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Tibet Transportation

Located in the remote inland of China, Tibet transportation are relatively less advenced than other tourist cities in China. You can

Travel around in Tibet: 1. by bus; 2. by taxi; 3. by bike

Get to Tibet: 1. by air; 2. by train; 3. by couch

How to Get Around in Tibet?

1. By Bus

When you are travelling Lhasa, the most economic and convenient way to get around this city is probably taking a Lhasa city bus. There are more than 20 routes at your service and the fare are all range from RMB 1 to 2. There are no bus stops on the street, so, if you want to catch a bus, when you see it, you can simply wave your hands and the driver will stop in front of you. Below we provide you some frequent used bus routes.

* Bus No. 1 and 2 go through the Norbulingka to Lhasa Coach Station
* Bus No. 3 and 5 go to the Drepung Monastery
* Bus No. 4 runs to the Sera Monastery
* Bus No. 91 runs between the city center and the Lhasa Railway Station

Lhasa Bus

2. By Taxi

As a tourist city, taxis in Lhasa are plentiful and you can hail a taxi in the streets and lanes at any time. Within the city, the charge are usnally RMB 10. For some remote areas, you'd rather aks to use the meter. The charge are RMB 5 for the first 2 kilometers and RMB 1.5 more for every extre another 1 kilometer.

Lhasa Taxi

3. By Bike

It will be a fun time to cycle around Lhasa city to explore every corners of this cultural and religious city. You can rent a bike from some hotels along the Barkhor Street and the charge for an ordinary bike is RMB 2 per hour and RMB 20 per day. A mountain bike is RMB 3 per hour and RMB 30 per day.

Lhasa Bike

How to Get to Tibet?

1. By Air

Lhasa Gonga Airport is located in Gonga County with 100km to Lhasa city. As the tourism industry in Tibet is getting more and more flourish, the airport has become the busiest airport with advanced and well equipped facilities. The flights are available to Chamdo, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xian, Guangzhou, Kunming, Diqing, etc. Besides, there is a international flights to Kathmandu.

Lhasa Airplane

2. By Train

Lhasa Railway Station is the terminal station of Qinghai-Tibet Railway,which is the world's longest railroad built atop a plateau. It get the Lhasa to many major cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xining, and Lanzhou. The buses available railway station are No.86, 89 and 91.

Train to Lhasa

3. By Coach

There are 4 coach stations in Lhasa. But many of the lines are to other parts of Tibet and few are to outside Tibet. It is convenient for locals and those who want to travel other palces in Tibet.

Lhasa West Suburb Coach Station: Located in No.1 Minzu Road, Lhasa, is is the original long distance bus station in Lhasa. It provides buses to Chengdu, Shigatse, Lhoka, Golmud, Xining, Lanzhou, and Kathmandu.

Lhasa North Suburb Coach Station: Located in No.11 Zhaji Road, it mainly provide buses to Ngari, Nakchu, Shigatse, Lhoka, Chamdo, Makham, Shangri-La. Buses to Namtso Lake, Basum-tso Lake, and Mount Everest.

Lhasa East Suburb Coach Station: Located in No. 3 Jiangsu East Road, it maily operating buses to counties in Lhasa and to Nyingchi.

Lhasa Liuwu Coach Station: Located near the Lhasa Railway Station, its buses maily head btween Lhasa and Kathmandu. But buses also to Chamdo, Markham, Shangri-La and Zhangmu.

Lhasa Liuwu Coach Station

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