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Yangtze River Cruise FAQs & Tips

We've got the answers to all your questions – and some you'd never think to ask. Choose a topic below to read through a list of questions and answers. If you have a question of your own that we haven't answered here, feel free to contact our cruise experts.

1. How do I find the dock to board the ship?

You will know which dock the ship will be parked at only within 1 or 2 days in advance, so please be connected with the internet or by phone, and your travel advisor will tell you where to find the dock.

We highly recommend you to book the airport-pier/pier-airport transfers together with the cruise. It will much more convenient for you to get onboard timely.

2. How is the food onboard? Can I have the special service?

The food onboard might vary between different cruises. Generally meals are served in buffet style both for Chinese and Western food.

When dining onboard, passengers are normally arranged with ten persons as a group based on nationalities, diet habits, religious or other cultural background.

If you want some spcial service, such as having breakfast or lunch in your room, you can order the room service at any time.

Moreover, the ships can arrange the special dishes for your diet preferences, such as the vegetarian, salt-free, low-carbohydrate, Kosher, or others, but you need to order it in advance, a day or a half day early.

3. Can I pay the fees onboard by the Credit Card? Or I have to pay the cash?

Credit Cards are validated onboard. You can use the Master Card, Federal Card, Visa, American Express, JCB and Diners Card, and at the end of the cruise, you will receive a completely itemized statement and pay them when you check out just like what you do in most of China’s hotels.

4. If I travel with my little kids, can they arrange extra bed for my child?

According to the policies of China National Tourism Bureau, cruise companies and airlines companies offer half-price domestic airfares and cruise cabin to the children between 2 – 12 years. Infants (up to 2 years old) only need to pay 10% domestic airfare and cruise cabin charge.

5. The proper travel documents I have to bring with all the time onboard?

The travel documents are necessary for tourists, which cannot be lost. There are: Passport, Valid Government Issued Photo I. D, Cruise Ticket, etc.

6. What does my cruise fare include? Should I tip onboard?

Generally, the cruise fair includes accommodations on twin sharing-basis, daily meals and shore excursion programmes. It excludes personal expenses, like laundry, phone calls, internet, etc.

As for the tipping, almost all the 4 to 5 star ships require a compulsory ship tip which is required to be paid when checking in at the reception counter; it is the regulation of the ship companies which passengers are supposed to follow. The tip amount differs from different cruise lines and will be specified in our confirmation letter, please kindly note this so that inconvenience can be avoided.

Note: Century Cruise line pre-charges the tips, so the tips is actually included in your Century Cruise cost, there is no need to pay again on board.

7. Where should I put my luggage?

All cabins on each ship provide empty closets and carriers for baggage. On some ships with small cabins, a left-luggage service is offered. Although there is no baggage limitation aboard the ship, for your own comfort, we suggest that you should limit the number of pieces that you bring.

For the travelers who booked the cruise with us, we would have their luggage be arranged to be delievered aboard, and then placed into their rooms. We take care of all details, and they just enjoy the cruise.

8. How do I choose a cabin?

Location, Price and Star Rating are the three key factors to consider while choosing a cabin.

Star Rating of Cruise Ship

As we all know, the higher the star rating of ships is, the better cabins the ships are equipped with. With high star rating ships, the cabins onboard must have better wooden furniture, softer beds and high-quality baths. Generally, there are five-star and four-star deluxe ships for foreign travelers.

Cruise Price

PRICE is certainly a consideration, and only you know your vacation budget. Your vacation time is limited, if you don't mind the price, you might be willing to pay more to get a cabin better suited to your lifestyle. If you have fixed budget, choosing an ordinary cabin still help you enjoy a comfortable and unforgettable vacation.

Contact your travel consultant early and send an inquiry, and you may get a discount or so. While, it can guarantee that you will on the cruise you want and in the cabin or cabin type that you want.

Location, Location and Location

Cabin location is the key factor for choosing a cabin and it is not decided in accordance with prices because prices are only dependent on cabin type. The “real estate” that your cabin occupies, no matter the type, can either keep you up all night with noise or it can lull you like a kid and provide exquisite views of your surroundings. That’s why doing your homework is important.

9. Do the staff onboard speak English? Can I smoke onboard?

Yes, each cruise has a knowledgeable foreign national cruise director. In addition, most of the service staff speaks English as well.

Yes, you can smoke on cruise ships. There are smoking and non-smoking areas, and usually smoking is only allowed on the observation desk.

10. What is the voltage onboard? Can I use my phone, hair dryer or shaver?

Most ships have 110V outlets in the bathroom and 220V in cabin. Many ships will supply hair-dryer and shaver in your cabin for your convenience.

11. Is there the internet access onboard? How can I touch with outside world?

Yes, there is the internet access onboard for each ship, and you can get the information what you want through surfing.

12. Can I have the services of some private tour guides onboard?

No, there is no private tour guide for you onboard, because all activities onboard are arranged by the cruise company. Your private tour guide will not accompany you during the cruise, and all activities and shore excursions during the cruise will be managed by the cruise company and subject to change without prior notice.

13. What booking documents do I need?

The booking system of the cruise is just like the electronic flight tickets, you do not need any ticket, just showing your valid passport at the ship front desk would be fine. After all booking is done, we will send you the confirmation letter, you can print it out and bring it with you along the tour.

14. Can I ask for the specific cabin?

No, for many cruise lines (not all) that the cabins could not be designated beforehand, it is arranged by the ship company, and the ship company will charge floor upgrading fee if you want to upgrade your cabins to higher floors, the price is different according to the different cruise companies, if necessary please inquiry your travel consultant for the details of this. And after check in the ship, if there is any problem with your cabin, please let the ship reception know ASAP so that adjustment can be made accordingly. If you need any urgent assistance from our company, please contact your travel consultant immediately.

15. What kinds of service onboard?

Drinks: Wines are not a part of the free drinks, only beer and some soft drinks are provided for free on ship. Drinks on the ship can be expensive; if necessary you can prepare some drinks or snacks before boarding the ship.

Foods: Some ships provide mostly buffet meals but some provide mostly table meals, it depends on which ship you are taking. If you have any diet habit, please kindly let us know or let the ship receptionist know, so that the according arrangement can be made.

Elevator: Not every ship has elevator, if you need to know this, please kindly inquire your travel consultant or check the ship company official website.

Medical Service: There will be a clinic on the ship, but their service can be very expensive, please kindly note it.

Internet Service: The ship does not have wifi, but the business center has internet service available and it is pay- for, the price will be different according to different ships.

Hair-dryer: The ships do not have hari dryer in each room, only some hairdryers avialble at the fronk desk which you can borrow for free.

Adaptor: If you want to charge some electornic products and without bringing the adaptor, you may check with the ship front desk to see they have the right adaptor on ship, but bring the right adaptor from home is convenient for your China or Yangtze tour.

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