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Shijia Hutong Musuem Unveiled to the Public, Showcasing Hutongs' History

From Friday, the museum gave visitors the lowdown on how hutongs and the traditional siheyuan courtyard homes that line them have changed over the years.

Shijia Hutong Museum is located at No. 24 Shijia Hutongs in Beijing Dongcheng District. It has two yard, covering an area of one thousand square meters, and is equipped with eight exhibition rooms and a multi-function hall. Museum shows all-round, multi-angle deep cultural and historical background of Shijia Hutongs. It is the window of the Beijing hutong culture display and transmission and is also cultural attractions of the community people regaining past memory, and to find a sense of belonging.

Shijia Hutong Museum is dedicated to promoting Beijing hutong culture, enriching the intellectual life of local residents, and sustaining a site that evolves constantly with time and presents the living history of hutongs, according to Chen Dapeng, secretary of Chaoyangmen sub-district.

"We take pride in this museum being a venue where local residents from this neighborhood can gather and partake in various public activities," Wang Lanshun noted. "The museum conveys our commemoration of the past and hopes for the future."

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