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  • Rickshaw Riding at Hutong areas
  • Taichi Class
  • Chinese Calligraphy Learning
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

    China History & Culture Tours

    China is the best destination for cultural tour, with over 5000 years of history. Our culture tours are designed to explore in-depth subjects on Chinese culture. Among them, you will have authentic experience to ride a rickshaw in Beijing old hutongs, attend Chinese calligraphy and painting lesson, study traditional Chinese Medicine and folk crafts, take Taichi class, appreciate Chinese ancient architecture and enjoy Kung Fu show. Our private guides will not only take care of your tour, but share their knowledge and insider tips with you.

    Chinese Calligraphy

    Beijing In-depth Culture Tours

    Beijing, the culture center of China, is the best place for you to learn the time-honored culture of China all in once. Stroll through the Forbidden City, walk at Tiananmen Square, enjoy a leisure trek on the Great Wall, and take a fun rickshaw among the old hutongs. Of course, entering into a local family in Siheyuan to see the real Beijingers should not miss.

    Some of highlights you'll experience:
    Studying Traditional Chinese Medicine
    Experiencing Beijing Hutong Culture
    Learning Chinese Calligraphy & Painting
    View sample tours:
    Half Day Beijing Old Hutongs Rickshaw Tour
    1 Day Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Study Tour
    4 Days Beijing Cultural Tour with Chinese Calligraphy Lesson
    Shaolin Kung Fu

    Culture Tours in other ancient cities of China

    China is known for its rich, unique and diverse cultures. It can be say that every word has its distinctive meaning, every pattern is so symbolic, every brick has its stories of centuries... We not only offer the classic tours of Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu, but also in other ancient cities, such as Luoyang, Pingyao, Nanjing, Kaifeng. Follow the best routes to discover the wonderful cultural heritages of the country.

    Some of highlights you'll experience:
    Learning Traditional Chinese Medicine
    Appreciating Chinese Ancient Architecture
    Taking Taichi Class
    Enjoying Kung Fu Performance
    View sample tours:
    5 Days Luoyang Kaifeng Shaolin Tour
    9 Days Ancient China Treasures Tour
    12 Days China Cultural Tour with Traditional Medicine Training
    13 Days China Golden Trangle Tour with Shaolin Kungfu & Panda
    15 Days China Ancient Capitals Cultural Tour
    China Great Wall

    Tailor-make Your Cultural Tour

    All our culture tours could be tailored basing on your interest, request and budget. It offers more personalized options, making your tour in China beyond your expectation and your travel be an impressive experience.

    Firstly, there are no set times, which means you can decide the time you want your tour to start. Secondly there's no itinerary. This allows you the freedom to pick what you want to see, or don't want to see, whatever the case.

    Finally remember it's your tour, your choice, whether you're looking for a detailed explanation, just an overview or something in between.

    Customize your own Cultural Tour

    Have a question about your China trip planning? Simply tell us your travel ideas and we will handle the rest. No deposit is needed until you are totally satisfied with all tour plan details.

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