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Tailors in Beijing Shopping Markets

Beijing is proved to have the best price in the world on tailored suits and custom tailored shirts. You can get a quality tailored suit at the most affordable prices.

Tailoring a suit to your size and preferrences, and making your suit unique around the world.

For the men, for about US$100, you can get a tailored suit equivalent in quality to something you might pay US$700-1000 if purchased in the United States. Tailored shirts are typically US$20-25 for quality fabrics.

Tailoring and wearing the Chinese Qipao can make you attractive and fascinating.

For the women, the tailor fee is much more inexpensive, and you can tailor a silk Qipao, or pajamas, etc only with US$20-30 for quality fabrics.

Tailor Tips

If you're getting a suit on a short trip to China, make sure you schedule the tailor visit early in your stay. The tailor shops can turn a suit around in 3-4 days if necessary but are much happier to have about a week (it's more difficult to get great pricing for rush orders). Expect to make at least two visits - one for the initial measurements, one for a fitting, and possibly a third for pickup. The last visit may be replaced by having the tailor shop deliver to your hotel.

You really need to negotiate the prices. You should go to the more genuine tailors visited by the locals. Here, we have a list of Beijing top tailors most visited by Beijing locals.

Beijing Top Tailors in Silk and Yashow Market

You can find the genuine and popular tailor shops in Beijing Silk Market and Yashow Market. Browse the two markets to get where are they located in Beijing, how to get there, and the location of tailors in the markets.

1. Beijing Silk Market

Beijing Silk Street High-rise, which draws lots of attentions, is open for the public on 19 March, 2005, replacing the infamous original outdoor Xiushui market. It has been a shopping center in Beijing.
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2. Beijing Yashow Market

Yaxiu Market, also known as Ya show market, located on Chaoyang District, is an indoor 4-floor store, just like the Silk Market. It is the clothing bazaar for Beijing locals, so the prices are much lower.
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