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Niujie (OX Street) in Beijing

Let face it, sometimes, coordinating with the destination you may find yourself into for trip may be challenging, especially with the food, that’s why we are here to help. Talking of food and snacks, it is said that “Beijing has the best snacks in China, the best snacks in Beijing are the Muslim snacks and the best Muslim snacks can be found on the Ox Street in Beijing (Niu Jie)

Niujie (Ox Street) located at Guang’anmen is outstanding for its large ethnic community and Niujie Mosque which is Beijing’s most historical and majestic mosque which attract tourist from all over the world. The Street which covers an area about 88.7 acres is made of people who are mostly Muslim and the greater part made of the Hui people.

Niujie (Ox Street) Muslim Foods and Snacks

Niujie is a truly street for Muslim food and snacks such as Sticky rice with sweet fillings (Ai Wo Wo, 艾窝窝), Stir-fried Tofu (Chao Ma Doufu, 炒麻豆腐), Pancakes with sweetened bean paste filling (Douxian Shaobing, 豆馅烧饼), Sticky rice cake with a layer of sweetened bean paste (Qiegao, 切糕), Dried fruit dish (Guozi Gan, 果子干), Boiled sheep innards (Baitang Zasui, 白汤杂碎) and a lot more which I can’t mention.


Sticky rice with sweet fillings (Ai Wo Wo, 艾窝窝)
Sticky rice with sweet fillings

Boiled sheep innards (Baitang Zasui)
Boiled sheep innards (Baitang Zasui)
Dried fruit dish (Guozi Gan)
Dried fruit dish (Guozi Gan)

Pancakes with sweetened bean paste filling
Pancakes with sweetened bean paste filling

Stir-fried Tofu
Stir-fried Tofu

Beefsteaks(beef first boiled,then steamed) 

Beefsteaks(beef first boiled,then steamed)


Some Famous Restaurants on Niu Jie (Ox Street)

Niujie Muslim Supermarket Restaurant (牛街清真超市美食城)

Location: 2F,1 Niujie North End, Xuanwu District


Nan Lai Shun(南来顺饭庄)

Location: No.12, Nancaiyuan Street, Xuanwu District, Beijing

Tel: 010- 63534720

De Shun Lou(德顺楼)

Location: Near Niujie Mosque 

Tel: 010-58373366

Jubaoyuan Hot Pot(聚宝源)

Location: Niujie (Ox Street)

Tel: 010-83545602


Muslim Restaurants in Beijing

Muslim Restaurants in Beijing

Muslim Cusine, also known as Islamic Cai and Hui Cai, is a religious cuisine wide spread among the Muslims. But now, Muslim cuisine is more and more popular among all Chinese people. The Muslim restaurants of Beijing are usually run by those from Western China, such as Uygurs.



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