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Videos of Beijing

Travel Videos of Beijing are your visual guide to Beijing China!

Here, we provide short but cool and interesting travel videos of Beijing from our customers and Beijing Holiday. These streaming videos can be a visual experience to introduce you to the wonders of Beijing, like the Great Wall, Peking Opera, Hutong, Kung Fu, etc. Some of them even show you the life of Beijing local.

This is a work-in-process kind of project and more Beijing travel videos will be added later.


Travel videos of Beijing from Our Customers and Beijing Holiday


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Have experienced the amazing capital city and enjoyed your tour? Let's share the joys of your travel on our platform.

Presently, we are setting up a section exclusively for all Beijing travelers, where will post the travel images, videos, and stories of our customers over the past few years.

So, just send us your travel photos, videos or stories to us at email: , and let's aftertaste those happy time together with all over the internet.

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