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Winter Weather in Beijing; Beijing Winter Weather Forecast

Winter is the longest season in Beijing, generally starting from mid-November and ending March. The average temperature in December, January and February would be lower than 0 C (32 F).

Clear and Warm Winter Weather in Beijing

Winter Sunshine in Beijing

There is a little rain in winter, and 30 days without any rain often happens in Beijing winter. Though it is cold and dry in winter, sunshine can usually keep for 6 hours a day. On clear days the light is gorgeous. It is clear, sharp, fresh and crisp. The winter light and air is much better.

Snow in Beijing Winter

Pure White Snow in Beijing

It snows about twice a year in Beijing, usually somewhere in December or January. Heavy snow hit Beijing on January 3, 2010 to close expressways, delay flights and disrupt bus services. So, heavy snow in Beijing happens sometimes. Please check the following Beijing Weather Forecast to get the newest Beijing local weather conditions.

Beijing Weather Forecast

Beijing Weather Report & Forecast

Note: Travelers to Beijing can also check the local weather in English from your hotel rooms by turning on CCTV 9, a Chinese TV station, or by picking up an English-language newspaper like China Day or People's Daily. Besides, you can dial 121 to receive daily local weather report in both Chinese and English.

Winter Activities in Beijing

Pros and Cons of Touring Beijing in winter


Pros: actually, winter is a great time to visit Beijing.

1. On clear days, the light was gorgeous. It is clear, sharp, fresh, and crisp, not smoggy, gray and drab as the others say. The winter light and air is much better.

2. The crowds everywhere are light. The tourist destinations, which are superb, are relatively free of crowds. It is worth bundling up and being chilly.

3. Lots of fun winter things to see and do so it would take a long time to get bored.

4. Although it is cold in the winter, but the hotel rooms, restaurants and cars are all nice and cozy.

Cons: something that may spoil your tour 

1. You need wear base-layer thermal underwear, an insulating layer such as a hoodie, or fleece jacket, and then also an outer layer that will help to break the wind.

2. Need to prepare the moisturize lotion and also chap-stick because of the dry weather.

3. Prepare yourself with beanie or hat.

4. In a nutshell, you have to know how to stay warm in Beijing when visiting the metropolis in winter.

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Most Popular Winter Activities in Beijing

Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival

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