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Tourists to Join Xiangshan Red Leaves Festival reaching 10 Year High

It is reported that the Xiangshan Red Leaves Festival has attracted more than 90 million tourists from home and abroad, which had broken the record of last year’s 70 million. The tourists reach 10 year High.

Red Leaves

Xiangshan Park, also known as the Forest Park, is located on the eastern side of the Western Hills, approximately 10 kilometers to the west of Beijing.

Red Leaves

Xiangshan Park is most famous for the red tree leaves that are visible from afar on the mountains in autumn, which is also the ideal season to tour Beijing. That’s why there is the Xiangshan Red Leaves Festival every year from Middle October to the early November (from 15 Oct to 7 Nov.). The red autumnal leaves of Xiangshan Park have entered their best viewing period.

Red Leaves

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