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Mutianyu Great Wall Beijing

Mutianyu Great Wall Beijing

Rating5 star #42of 27 attractions in Beijing

Tickets $ 7

Tour Time two hours hiking

Features a UNESCO world heritage site and Chinese historical marvel, famous for the breath-takingly beautiful scenery, less crowded than the Badaling Great Wall, own a world-class cable car

Lying in Huairou district, 73 kilometers from Beijing downtown, Mutianyu is the most beautiful section of the Great Wall of China, filled with fragrant flowers in spring, abundantly verdant in summer, charming with red-leafed maple trees in autumn and enchanting covered in pure white snow in winter. Mutianyu is a super location to appreciate the grandness of the Great Wall as well as to avoid the crowds at Badaling.

MuTianYu has the largest construction scale and best overall quality among all sections of the Great Wall. Built mainly with granite, the wall is 7 - 8 meters high and the top is 4 - 5 meters wide.

Compared with other sections of the Great Wall, MuTianYu possesses some unique characteristics in its construction. Watchtowers are densely placed along this section of the Great Wall - 22 watchtowers in the 2,250 m long wall. That is, one every 100 meters whereas the norm is about one every 500 meters.

Both the outer and inner parapets are crenellated with merlons, so that shots could be fired at the enemy on both sides, a feature very rare on other parts of the Great Wall.

The MuTianYu Pass itself has 3 watchtowers, a big one in the center and a smaller one on each side. Standing on the same terrace, the 3 watchtowers are connected to each other from inside composing a formidable but rarely seen structure among sections of the Great Wall.

Comfortable cable cars are available to facilitate climbing this section of the wall. A single trip cost $6 and a round trip enjoys a favorable price at $10.

Location: located in Huairou District, 73 km from Beijing center

Opening Hours: 7:30 – 18:00

How to Get there

By Bus
1. Take tour bus No. 936 at Dongzhimen and arrive in Mutianyu Great Wall.
2. Take No. 916 bus at Dongzhimen and get off at Mingzhu Square, and take a mini-bus to Mutianyu Great Wall.
3. The tourism bus no. 6 runs from April 15 to Oct. 15. You can take the bus at Dong Si Shi Tiao Bridge, Hangtian Bridge, Gongzhufen, Xuanwumen and Heping Street North End.
By Train
During the 'Golden Week' of National Day, visitors can take a tourist train at Beijing North Railway Station at 07:10 and get off at Beizhai Railway Station, and take a minibus to Mutianyu Great Wall.
By Car
Start from Airport Expressway – Beigao Exit – Jing Shun Lu – Turn left at Kaifang Rotary – Go from the fourth exit – Drive along Bei Rotary on Ying Bin Lu – Drive along Bei Rotary on Qing Chun Lu – Mutianyu Great Wall (The signs along the road will guide you to find the way).

Weather/Best Time to Go

Amazing Beijing enjoys different features for its clear distinction of four seasons, characterized by a long hot summer, long chilly winter, and shorter spring and autumn. The hottest month in Beijing is July and coldest is January. Considering the frequent sandstorms in spring, September and October with their pleasant weather are considered the best visiting times.

Summer and Autumn are the best seasons to climb up the Mutianyu Great Wall, when there are fair weather and the scenery is the most beautiful and attractive. However, if you have to arrange your Beijing tour in winter or spring, there is also no problem, because there are handrails located throughout this section, safe and secured.

Travel Tips

  • Do not go to the Great Wall in bad weather (heavy rain, storm or thunderstorm); pay attention to the Beijing weather forecast.
  • The Mutianyu Great Wall has the wheeled toboggan ride down from the wall on a winding metal track.
  • China Dream Stones City, Lu Ming Recreation Zoo and the Slide Way are the three newly established scenic areas, encompassing the great wall culture, stone culture and entertainment.
Great Wall (Juyongguan)Great Wall (Mutianyu)

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