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Map of Beijing Shopping Market

Beijing Shopping Maps - Apart from fabulous scenic spots, Beijing is a true shopping paradise, which magically combine ancient-style markets and fashionable malls in harmony.

The shopping districts and markets in Beijing offer a mind-boggling variety of goods, and the main shopping markets are marked on the following map

Where to Buy in Beijing: location map of Beijing shopping markets ?

The Golden (best-to-shop places) shopping markets:

Wangfujing Street, Silk Market, Xidan Shopping Area, Liulichang, Qianmen Street, Hongqiao market, and Panjiayuan market.

The Silver (best-to-shop places alternatives) shopping markets:

Wudaokou cloth market, Zhongguancun, Nanluoguxiang, Yandai Xiejie, Yashow market, Beijing tea street, Beijing curio city, and Beijing glasses city.

More information and guide about Beijing shopping markets marked here? Just click on the button of the market and read more.

Beijing Shopping Map


What to buy in Beijing ?

Use the directory to select what you want to buy in Beijing, and then click it for store and market listings and detailed info about them.

Art & Antiques Chinese Silk Pearls & Jewelry
Chinese Tea Red Lanterns Eyeglasses
Tailors in Beijing Clothes Electronics  
Beijing Local Snacks

Notice: Plenty of shopping to be had in Beijing now, because most of souvenirs are followed by rip-off designer ware, private dvds, fake Chinese antiques, etc. So it requires you to be very careful about what you buy.

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