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    Beijing Golden Autumn Tours

    The days from mid-September to mid-November are the golden autumn period of Beijing, with brilliant blue sky, tenderly warm sunshine, and the world-famous colorful leaves in urbans and suburbs. When visiting Beijing in autumn, tourists should not miss our pre-designed Beijing Autumn Tours, to catch Beijing's spectacular view of flaming red leaves in downtown parks; to be a hero by hiking the Great Wall and enjoying the best autumnal scenary; or take a comfortable spa break and be totally relaxed both your body and heart.

    Beijing Mutianyu Great Wall

    Beijing Autumn Tours

    Beijing shows its best in autumn, with not only comfortable temperature, but also amazingly beautiful scenery. Our popular Beijing autumn tour below are designed by our travel experts. Choose one of them to take many beautiful photos of fall foliage and have a unique travel experience in Beijing's autumn.

    View sample tours:
    1 Day Beijing Autumn Excursion Tour
    1 Day Beijing Autumn Apple Picking and Mutianyu Hiking Tour
    1 Day Beijing Autumn Downtown Tour
    Beijing Autumn Apple Picking

    Beijing Autumn Activities

    In Autumn, Beijing has many fun activities for your taking part in. 1) Fall foliage Appreciating in downtown parks: Fragrant Hill Park, Ditan Park, Summer Palace, Hongluo Temple, Lingshan Park, etc. 2) Great Wall hiking: Mutianyu is considered the most beautiful section in Beijing. In golden autumn, the maple leaves are turning red and truly amazing. About 2-hour hiking is the best way to see the autumnal scenery on the both of the Walls. 3) Fruits picking: visitors can pick their favorite fruits by hands while enjoying the scenery. 4) Spa break programs: one way to ease your "autumn fatigue".

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    Beijing Ditan Park Autumn

    Tailor-make Your Autumn Tour

    As a local travel agency in Beijing, we have decades of working experience to organize private tours in Beijing and China. Here we offer many personalized options, making your Beijing Autumn Tours and Activities more interesting and unforgettable.

    Firstly, there is not fixed time, which means you can decide the time you want your tour to start.

    Secondly, there is not fixed itinerary. This allows you to decide what you want to see and what you don't want to see. It is up to you.

    Finnally, according to your interest and budget, our 1-on-1 travel consultant will work together with you to design a tour for you exclusively. Just feel free to tell them your idears .

    Customize your own Autumn Tour

    Have a question about your China trip planning? Simply tell us your travel ideas and we will handle the rest. No deposit is needed until you are totally satisfied with all tour plan details.

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