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The Silk Road Market

If you want to know the in-depth trading on the Silk Road in the present time, we recommend the Erdaoqiao Market in Urumqi, and Sunday Market in Kashgar.

Erdaoqiao Market in Urumqi

Erdaoqian Market is a trading center of full-bodied Uyghur features, which seated in the south of the Kashgar Hotan Jade Market, in the north of the Aile Manyuan Hotel and in the west of the Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar. Nowadays, it covers 8818 square meters, 135 meters in length and 40 meters width.

Since the late of Qing Dynasty ( 1644 – 1911 ), the Market was built up. After improving over the 100 years, a number of stalls and shops had sprung up. At present, this 7-storey building has been completed to hold all shops, but the market maintains its bustling trade throughout a year.

Erdaoqiao Market

When you enter Erdaoqiao Market, you will be shocked by the charming exotic atmosphere. In the lower three floors, over 2000 kinds of commodities in 13 categories are sold, including folk costume, ethnic caps, knives, jewelry, artwares, instruments, carpets, tapestries, Pakistan bronze brass, Turkey knit goods and a great variety of ethnic medicines. The forth floor is a largest compressive folk song and dance banquet hall in Urumqi, and visitors can find inviting mutton eaten by hands, fragrant baked steamed buns, delicious roast whole lamb and kinds of unknown Xinjiang snacks.

Chinese name: 二道桥市场 ( Er Dao Qiao Shi Chang )
Location: No.37 South Jiefang Road, Urumqi City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
Opening time: each day
Ticket: free
How to get there: take bus No.1 or No.101

Erdaoqiao Market

Sunday Market in Kashgar

Sunday Market, also known as Kashgar Sunday Bazaar, is the biggest market in Central Asia. It was originally held on Sundays in 2000 years ago, but nowadays, it is divided into two sections: livestock district ( only opened on Sundays ), and ordinary district ( opened each day but especially busy on Sundays ).

Few years ago, the government extended and rebuilt the market and moved the livestock market to the suburb of Kashgar. You can find sheep section, cattle’s section, donkeys section, goat section, horses section, even camel and yak.

At present, the ordinary Sunday Market is divided into more than 20 sections ranging from traditional Kashgar and Hotan carpets, handicrafts, textiles, clothes, building materials, Uyghur knives and hats, musical instruments, dries fruits, Pakistani goods and so on.

Opening time: each day ( Sunday is a special day for a visit )
Ticket: free
Best time to visit: 8am to 5pm at Xinjiang or local time
How to get there: take bus No.17 or No.20

If you don't want to buy the thing you have had a look at because of the price or other reasons, please put your right hand on your heart to say "I think I'll leave it. Thank you just the same."

Kashgar Sunday Market

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