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Beijing Yuyuantan Park Tour

Yuyuantan Park Beijing

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Tour Time Approx.2 hours

Features Yuyuantan Park has been a famous recreational destination of Beijing since Jin Dynasty. It is famous for its cheery blossoms, the large lake for boating and swimming, morning exercising, playing and strolling around

YuYuanTan Park Beijing is famous for its cherry blossoms in mid to late April through early May every year. There are about 2000 cherry trees of over 20 different species. Other blossoming trees such as peach are also to be found, as well as tulip flowers.

YuYuanTan park is also a popular place for boating and there is a large fun swimming area open in midsummer. There are also cafes, pavilions, play and exercise areas and the park is a great place to take a relaxing stroll. YuYuanTan Park is also host to a seasonal temple fair and exhibitions.


YuYuanTan Park is located just north of Beijing's central axis, to the east of the west 3rd ring road. Nearby places of interest include the China Millennium Monument, which houses various exhibitions, sometimes outdoors, the Military Museum that presents 5,000 years of military history, and the 405 meter tall CCTV Television Tower, with great views from the top, at the west gate of the park. Also, it is possible to take a pleasure boat from the western end of the park to the Summer Palace.

Opening Hours:

6:30 - 19:00 (Dec. - the next Mar.)
6:00 - 20:30 (Apr., May, Sep. - Nov.)
6:00 - 21:30 (Jun. - Aug.)

Highlights of Yuyuantan Park

1. Cherry Garden
Today the garden has been the home for over 3,000 cherry trees. When cherry trees blossom in early spring (from mid to late April to early May), tourists pour into the garden to enjoy the beautiful flowers. Met sequoias and bamboos flourish in the garden making Cherry Garden a wonderful place even when cherry blossoms are not in bloom.

2. Liu Chun Garden
Built in 1983, Liuchun Garden ("Liuchun" means to let the spring stay) sits to the east of Yuyuantan Park. Every spring, forsythias, magnolias, roses, crab-apple trees and other plants blossom one after another like a perpetual spring in the garden.

Inside the south entrance of Liuchun Garden, you will see a screen wall. Paintings on it are depicted by porcelain pieces. The three front pictures respectively portray a new-born baby in his mother’s embrace, a girl dancing with a swan, and a youngster pursuing knowledge, whilst three pictures designed for children are painted on the back of the wall. From a pavilion in the southwest corner of Liuchun Garden, you can enjoy a distant view of the whole garden.

3. Zhongshan Island
Zhongshan Island is located to the southwest of Yuyuantan Park. Spanning 800 meters (875 yards) long and 30 meters (33 yards) wide, Zhongshan Island is actually a small hill lying between Bayi Lake and West Lake. A pavilion with a double-tiered roof is built on the hill, from which the full view of Zhongshan Island and the lakes can be seen.

4. Ancient Pine Forest
Near the south gate of Yuyuantan Park, there is an ancient pine forest. The trees were planted in Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and are over 100 years old.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Yuyuantan Park should be during the mid to late April to Early May every year, when the cherry blossoms are hot in bloom. Besides, Yuyuantan park is also a getaway of the hot summer.

How to Get there?

To the east gate: take bus 114, 320, 717 or 727 and get off at Yuyuantan Station; or take bus 13,21,37,65 and get off at Xicheng Sanlihe Station;
To the west gate: take bus 300, 323, 374 or Te 8 and get off at Bayihu Bei Station or Fucheng Lu Station
To the south gate: take Subway Line 1 and get off at Military Museum Station and enter from the northern side of China Millennium Monument
To the north gate: take bus 37, 121 or 846 and get off at Mashenmiao Station or Baiduizi Station

Water Tour Line of Beijing and Yuyuantan Park

Yulong (Yuyuantan Park-Longtan Lake) Line: The longest water tour line in Beijing measuring 26 km (16.2 miles) and passes four districts. There are three routes:

1. Yuyuantan Park-Xibian Gate-Tianning Temple-The Temple of Heaven South Gate-Longtan Lake
2. Grand View Park-Youan Gate-Tianning Temple-Xibian Gate-Yuyuantan Park
3. Grand View Park-The Temple of Heaven South Gate-Longtan Lake

Dock: Yuyuantan South Gate, Longtan Lake, Grand View Park


Kunyu (Kunming Lake-Yuyuantan Park) Line: Measuring 10km (6.2 miles), this water tour line mainly passes China Central Radio and Television Tower, Beijing Water Park and China Century Monument. Pleasure boats and gaily-painted European style cruise ships are available. Visitors can start from Kunyu Dock located at the northern bank of Bayi Lake in Yuyuantan Park to the Summer Palace.

Dock: Yuyuantan Park (shipping season: April-October), Binjiao Park, Summer Palace

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