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Beijing Happy Valley Tour

Beijing Happy Valley

Rating5 star #21of 27 attractions in Beijing

Tickets About RMB 160

Tour Time Half One Day

Features Beijing well-known scenic spots; a beautiful artistic picture; popular attractive happy theme parks in Beijing, another Disneyland in Mainland China

Beijing Happy Valley is an amusement park composed of six theme parks, including Firth Forest, Atlantis, Aegean Sea, Lost Maya, Shangri-la and Ant Kingdom. More than 50 scenic sights of culture and ecology are scattered in all direction, to offer you a rare opportunity to experience the charm of various civilizations regardless of the distance of space and time.

The full extent of the valley is compared to a beautiful artistic picture where you can see tree houses, docks, bridges, towns, ancient towers, lakes, forests and other amazing scenic spots beyond your imagination.


Location: Located in the southeast corner of Sifang Bridge, on the fourth ring road, in Chaoyang District in Beijing.

How to get there:

  • You can take bus No.52 at Tiananmen Square and get off at East Jinsongqiao Station to take bus No.41 and get off at South Houfengqiao Station;
  • Or you can take Subway Line 1 and get off at Dawang Road Station to change bus No.31 and get off at South Houfengqiao Station.

Thematic landscapes

After going through the famous "ecological forest" in Firth Forest, the first sight you will see is the high-rising Crystal City. There you can have a close contact with those figures of ancient Greek myths in Aegean Sea. Recall the glorious Maya and their scattered huge stone pillars. Enjoy the happiness of simple life in dreamy Shangri-la. Wake up the child within you, and love for nature in Ant Kingdom. Beijing Happy Valley will fully satisfy your desire and curiosity.

Firth Forest of Happy Valley

Firth Forest is the first theme park to welcome you after the entrance to the main gate. Here, fashion and nature are perfectly combined. Breathe that fresh forest air and listen to the babble of the rippling stream; you are invited to join in a cool natural experience. All is to your liking - the modern architectural design, the fashion of glass buildings and the simple lines and colors. A sense of illusion will fill your heart.
In order to have a bird's eye-view of the whole park, tourists are encouraged to take a train to make a circular journey. The train is designed to imitate the double-tracked trains in America and Europe in the late 18th century. It can hold 128 tourists at one time.

Opening hours: 9:00 - 18:00 (weekdays); 8:30 - 18:00 (weekends)

Atlantis of Happy Valley

As the core part of the park, Atlantis recreates the life pictures of this lost empire. You can sense the mysterious culture in the distant past by the flying tracks, transparent balls, steel framework and huge mountains. All starts from the means by which Atlantis people produced and used crystals. You will gain a real recognition of and appreciation for these legendary people. There are several interesting outdoor play areas, such as Crystal Wing, Water Play, and Magic Theater.

Crystal Wing is the only flying roller coaster in Asia. In the world, there are only five, so you should not miss it. Be ready to fly while sitting on its special turning chair. As the wing lifts, your vision will become broadened. You could even touch the Saint Crystal City below, the holy place for which Atlantis people always yearned, but before you stretch your hands out to touch the city, the magical crystal will scream down to the floor. You cry from fear, but you cannot stop the crazy fast roller coaster.

Opening hours: 10:30 - 17:30 (weekdays); 9:00 - 17:00 (weekends)

Aegean Sea of Happy Valley

The Aegean Sea is made up of three parts: a deserted town destroyed by volcano, a new gulf, and cultural relics.
The old Greek story "Trojan Horse" depicted in "Homer's Iliad" is well known to everybody. Now in our happy kingdom, the huge wooden horse will tell you the secret hidden in its stomach. Sitting on the rolling chairs, ready to invade the city, you will feel the world rotate. It's really a breathtaking adventure. Don't be afraid. Just think of the spirit of our great heroes, you will become more courageous and daring.

Opening hours: 11:00 - 8:00 (weekdays); 10:00 - 18:00 (weekends)

Lost Maya of Happy Valley

Though the Mayan civilization has been dying out for centuries, the mysterious culture still attracts many people who seek its vague tracks in history. The Lost Maya can satisfy your curiosity under the background of archeology, agriculture, and ecology, as well as education. You can immerse yourself in the wonderful culture of Central America and enjoy the beautiful South American pictures at the same time.
The outdoor play equipment in this area includes the Chariot of Sun, Jungle Flying Train, Norman Big Dig, Brave Soldiers, Water Fight, Sound from Crypt and Red Soil Workshop.

