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    Cooking Tours in Beijing, Xian and Chengdu

    China is known as a country that has a lot of delicious food from eight types of traditional cuisines with unique features, numerous styles and exquisite cooking, famous in the world. Our cooking & culinary tours can offer you a special experience to taste the famous and unique local food in Beijing, Chengdu and other cities in China. Our well-informed guide will not only lead you to discover delicious local snacks, but also take you to cuisine schools to learn to cook authentic Chinese food.

    Beijing Cooking Tours

    Beijing Cooking Tour & Cuisine School Learning

    Combining delicious food and tours in Beijing, our cooking tour in Beijing will give you the chance to experience dumpling making on your own, enjoy a home-style meal with a local Hutong family and go to learn Chinese cooking at a famous cuisine school. In additions, while visiting the highlights of Beijing, you will also taste the famous Peking Roast Duck and discover other local snacks.

    Some of highlights you'll experience:
    Learning to cook in a Cuisine School
    Tasting the Peking Roast Duck
    Enjoying Chinese Imperial Cuisine
    Making dumplings in a Siheyuan family
    Visting Daoxiangcun Foodstuffs Store
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    4 Days Beijing Best & Culinary Tour
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    China Cooking Tours

    Cooking Tours in Chengdu and Xian

    Tasting far more than what is cooked in the featured Chinese restaurant is the favorite for Chinese food lovers. Our China cooking tours can offer you rare chances to enjoy the unique food and traditions gourmet in the popular cities of China. In Xian, Dumpling Dinner is arranged for you. In Chengdu, you are escorted to find out the wonderful local snacks and the famous hot Pot, considered as one of the best Sichuan's cuisine!

    Some of highlights you'll experience:
    Enjoying famous Dumpling Dinner in Xian
    Learning to make Sichuan cuisine in a local family
    Discovering delicious local snacks
    Tasting Sichuan Hot Pot
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    6 Days Beijing and Chengdu Gourmet Tour
    8 Days Beijing Xian Impression Tour with Cooking Lesson
    Chinese Food Making

    Tailor-make Your Cooking & Culinary Tour

    Although all of our tours are designed with you in mind, our Cooking & Culinary tours offer a more personalized option.

    Firstly, there is not fixed time, which means you can decide the time you want your tour to start.

    Secondly, there is not fixed itinerary. This allows you to decide what you want to see and what you don't want to see. It is up to you.

    Finnally, according to your interest and budget, our 1-on-1 travel consultant will work together with you to design a tour for you exclusively. Just feel free to tell them your idears .

    Customize your own Cooking Tour

    Have a question about your China trip planning? Simply tell us your travel ideas and we will handle the rest. No deposit is needed until you are totally satisfied with all tour plan details.

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