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Beijing Ice and Snow Festival to Be Held at Old Summer Palace

Posted on Dec 12, 2010 2:00pm

Old  Summer Palace

The first ice and snow festival at the Old Summer Palace in Beijing will be held on December 22 this year.

The festival at the imperial gardens will include plenty of activities with royal elements, such as dog sleds, old-fashioned sledges and horse riding. As the preference of imperials and their concubines during the winter, these activities are supposed to offer visitors a chance to enjoy winter just as the imperial family did.

Imperial sports competitions as well as modern games on ice will be held during the festival. Organizers will provide special trails and parks where visitors can ski and snowboard. Visitors can also amuse themselves with simulative shooting games, bumper cars on snow, and ice sculptures. Outdoor stalls will offer food and drink during the festival.

The Old Summer Palace was the imperial garden during the Qing Dynasty. Initially constructed in 1707, the luxurious garden was destroyed during the Second Opium War. After years of effort, many scenic spots on the palace grounds have been repaired, and the garden has been opened to the public since 1988. The first imperial temple fair was held last year in the garden during the Chinese New Year.

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