Anyone who sits on the Jungle Flying Train will join Dr. Norman in the adventure of researching the origin of Mayan Civilization. The train flies on the broken tracks. Grasp the armrest tightly in case you are thrown off by the wild shaking. Tunnels are so narrow that your arms rub against the cliff and your head almost touches the roof of the cliff. You cannot help but scream and pray. This super exciting experience is worth your visit. You will not forget it your whole life.

Opening hours: 10:00 - 17:00 (weekdays); 9:30 - 17:30 (weekends)

Shangri-la of Happy Valley

Shangri-la is a beautiful and peaceful land far away from the hustle and bustle of the world. In our happy valley, it is divided into three parts: dreamy Shangri-la, town of Tibetan flavor, and quiet tea garden. This section of the park reminds us of the fun to be had in enjoying simple pleasures.
The Garden Draft is a romantic trip. Take a little boat and float from Wild Bee Ferry. The river is narrow and water runs slowly. Pieces of the forest embrace the river. Chrysanthemums, peach blossoms, trees, brooks and all kinds of buildings depict a fairyland whose beauty is beyond description. Lying in the boat, you need do nothing but relax in the beautiful sunshine and fresh air.

Opening hours: 9:30 - 18:00 (weekdays); 9:00 - 18:00 (weekends)

Ant Kingdom of Happy Valley

Ant Kingdom is a paradise specially designed for children. Little ants are eager to tell their friends about where and how they live. Under their vivid instruction, kids will become familiar with and interested in nature, ecology and biology. In order to build a dreamy garden for kids, designers fully used their imaginations to connect the wild world with human life. The tiny ant kingdom is magnified with super-huge ant holes, deep wheel prints and 10-meter (33 feet) tall grasses.

In this colorful world, every kid is granted an opportunity to experience an ant's life. There are many outdoor entertainments with which you can choose to have fun. All of those are related to the life of ants, such as Harvest Time, Party of Insects, Troops of Flying Ants, and Mini Shuttle
Thematic Leisure Activities

Pop Music Festival

The super band is creating a grand music ceremony for you. Surrender to those deafening rhythms, marvelous sounds and hot dances that can easily arouse your excitement.

Maximal Exercise Festival 

Your eyes will be feasted on all sorts of performance. It's a most exciting and healthy festival of praising youth. Don't hesitate to take part in the latest crazes from skateboards to bicycle riding. It's up to you!

Chinese Spring Festival

You will be attracted by every splendid program in this riotous atmosphere. Performances with strong ethnic flavor will bring a fantastic visionary taste.

Water-Splashing Festival
Water symbolizes luck and wealth. On Water-Splashing Festival, people sprinkle water onto each other as a unique way to express their good wish. Come here and enjoy the cool and happy moment.

International Magic Day
Magicians of the first rank from all over the world present distinct magic tricks for you. Keep your eyes on this magical world full of suspension.

Attractions and Landmarks Nearby

  1. Panjiayuan Market: Whatever it is that you're looking to buy in China, you will most likely find it at Panjiayuan flea (or "dirt") market. From amber and pearls to old Beijing Opera costumes, terracotta warrior replicas and Cultural Revolution kitsch, it is on sale at the Panjiayuan market, a shopping paradise. Read more about Panjiayuan Market.
  2. Chaoyang Park: ChaoYang (Rising Sun) Park first opened in 1984 and covering an area of some 320 hectares (3km by 1.5km) between the east third and fourth Ring Roads, it is larger than the Summer Palace and, indeed, is the largest park in the city.
    There are two large outdoor swimming pools, a 75 meter bungee jumping tower over one of the lakes, boating, sports areas, a wetland area, funfair and musical fountains. The park also plays host to many outdoor music events, including the International Midi Music Festival. Nighttime entertainment has sprung up around both the west and east gates of the park.

Best time/ weather to visit there

A sunny day in each season will be wonderful if you want to visit Beijing Happy valley.
The autumn months between September and November have the best weather in Beijing. Summer (June to August) is considered peak season, when hotels typically raise their rates and the Great Wall nearly collapses under the weight of marching tourists. Spring is less pleasant not many tourists but lots of wind and dust. In winter, you'll have Beijing to yourself and many hotels offer substantial discounts, just remember it's an ice box outside. Everything is chock block during the Chinese New Year (usually in January or February).

Travel Tips:

  • * To make your journey more convenient and comfortable, you can take a trainset, wecker, or electric power cart in the park.
  • * Price of trainset\wecker: MRB 20. Children under 1.2 meters (4 feet) are ticket-free, between 1.2 (4 feet) to 1.4 meters (4 feet 7 inches) pay half price.
  • * Price of single electric power cart: deposit: RMB 300, you need pay RMB 30 for half an hour journey and RMB 60 for one hour journey.
  • Make sure you can use the Roller Coaster if you want to try.

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