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Top 10 Things to Do and See in Xian

Xian has so much tourist resources. Our tour specialists designed the best-selling Xian tours, and all of the must-sees and must-dos are featured in your trips.

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Here is our list of top 10 things to do & see in Xian.

1. Explore the Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses

The Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses is wonderful. There are over 8,000 of them, although not all have been excavated yet. They were made to accompany the first Qin Emperor in the afterlife. The soldiers are hollow, so their spirits can enter. It should be one of the reasons for you to visit Xian.

To visit Army of Terra Cotta Warriors is the main reason why you are here in Xian. Now it has turned into the most important attraction in Xian - Terracotta Warriors and Horse Museum. It is located about 50km east of the Xian City.

Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses

2. Cycle the Ancient City Wall

The main magnet of Xian is the city wall, which is the best-preserved city wall that has survived in China as well being one of the largest ancient military facilities in the world.

Cycling is the best way to explore the ancient City Wall of Xian. The wall is high and wide, with a road on the top which is empty, perfect for biking. And it is safe as there are no vehicles.

Ancient City Wall

3. Climb Big Wild Goose Pagoda

The Big Wild Goose Pagoda is one of the oldest structures in China and also a masterpiece among the Buddhist architectures in China.

The entire Temple complex is lovely and is worth a few hours of time.

Big Wild Goose Pagoda

4. Bell Tower and Drum Tower Tour

Xian Bell Tower symbolized the center of the ancient capital of Xian as an important military town during Ming Dynasty. Nowadays, several large bronze-cast bells from Tang Dynasty are displayed inside the Bell Tower.

The Drum Tower is located northwest of the Bell Tower, across the Bell Tower Square. Both of them are called the "sister buildings" or "morning bell and dark drum".

Bell Tower

Drum Tower

5. Muslim Quarters and Great Mosque Walking Tour

The Xian muslim quarters is a delightful place you will never miss!

The famous Great Mosque is located in the Muslim Area. For the tourists coming here, the bazaar in the Muslim area is most attractive with a wide area of stalls selling everything. The shopping is great, very cheap and some unusual items we will seldom see anywhere else in China.

Beijing Muslim Tour & China Muslim Tour

Great Mosque

6. Visit Shananxi Provincial History Musuem

Shaanxi History Museum is an ideal place for tourist to know more about the splendid history of Xian. As one of the four largest museums in China ( the others are Forbidden City Museum, Shanghai Museum and Henan Provincial Museum), it is situated 1km away, northwest of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. It is a giant architectural complex in the Tang-dynasty style. It is famous for one of the city's most distinctive and outstanding landmarks, possibly the most beautiful building left in Xian today.

Shananxi Provincial History Musuem

7. Enjoy Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show

Walking into Tang Paradise, the first park in China featured song and dance performances about grand ceremonies during the Tang Dynasty, you will enjoy the Tang music and dance show.

The other one of the wonders in Tang Paradise is its spectacular water film, the largest one in the world. Its screen is a film of water, which can create a special kind of optical effect. The fan-like water screen and beautiful night integrated perfectly.

Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show

8. Taste Xian cuisine

Xian has several famous snacks different from the snacks you have eaten in other cities. The popular snacks are Roujiamo, Xian Kabobs, Mutton Paomo, Guan Tang Baozi (Juicy Bun), Cold Noodles, Muslim fruitcakes, honey cakes, and dried fruit.

Xian cuisine

Cold Noodles (Liang Pi)

The most popular snack of Xian should be the Cold Noodles, a kind of noodle-like cold dish made of steamed rice or wheat flour.

Cooked Beef/Mutton (La Niu /Yang Rou)

The Moslem Cooked Beef/Mutton is a traditional Xian snack which has been famous from the end of the Qing Dynasty. Firstly, the selected beef or mutton should be prepared, and then some fragrant seasonings are added, after several courses, the fresh, soft and tasty Cooked Beef/Mutton is done well.

9. Forest of Stone Steles Museum Tour(Xian Beilin Museum)

Established in 1087, the Forest of Stone Steles Museum is the largest and oldest museum of steles in China and has a large collection of 3,000 steles from the Han Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty. These stone steles record the development of Chinese culture and cultural exchanges between China and other countries.

Forest of Stone Steles Museum

10. Huaqing Hot Springs Relaxing Tour

Back from the Explore the Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses because this site is located under the Lishan Mountain just 5km east of the Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses Museum. It is famous for both its spring scenery and the romantic love story of Emperor Xuanzong and his concubine Yang Guifei in the Tang Dynasty. The other romantic story linked to the history of the springs is that of the Chinese version of Romeo and Juliet. If you want to know more about the Chinese history, especially the Tang Dynasty as well enjoy Chinese gardening, this is the right place.

Forest of Stone Steles Museum

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