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Xian Cuisine and Food

As a tourist city, Xian boasts a variety of food and snacks which own a special style. The Xian cuisine is famous for the various materials, cooking styles and frequently use of salt, vinegar, capsicum and garlic. Here we recommend some famous food for you to know.

1. Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup ( Niu Yang Rou Pao Mo )

This is a famous snack of Xian for its pure fragrance and pleasant tastes. It choses the most tender beef and mutton to make the soup thick, altough fat but not greasy. The ingredients make it more popular in winter for they will warm you and contain rich nutritions.

Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup

2. Biangbiang Noodle

It is a traditional pasta with unique flavor famous both at home and abroad. It is said the name comes from the sound made during the process, when rolling the flour, when putting the noodles into the pot, when eating it. The biangbiang noodles are flexible and elastic which makes them own a nice tastes.

Biangbing Noodle

3. Qishan Saozi Noodle

The noodles are long and uniform thickness, the saozi are fresh and fragrant, the soups are sour and hot. The noodles are made of high-quality flour, together with pork, day lily, egg, tree mushroom, bean curd and garlic stem, and several flavoring.

Qishan Saozi Noodle

4. Steamed pork with flour

There are Steamed pork with flour across the country, but they are all steamed with rice flour. Xian's is steamed with wheat pour. It is not spicy but focuses on the pungent and spiced flavour.

Steamed pork with flour

5. Guokui

It looks like armet just as its name implied, the edge is thin and the middle is thick. Because it contains little water, it is easy reserved and carried. The guokui is the best gift for friends and relatives.


6. Chinese Hamburger

Meat nipped between pancake which likes the hamburger, so it is called Chinese Hamburger. The pancake is fragrant and the meat is crisp which makes it fat but not greasy. It enjoys the worldwide reputation.

Chinese Hamburger

7. Liang Pi

Back to Qing Dynasty, the Liang Pi was praised by the Emperor for its soft, smooth, and flavorful sourness and piquancy, then appointed it as royal tribute. At the beginning, it is a snack for summer, but now, it is eaten all year around.

Liang Pi

8. Shizi Cake

The shizi, also called persimmon, is produced in Lintong Country with the characteristic of orange-red flesh, much fruit powder, no-pit and juice. It has golden color and luster, sticky and sweet coat, balmy smell.

Shizi Cake

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