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Beijing's first maglev train plans to open in 2012

Beijing's first maglev train, Line S1, will begin its construction on Dec. 28 2010 and plans to open to the public in 2012. It uses the low and middle speed magnetic levitation technology.

Maglev Train Model

The low and middle maglev technology is currently being developed to be used in the fifth generation of trains and will be used in Line S1. The fourth generation of the train, which is undergoing testing and design, has traveled 500,000 kilometers safely and it reaches a top speed of 105 kilometers per hour.

Beijing's maglev train will have six cars and each car is 15 meters long and 3 meters wide. It is shorter than common trains. Seats will be arranged on both sides of the cars and the middle space is left for the standing passengers. The route is about 20 kilometers and it has 12 stations along the route.

Maglev Train

The maglev trains with the low and middle maglev swerves in a small radius and it can climb 70 meters every 1,000 meters going strait, which will reduce the length of bridge approaches and is suitable for construction in urban areas.

The radiation of low and middle maglev trains will have no effects on people's health. The reason is simple that the train will not drift if the electromagnetism released off, according to a related official.

Figures show the noise of the low and middle maglev train is 64 decibels 10 meters away and that of the light rail train is 90 decibels.

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