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Beijing Jingshan Park Tour

Beijing Jingshan Park

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Features an artificial hill, exclusive imperial garden for royal family in ancient time, famous for peonies, accessible from the back gate of the Forbidden City

Jingshan Park, situated in Beijing center, directly north of the Forbidden City, is a beautiful royal landscape garden. Covering an area of 230,000 square meters, the park is found on Jingshan Hill, and the mid summit of Jingshan is the highest point in Beijing. Looking from the park, you are able to get a full and clear view of the Forbidden City.

Jingshan Hill served as an imperial garden during the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, and was properly laid out under the Ming dynasty when numerous fruit trees were planted as well as many palaces and pavilions built for the emperor to make sacrifices to his ancestors. As a result, the royal families always enjoyed amusements here, like hunting in the hills, etc. Today, it is one of the 'AAAA' Scenery Spots in China and a must-to-see place for any Beijing visitor.

Highlights of Jingshan Park

  1. Jingshan Hill consists of five individual peaks, and on the top of each peak there lies an elaborate pavilion. These pavilions were used by officials for gathering and leisure purposes. These five peaks also draw the approximate historical axis of central Beijing. From the middle of the five pavilions, you are able to see the resplendent and magnificent Forbidden City in the south, the dignified Bell and Drum Towers in the north, as well as Beihai Park and White Dagoba Temple in the west.
  2. Jingshan is especially a popular place for local elderly people socializing and gathering. You can often find elderly folks dancing, singing opera and doing other cultural activities, such as Kuai ban, etc, at the Jingshan Park.
  3. Jingshan Park is famous for its peonies, and is the biggest peony rose garden in Beijing. During the May each year, with the 20,000 peony roses of some 200 varieties in full bloom the park displays a wonderful and colorful scene. Visitors who are interested in flowers will find some rare and famous varieties to please them.

How to get to Jingshan Park from the Forbidden City

Jingshan Park sat directly by the moat of the Forbidden City and was accessible on the south side only from the Forbidden City via the Gate of Divine Might before 1928. However, the Jingshan Street was built to the north of the palace moat in 1928, which fully separated Jingshan Hill from the Forbidden City. So, the Gate of Divine Might became the back door of the Palace Museum, and the front gate of Jingshan Park now stood to the north of the new road.

How to get there

Bus no. 5, 58, 60, 111, 819, 101, 103, 109, 812, 814 can take you to the Jingshan Park.

Weather/Best Time to Go

Beijing enjoys four distinctive seasons owning to its humid continental climate, ranging from very warm during the summer: 28ºC to 38ºC (82ºF to 93ºF), to chilly and dry during the winter: -10ºC to 10ºC (14ºF to 50ºF).

You can have your Jingshan visit any time of the year, because it will show you different landscapes within the four seasons. However, the best time should be from late April to mid-May when the 20,000 peony roses of some 200 varieties in full bloom.

Travel Tips

  • Visit the Jingshan Park early, so that you can experience some Chinese culture, such as Kung Fu, Tai Chi, folk dance, singing, kuai ban, etc.
  • You are suggested to tour the Jingshan Park together with the Forbidden City in one day.
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