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Tibet Travel Permits & Visa 2015

The page is very important when you plan to have a lifetime tour to Tibet. We listed the first-hand information about Tibet travel permits and visas that help you to plan your Tibet trip.

As Tibet is different from other places in motherland China, you need some additional travel documents or permits to travel in Tibet, please check the details below.

1. What permits are needed for a foreigner to travel to Tibet?

A. Five permits or documents

1) A valid passport
2) Chinese Visa or Tibet Group Visa from Nepal
3) Tibet Travel Bureau Permit ( TTB permit )
4) Alien's Travel Permit ( ATP/ PSB permit )
5) Military Permit

B. The basic information of Tibet Visa

a. a valid passport and Chinese Visa

A valid passport with a Chinese Visa is essential for all foreign travelers coming to China. Chinese Visa is generally obtained in the Chinese embassies and consulates in your home country and must be obtained before you leave. The cost of a Chinese Visa varies from $12-$120 according to your nationality and the type of visa required.

Single or double entry: L Visa, tourist visa, with a validity of one, two, or three months.
Multiple entries: F Visa, X Visa, Z Visa for business or educational purposes, ranging in validity from 6 to 12 months.

Read more details of Chinese Visa application and formalities at regional Chinese Embassy website:

When you are applying for a Chinese Visa, it is better not to mention Tibet or any places in Tibet as one of your travel destination, because Tibet is politically sensitive in China and your consulate may refuse your visa application if you mention.

Chinese Visa

b. Tibet Group Visa from Nepal

Tibet Group Visa is type of China Entry Visa. It is used for the foreign tourists who want to travel Tibet from Nepal. We highly recommend you to don’t apply for an individual Chinese visa in your country if you decided to enter Tibet from Nepal, because when you apply for the group visa for entering Tibet, the Chinese embassy will cancel your individual Chinese visa.

How to apply a Tibet Group Visa step by step:
1) send your passport copy to us ( not need Chinese Visa );
2) get an invitation letter from Tibet tourism bureau;
3) hold your orginal Passport and invitation letter to Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu;
4) you will get Tibet Group Visa in couple of days.

Tibet Group Visa from Nepal

C. The basic information of Tibet Permits

a. Tibet Travel Bureau Permit ( TTB permit )

Tibet Travel Bureau Permit, also known as Tibet Entry Permit, is a must for all foreign tourists coming to Tibet Autonomous Region. It is issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau and it is your key to Tibet. When you take a flight or train Lhasa, you will be asked to show this permit during the check-in.

The permit application should be submitted at least 15 days before the trip starting date. You can offer the documents of application, and we can apply for the permit for you according to the Tibet tourism bureau policy.

Diplomats, journalists, professional media photographer or government officials are not able to issue their Tibet permit through ordinary travel agencies. They are only able to travel Tibet under the arrangement of Foreign Affairs Department or Economic Development Committee, etc.

Tibet Travel Bureau Permit

b. Alien's Travel Permit

Alien's Travel Permit, known as PSB permit, is required when you are planning to travel to the sensitive areas or a border region in Tibet. It is easily obtained at your arrival as it should be applied for with your original passport. It can be issued local Public Security Bureau of each prefecture in Tibet.

Alien's Travel Permit

c. Military Permit

If you planning to visit the sensitive areas in Tibet, you need to apply for it along with the Tibet Travel Bureau Permit in advance, and it will take about 7 working days to issue.

Trip to the sensitive areas includes: Mt. Kailash trip, Sichuan-Tibet Overland Tour, Tibet-Kashgar Overland Tour and so on.
The sensitive areas include: Mt. Everest Base Camp, Samye Monastery ( southern part of Tibet ), Nyingchi ( Eastern part of Tibet ) and Mt. Kailash.

Military Permit

2. How to get Tibet permits?

Please note that it is impossible to board any flights or trains to Tibet without the Tibet Travel Permit, so it is necessary to make your travel arrangements through a genuine local travel agency.

The procedure of our service:
1). you check out our Tibet tours and book, we can apply for all necessary Tibet permits for you;
2). you email us your personal information( name, nationality, age, gender, vocation and passport number );
3). you provide us with details about your hotel or residence address in China;
4). we send the original permit to you.

When there are important political events or any indication of such political or social unrest, the Tibetan government may not issue Tibet Permits. Therefore, we can not guarantee that you will get the permits under those circumstances, please do understand.

3. Why Tibet permits are needed for foreign tourists?

Considering that Tibet is still the sensitive areas of mainland China, and it has the special ethnic traditions, the multi-tribal belief, the cultural relics, the special environment and the transport capacity, all those non-Chinese citizens including foreign tourists, visitors from Taiwan and overseas Chinese ( excluding the people Hong Kong, Macao who hold the passport of special administrative or the ratification of returning homeland ), must apply Tibet Travel Bureau Permit, Alien's Travel Permit, Military Permit before you enter into Tibet.

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