurant in Jiuniu District, Huangchengba Beef Restaurant in Wuhou District and so on.

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