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Everest Base Camp ( EBC )

Everest Base Camp has two base camps: South Base Camp (5,364m) in Nepal and North Base Camp (5,150m) in Tibet. Both are used by mountain climbers and viewers during their tours. We specialize in the North Base Camp and offer EBC tours.

1. Where is the Everest Base Camp?

The North Base Camp is located in Tingri Country, over 700km in southwestern Tibet. It is the best place to view the Mt. Everest in Tibet. Travelers can see the magnificent northern face of this highest peak on the earth.

The height of Mt. Everest & the best time to travel
Many experienced mountaineers also choose to climb the Mt. Everest from the north side as it is more challenging than the south side. According to the latest survey in 2005, it is 8844.43 meters above sea level, but the official height of Mt. Everest is 8848.13 meters. The best time to travel Mt. Everest is from April to May and from September to November, or we can say spring and autumn is the best season.

Mt Everest

2. When is the right time to visit the Everest Base Camp?

The weather in the Mt. Everest is notoriously difficult to predict. At night, it is generally cooler, while the days are warm.

Firstly, let's see the below monthly temperature of EBC in Tibet.

EBC Temperature

Secondly, four seasons of EBC in Tibet.

Spring, from April to May, even mid-June is really the greatest time to trek, because it is not cold and you will be able to see the peak very clear.

Summer, from mid-June to August, is the rainfall season and monsoon season. It is very cool in this season in Tibet but it is not the best time to visit EBC, because Mt. Everest might be covered by mist and you can not see its real appearance in most of the time.

Autumn is from September to November. After the monsoon passes and before the harsh winter moves in, there is a small window of opportunity available to view the best state of Mt. Everest. If you are interested in a trek from Tingri to EBC, the best time extends from mid-September to December, because the weather is usually stable with mild to warm days and cold nights.

Winter is from January to March. It will be bit colder, but you can view Mt. Everest really clear and great. Actually, the days can be quite beautiful and warm if the sun is out.

Mt. Everest

3. How to get to the Everest Base Camp?

There are general 3 types of vehicles we often use in Tibet.

A. Bus tour to EBC

Basing on the number of tourists, we can arrange the bus for the group ( usually 9-22 people in 19-28 seat bus ). If you choose our bus tour, you need to know below:
1) The price for bus tour is cheaper than the private tour ( by 4-seat car ).
2) It will take longer time to visit tourist sites and the bus tour is slower than the private tour.
3) The time is very late to arrive at Mt. Everest for your bus tour.
4) The space in the bus is the largest.

Bus to EBC

B. Min Van tour to EBC

Basing on the number, we can arrange the min van ( usually 5-8 people in 7-14 seat van ). Taking min van, you need to know:
1) From April to November, you can choose this kind of vehicle.
2) The price of the mini van tour is between the bus tour and the private tour.

C. 4-seat car tour to EBC ( private tour )

Most 4-seat in Tibet are Toyota 400 which is proved the best vehicle for Tibet plateau environment and it always able to be at good working status. The heating systems can work when outside is very cold. The drivers always take off the cooling systems because Tibet is always cool. Taking 4-seat car tour, you need to know:
1) The price is more expensive than bus tour in Tibet.
2) In the winter time, only 4-seat are able to go to EBC.

Everest Base Camp

4. What about restaurants on the way to the Everest Base Camp?

We can arrange the restaurants on the way according to your needs and budget and choose the meal about from 20-50 yuans. The food will cost little more expansive then Lhasa and also the food is very simple when you are outside Lhasa. The meal will cost 40-60 yuans.

It is better to ask your tour guide to lead you to the restaurant because they can bargain for the price.

EBC Tents

5. What about accommodations on the way to the Everest Base Camp?

The hotel facilities in Lhasa are as good as in other cities in China, but are not good outside Lhasa, because there are no bathrooms in the guestrooms and you have to share rooms with other tourists. On the way, you might not stay in the guestroom, but can stay in the tent.

Because Tibet is a destination of seasonal tourism, most hotels can only do business from April to October every year. In winter, 90% of hotels in Tibet will close due to too few tourists, and even the rest hotels only offer very basic service to reduce the running cost. However, if you choose the 4 or 5 hotel, you are able to enjoy the better service and environment.

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