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Xian Shopping

When you come to Xian, a city famous for its long history and culture, of course you won't want to miss the chance to purchase some unique or traditional articles to memorize your trips in Xian. Here we will introduce some local art articles for you to choose.

What to Buy?

1. Paper-Cut

Paper-Cut is a picture made from paper painted by men. People stick it on the windows, tables, doors and so on to express the happiness, emotions and feelings to life. Using the style of Qin and Han Dynasty for reference, Shan-bei Paper Cut is more simp, exquisite, unconstrained and decent. It closely relatedto life and rooted in the public folk art. Its reputation has been renowned both home and abroad.


2. Ansai Peasant Paintings

As the name implies, this kind of paintings are painted by peasants. There are thousands of painters in Ansai and most of them are peasant women. When they are not working, they just pick a pen and picture their new life. These pictures are different from others for it focused on the life of peasants and rich in imagination, bold in technique.

Ansai Peasant Painting

3. Fengxiang Colored-Drawing Clay Sculpture

Its history can traced back to 300 years ago. Over these 300 years, it gained reputation over the world for its elegant shape, beautiful color and vividness. It made with bold paintings and bright colors which reflects the superb creative ability in art of the peasants.

Colored-Drawing Clay Sculpture

4. Shadow Puppet

It is the predecessor of Shannxi opera in modern times. The props of shadow puppet are simple and unadorned, meanwhile feature the delicate artistic characteristics. Every image is not only elegant as part, but also pretty as a whole.

Shadow Puppet

5. Imitation of Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horse

With the display of Qin Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horse, the imitations have been made by local people and became the most popular souvenirs among tourists. They are lifelike, sturdiness and martial. It is a good choice to mark your trip in Xian.

Imitation of Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horse

6. New Year Wood Pictures

It is famous in China which enjoyed a 400-years history. The pictures are bold in style and the way of cutting are terse. The Fengxiang New Year Wood Pictures is one of the five folk wood pictures in China.

New Year Wood Pictures

What to Buy?

There are many places for shopping in Xian, and the souvenirs are easy to buy in some sightseeing sites. What's more, you can also purchase the souvenirs, artifacts and articles for amusement at the along the Shuyuan Gate and Bell Tower. Here we will recommend some famous places for you to shop in Xian.

1. Streets of Shuyuan Gate

You can find Four Treasures of the Study, calligraphy and paintings and all kinds of souvenirs.

Streets of Shuyuan Gate

2. Muslim Quarter

Here are mainly market local specialties, handiworks and all kinds of tourist souvenirs.

Muslim Quarter

3. Bell & Drum Tower Commercial Centre

There are five famous streets - East Street, South Street, North Street West Street and Jiefang Road. They are important to the marketing of Xian. You can find several big department stores and supermarkets there.

Bell & Drum Tower Commercial Centre

4. Surrounding Streets of Big Wild Pagoda

Here you can purchase all kinds of featured local artworks, and digital products in the electronic shopping malls.

Surrounding Streets of Big Wild Pagoda

5. Xiaozhai Commercial Area

It is the paradise of young people for there are not only big Department Store, but also small fashion stores.

Xiaozhai Commercial Area

6. Kangfu Lu and Northwest Light Industry Commercial Areas

Places for wholesale shopping but also for retail. You can find all kinds of costumes, shoes, electronics, bags and some other daily things. But there are not a suitable place for foreign tourists.

Kangfu Lu and Northwest Light Industry Commercial Areas

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