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Enjoy Beijing Hot Springs Spa Tour in Golden Autumn

Looking for a way to ease your ‘autumn fatigue’ and relax yourself from the strain of life? A Beijing hot springs spa tour will be your best choice!

A nice soak in one of Beijing’s hot springs is an excellent way to relax and purify yourself both body and mind.

Chunhuiyuan Refreshing Hot Spring Bowlder Bath
Chunhuiyuan Refreshing Hot Spring Bowlder Bath

Beijing is rich in hot springs, and most of them well up from 1000 meters underground, with the temperature straying around 40℃. The springs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are clear; others can be milky-white, brownish, or even blackish, developing on the minerals they contain. Indoor and outdoor spring pools are available in many villas.

Jiuhua Spa & Resort
A Bird's Eye View of the Jiuhua Spa & Resort

You can easily spend a whole day relaxing at some of the best-developed spas. Many provide lodging as well if a day is not enough for you. While for those who don’t want to stay at just one spring site, most offer one or two-day visiting options which include scenic spots like the Ming Tombs, Juyogguan Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, Badaling Great Wall, Chinese Aviation Museum, and several high-rated golf courses.

Check out our pre-designed Beijing Spa tour itineraries.

Jiuhua Spa & Resort Hot Spring Pool
Jiuhua Spa & Resort Hot Spring Pool

For a foreign tourist, this is perhaps one of the most memorable cultural experiences and it will certainly spoil you. Here are the top resorts or villas offering hot spring entertainment in Beijing.

Jiuhua Hot Spring Villa

Jiuhua Resort is one of the best spa resorts in Beijing area. The hot spring water of Jiuhua has been famous since the ancient times. The Jiuhua hot spring is rich in microelements and its quality accords with the national standard of table-water.

Price: About 900 yuan (US$108) per person per day, including dining, accommodation, hot spring bathing and any other entertainment.
How to get there: Drive north from Anhui Overpass in the North Fourth Ring Road. It is 25 kilometres north of the overpass.
Tel: 6178-2288

Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Resort

The mineral hot spring water of Chunhuiyuan is exploited from 2,300 meters below the ground and maintains the water temperature of 60°C permanently. The spring water here contains many chemical elements and minerals which can keep you beauty and healthy.

Fulaigong (Floral Palace) Hot Spring Resort

About 5 kilometres east of Jiuhua Hot Spring Villa, this is a four-star resort that was opened early last year with both outdoor and indoor hot spring pools.

The most popular activity is to bathe in spring water with peach blossoms in it. That is a tradition favoured by emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Xiaotangshan High-tech Agriculture Garden, Yinshan Pagoda Forest, International Golf Course and China Aviation Museum are located around the resort.

Location: 200 metres north of Daliushu Huandao, Xiaotangshan Town, Changping District.
Tel: 6178-5588 ext 85007.

Longmai Hot Spring Resort

It lies just one kilometre east of the Floral Palace. Hotel services are available. Chinese traditional medicine bathing is an attractive draw for visitors.

How to get there: Drive along Jingtang Road to Daliushu Huandao, then turns right.
Tel: 6178-1021

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