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Beijing Dining - Typical Food & Popular Restaurants

Beijing is a foodie’s Heaven!

Just because of this, while dining in Beijing, even the most experienced Beijing visitors will get tantalized, as the city is filled with so many delicacies that it is too difficult to make a decision.

In that spirit, we collect the most popular and famous restaurants for tasting Peking Roast Duck, Imperial Court Food, Hotpot, Local Snacks, Western Food, and Muslim Food, so as to narrow down your selection.

The best part is that you can splurge at a fancy restaurant or dine supremely well (any much more cheaply) at any of the smaller family-run operations located all over the city during your Beijing tour.


Top 11 Food & Restaurants in Beijing

  • Peking Roast Duck & Restaurants

    Peking Roast Duck

    Peking Duck has been reputated as the most delicious food Beijing has to offer. Someone thinks it a little bit greasy, but others get hooked after just one taste. In any condition, a Peking Duck dinner is usually a fixed item on any Beijing tour schedule.

    There are many roast duck restaurants in Beijing, but Quan Ju De, Bianyi Fang, Da Dong, Li Qun and King Duck are the best.

  • Beijing Imperial Court Food & Restaurants

    Beijing Imperial Court Food

    Imperial Court Cuisine is a style of food with origins in the Imperial Palace. Based on foods served to the Emperor and his court, Imperial Court Cuisine is well-known by the original features of the raw material and carefully selected ingredients. Additionally, the dishes are decorated by different colorful vegetables and fruits carved into various shapes. Each dish has a propitious name, such as Yu Feng Huan Chao (jade phoenix returning to the royal). And some of them even have short stories. Today Imperial Court Cuisine has become a major school of Chinese cooking with several places offering this unique flavor.

    Fangshan Restaurant, Li Jia Cai, Yushan Restaurant, Tan Jia Cai, and Royal Palace are the best.

  • Beijing Hotpot & Restaurants

    Hotpot in Beijing

    On a cold winter day in Beijing, you may like to have something hot in a restaurant with your family. Then Hotpot is perhaps the best choice for you.

    Hot Pot is a varied and interesting 'cook by yourself' experience. You choose what to eat and the ingredients are prepared and arrive ready to cook. The common ingredients are meat (mutton, chicken, and beef) and fish, plus various types of Tofu, mushrooms, eggs, noodles and vegetables. These are cooked in a 'soup' that is heated by gas, electricity or flame.

  • Beijing Local Snacks & Snack Streets

    Local Snack in Beijing

    Don't be afraid of the street food - in Beijing it's amongst the best in the world, and you'd be missing out on a crucial part of the city's cultural life if you chose to eat exclusively in the (many) top class restaurants. There are over 250 types of traditional snack foods, freshly prepared and served fast. Many of them are made of glutinous rice, soy beans or fried materials.

  • Most Popular Restaurants in Beijing

    Popular Restaurants in Beijing

    Talking about Top 10 restaurants in Beijing, different people may have different answers. But after reading plenty of reviews of Beijing restaurants from locals and western tourists, the following 10s are the most popular and considered to be the best ones of Beijing.

  • Western Restaurants in Beijing

    Western Restaurants in Beijing

    Popular western dining spots include Hidden Tree (Mediterranean), Justin's at the Jianguo Hotel (French), Courtyard (Fusion) and Danieli's (Italian). Well-known fast food chains abound as well. You can always find KFC, Pizza Hut, and A&W Root Beer among others. American Deli, Brazilian BBQ, German Beer and any other signature food from Russia, Switzerland and Scandinavia are all available in Beijing. All you could do is follow our step to pick your favorite.

  • Muslim Restaurans in Beijing

    Muslim Restaurants in Beijing

    Muslim Cusine, also known as Islamic Cai and Hui Cai, is a religious cuisine wide spread among the Muslims. But now, Muslim cuisine is more and more popular among all Chinese people. The Muslim restaurants of Beijing are usually run by those from Western China, such as Uygurs.

  • Beijing Niujie Street

    Niujie Snack Street

    Let face it, sometimes, coordinating with the destination you may find yourself into for trip may be challenging, especially with the food, that's why we are here to help. Talking of food and snacks, it is said that 'Beijing has the best snacks in China, the best snacks in Beijing are the Muslim snacks and the best Muslim snacks can be found on the Ox Street in Beijing (Niu Jie).

  • Dining Customs in Beijing and China

    Dining Customs in Beijing

    There in Western countries, you must have some ideas of the sorts of Chinese food, because of the popularity of Chinese restaurants. However, the experience of eating at even the least Americanized Chinese restaurants scarcely resembles the experience of enjoying a dinner in a Beijing local restaurant.

  • Suzhou Street in Beijing

    Dining at Suzhou Street

    Yes! as contrary Beijing known for its outstanding museums, parks, gardens, architectural wonders, and historical sites, but the memorable part of your trip to Beijing is never completed without tasting food from Suzhou Street..

  • Vegetarian Restaurant in Beijing

    Vegetarian Restaurants in Beijing

    Going to a restaurant when you have some sort of dietary restrictions can be difficult, especially when you find yourself in different country where your local language is not spoken, but in China it quite different, since vegetarian practices is dated back to the ancient times.


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