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Beijing Siheyuan (Courtyard House )

Beijing Siheyuan (Courtyard House)

Rating5 star #8of 27 attractions in Beijing

Tickets 5~50 RMB

Tour Time Half One Day

Features one important aspect of the city's architectural heritage; unique charm of the northern Chinese folk residence; cherished rectangular dwelling compounds; indispensible parts of a visit as traditional Beijing architectural structures

Beijing's Siheyuans are outstanding representatives of traditional residences of China's Han people. They are at the highest level and most typical specimen of its kind with a long history of more than 2000 years.

Beijing's Siheyuanms, or Courtyard Houses of Beijing, usually have four sides squarely facing the cardinal points. Generally, almost every dwelling compound is surrounded by high walls, with an open courtyard in the centre. Usually the buildings on four sides are one storey high.

Today, there are about 400, 000 Siheyuans in Beijing and mainly distributed over the East, West, Xuanwu and Chongwen districts of the city. Visitors always feel that those in the East and West districts are in the best shape and most beautiful. The departments concerned with the preservation of cultural relics in Beijing have earmarked a number of good-quality courtyard houses for protection.

Siheyuans are built in accord with the weather and the living customs of the northern Chinese. The reason that they attract more and more attention lies in their culture implication. Through them, we could imagine the lives of the old Beijing citizens, famous or ordinary. Their unique living customs in the courtyard are of great interest for the modern people. The courtyard houses are much more cherished, especially at present days when rows and rows of skyscrapers rise from the ground.

Where can you find Siheyuans and how to get there? 

The typical siheyuans are below:

  • Name: The Former Residence of Mao Dun
  • Location: The South Street Dongcheng District's Traffic Intersection, Beijing.
  • Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday
  • Buses: You just take No. 104, 108, 753, 113, and 803 to Traffic Intersection South Gate and get off and walk to the west side, you will find it.


  • Name: Beijing houhai Siheyuan
  • Location:No.15 Public Hutong, Xicheng District Beijing
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday
  • Buses:You can take No16 or Yuntong 103 to Beijingjiaotong University Station and get off and walk to Siheyuan


  • Name: Nanluoguxiang siheyuan
  • Location:Nanluoguxiang Dongcheng District, Beijing
  • Opening Hours: Each Day
  • Buses:You can take Bus No. 13, 118, 612, 823 to Nanluoguxiang

Weather/Best Time to Go

In summer, there are so many visitors travelling Siheyuan. Because people generally believe it is very cool even in hot sunny days. Therefore, a sunny summer afternoon or evening is the best moment for you to travel in Siheyuan. Enjoy yourselves at the moment!!!

Travel Tips:

  • * Summer is the best season to travel in Siheyuan. It is cool in the houses.
  • * Touring at Siheyuan can relax you from the exhaustion of traveling in Beijing.
  • * Different siheyuan has different histories, Just visit and taste the ones as you are interested in. 
  • * There are so many amazing paintings on the wall of Siheyuan, and don't forget bring your camera.

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