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China Yangtze Cruise Tour Package also specializes in providing 5-star and 4-star Yangtze River Cruises at Lowest price, with the best experience to other hot destinations in China: Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin and Chengdu, etc.

At present, Chongqing = Yichang, Chongqing = Wuhan and Chongqing = Shanghai sections of the Yangtze River are the most popular cruise routes. Just feel free to tell us your ideas, and we help you customize the High-quality cruise service according to your interests and budget.

Choose your Favorite China Yangtze River Cruise below
5-Day Yangtze Cruise from Beijing 11-Day Beijing Xian Yangtze Shanghai Travel Tips & FAQs
8-Day Beijing Yangtze Cruise 13-Day Beijing Xian Guilin Yangtze Shanghai
9-Day Beijing Yangtze Shanghai 13-Day Shanghai Yangtze Chengdu Xian Beijing

Tour code: BJH-BY-03

5 Days Yangtze Cruise (Chongqing-Yichang) from Beijing

Route:Yangtze Cruise ( Chongqing - Yichang; flight from & back to Beijing )

Overview: Cruising down the Yangtze River, you may feel that you are going into a beautiful Chinese painting. The beauty of the Three Gorges and legends of the tourist sites along the river, and the consistent high-quality service on the ship must make your Yangtze River tour more wonderful.

Price from:$1055/pax

Tour code: BJH-BY-01

8 Days Beijing Essence and Yangtze Luxury Cruise Tour

Route:Beijing - Chongqing - Yangtze Cruise - Yichang - Beijing

Overview: This private tour is a collection of Beijing highlights and Yangtze Cruise. We combine both to bring you an unforgettable experience: the most stunning imperial architectural wonders in the world and relaxing crusing tour on Yangtze River from Chongqing to Yichang.

Price from:$1376/pax

Tour code: BJH-BY-02

9 Days Beijing Shanghai & Yangtze Cruise Relaxing Tour

Route:Beijing - Chongqing - Yangtze Cruise - Yichang - Shanghai

Overview: A perfect private tour to explore the highlights of the top 3 tourist destinations of China: Beijing, Shanghai and Yangtze River, including Forbidden City, Great Wall, Yuyuan Garden, Jinmao Tower, and sites along Yangtze River from Chongqing to Yichang.

Price from:$1443/pax

Tour code: BJH-BY-11

11 Days China Golden Triangle Tour & Yangtze River Cruise

Route:Beijing - Xian - Yangtze Cruise - Shanghai

Overview: This classic Yangtze tour covers most of the attractive destinations in China. Taking the tour, you will have the breathtaking landscapes of cruising through Three Gorges on the Yangtze River and discover the highlights of three popular triangles cities: the capital Beijing, historic Xian, metropolis Shanghai.

Price from:$1225/pax

Tour code: BJH-CY-13

13 Days Best of China Tour incl. Yangtze Cruise

Route:Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Chongqing - Yangtze Cruise - Yichang - Shanghai

Overview: This tour covers the best of China has to offer: Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Shanghai & Yangtze River cruise. It is the best choice for first-time travelers.

Price from:$1457/pax

Tour code: BJH-MY-13

13 Days China Golden Triangle & Yangtze Chengdu Tour

Route:Shanghai - Yichang - Yangtze Cruise - Chongqing - Chengdu - Xian - Beijing

Overview: This tour is designed for the first-time visitor to experience the majestic Yangtze River. Discover for yourself the incredible gorges, mountain villages and breathtaking scenery. Be fascinated by the Three Gorges Dam project; this amazing feat of engineering needs to be seen to be believed.

Price from:$1332/pax

China Yangtze Travel Tips & FAQs

1. What about China Yangtze River Cruise?

Basing on several years China cruise operating experience, our experts had selected the popular tour packages above. The cruise tours include hot destinations, such as Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guilin. If you want to add other cities, please feel free to contact us, we can tailor-make your own cruise route.

2. When is the best time to have Yangtze River Cruise?

Generally, spring and autumn are the peak seasons for your Yangtze Cruise, for the most comfortable weather and nice scenery, while winter is the best season for the greatest deals.

3. How to book a China Yangtze Cruise?

If you want a China tour & Yangtze Cruise, please tell our travel consultants, and they will work with you together to ensure that the booking process is simple.

4. How do I choose a cabin?

Location, Price and Star Rating are the three key factors to consider while choosing a cabin. According to your interests and budget, you can choose different cabins. As we all know, the cabins on the top deck are more expensive than the low deck, because you can get more natural scenery in it. With high star rating cruise ships, the cabins must have better wooden furniture, softer beds and high-quality service.

5. How do I find the dock to board the ship?

You will know which dock the ship will be parked at only within 1 or 2 days in advance, so please be connected with us, you 1-on-1 travel consultant will tell you where to find the dock.

6. What kind of food will be served on board?

Breakfast and lunch onboard ship will be served with Chinese or Western style buffet; dinner will be Chinese cuisines featuring table service, with a cup of soda or beer (free) for each tourist. If you have special need, you can ask for private meals with additional fees.

7. What is the difference between upstream and downstream sailings?

The route of downstream sailings is from Chongqing to Yichang, even to Wuhan or Shanghai; upstream from Yichang to Chongqing, also Wuhan to Chongqing or Shanghai to Chongqing ( limited by season ).

There is no big differences between upstream and downstream sailings, except:
1) Shore excursions: small difference in land arrangement;
2) Period: upstream sailing takes one more day than downstream sailing;

>> Read more FAQs about Yangtze River Cruise.

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