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Shanghai Walking Routes

Shanghai is a famous tourist city in China. Walking in Shanghai is a suitable way to travel the attractions. There are many routes that one can come up with to see different parts of the city.

The listed routes are just the routes our customers love. We hope you will find fun and inspiring in these routes. If you have a special route in mind or if you want to plan out a more comprehensive trip in Shanghai, you can contact us via the email, and we will take into consideration your suggestion.

Route 1: Anyuan Lu - Shaanxi Bei Lu - Aomen Lu - Moganshan Lu

Features: Learn Buddhist culture in Jade Buddha Temple, modern living way of Shanghainese on Shaanxi Bei Lu, a catering industry depot of Shanghai on Aomen Lu, and the heart of Shanghai's art and culture scene on Moganshan Lu

Time: around 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on yourself

Shanghai Walking Route MapClick the picture for the bigger.

Starting at the Jade Buddha Temple

On No. 170 Anyuan Lu, you will walk into the famous and historical Jade Buddha Temple. Entry fee is RMB 20 per person. The temple was built between 1911 and 1918 in the style of the Song Dynasty: symmetrical halls and courtyards, upturned eaves and bright saffron yellow walls, making it readily identifiable.

Nowadays, there are 70 monks living and working there. Inside the chanting hall is there a 1.9-meter-high white jade Buddha which was brought from Burma in 1882; a smaller, reclining Buddha lying on a redwood bed. In the large hall, there are three gold-plated Buddhas, other ferocious-looking deities and about 7,000 Buddhist sutras on the walls.

White Jade Buddha in Jada Buddha Temple

North: Shaanxi Bei Lu

This is a buzzing and lively road, giving you a good perspective in the modern living way of Shanghainese. There are a lot of food restaurant, tea shops, a large mall, local clothing shops there. Walking straight, across Xinhui Lu and Changshou Lu, till you get to the Aomen Lu junction.

East: Aomen Lu

It is known to all that Aomen Lu is the catering industry depot of Shanghai. This road is full of interesting things. There are hotels and restaurants beyond count with Chinese style. You will also see many foreign restaurants, such as Japanese restaurant on your right called Koto, adjacent to several Chinese fast food joints. Walking continually, you will reach the Suzhou Xi Lu, then turn left and keep north on Moganshan Lu.

West: Moganshan Lu

Moganshan Lu is the heart of Shanghai's art and culture scene. The famous art district M50 is on the street. It includes paintings of every description, sculpture using a wide variety of materials, photographs, textiles and experimental work. It's a fun place to visit that offers an interesting contrast from the more traditional aspects of China that visitors often concentrate on. The best modern work is stunning.

Shanghai Art Heart in Moganshan Road

Route 2: Maoming Lu - Sinan Lu - Fuxing Lu - Danshui Lu - Xintiandi

Features: seek Chinese ancient furniture on Maomin Lu; taste café and enjoy Jazz music on Sinan Lu; relax yourself in Fuxing Park; learn the Father of modern China's in Sun Yat-sen's Former Residence; know vivid local culture of Shanghai and exotic atmosphere in Xintiandi area.

Time: around 1.5 to 2 hours, depending yourself

Shanghai Walking Route MapClick the picture for the bigger.

Starting at Maoming Lu

You can take a taxi to reach to the cross roads of Maoming Nan Lu and Yan'an Lu. Take off and start this walking route. On Maoming Lu, you should check out every store which sells lots of impressive and ancient furniture, and appliances from an era long time ago. When you enter into a store selling ancient artwork, you would almost feel like you are on the journey for seeking Chinese treasure. The shop-keeper is enthusiastic to welcome you, whether you buy or not.

After spending some time in the store, you move on and walk straight along Maoming Lu, where you will find numerous tailor shop selling suits and wedding gowns on both sides. Cross Jinxianghi Lu — more boutiques there — till you reach the famous shopping street Huaihai Lu. Turn east on this street and continue straight, across Ruijin Lu, till you reach Sinan Lu.

South: Sinan Lu

Sinan Lu, formerly called Rue Massenet, has been long overshadowed by Huaihai Lu. On Sinan Lu, it is pretty and busy, and with tiny restaurants, bars, small shops along the way. However, there are two restaurants that might catch your eye: Cafe Kakao (an inviting and spacious cafe) and Brick (a Mediterranean restaurant and wine lounge). Brick is known for their great cuisine and wine, as well as for playing live Jazz music on weekends.

Left: Fuxing Park

Keep on walking forward till the junction of Sinan Lu and Gaolan Lu, where you will see a narrow pathway leading to some greenery on your left. Here is the West Gate of the massive Fuxing Park, formerly called the French Park.

Fuxing Park is famous for its rose garden, which represents Western and Eastern garden design ideas. Besides of vast green spaces, flower beds, you will also see bars and restaurants. In the park, it is common to see many folks dancing, practicing Taichi, playing cards or mahjong every day. Fuxing Park is a good place for fun. Explore this park at your time.

Fuxing Park

South: Sun Yat-Sen's Former Residence

Continue walking southward along Sinan Lu, about 5 munites, you will come across the former residence of Sun Yat-Sen's who is honored as "the father of modern China's". From 1918 to 1924, Sun Yat-Sen's and his wife, Soong Ching-ling lived here.

If you are a Chinese history lover, you can enter in the residence to explore the lifestyle of Dr. Sun. It is worthy of your visiting.

Sun Yat-Sen's Former Residence

South: Sinan Mansions

Walking toward, you will walk by the famous Sinan Mansions, which is an architectural landmark among 51 villas.

Cross the busy Chongqing Lu, which will bring you to another heritage building — the former residence of American Journalist and Activist, Agnes Smedley, and continue straight until Danshui Lu.

North: Danshui Lu

This a small street, but there are lots of local eateries, cute tiny French cafés, and charming little beer and wine bars such as Mr. Shaker and the Italian wine bar called Luccio's. Here you can drink many wine what you want from abroad. They are cheap and original flavor. Strolling along this street, you will also see a beer bar, called The Beer Shelf - a lovely spot for quick Belgian ale.

Continue on to the last stretch of the walk, going East on Zizhong Lu, across Madang Lu, and North on Huangpi Nan Lu.


East: Xintiandi Park and Xintiandi

If you walk along Huangpu Nan Lu, you will come to Xintiandi Park. Many nice posh boutiques may come to sight.

If you walk along Taicang Lu on the left, you will enter Xintiandi area, which is a vehicle-free area provided with vivid local culture of Shanghai and exotic atmosphere. Reconstructed in 1999 from Shikumen ( usually "stone gate", an unique architectural style of traditional Shanghai residential buildings ), it is now one of the most popular hot spots (for locals and tourists) in Shanghai.

Xintiandi can be divided into the Nanli which features modern architecture and the Beili which still keeps the exterior of Shikumen.

Designed with glass walls, the 25,000-square-meter Nanli shopping and recreation area officially started business in 2002, appealing to commercial tenants from fashion, ornament, food, cinema, fitness and other industries; and the Beili area made up of some Shikumen buildings with modern architectural element, decoration and equipments is the place where elegant restaurants famous for high consumption gather, serving French, Italian, German, British, American, Brazilian, Japanese and many other types of dishes.

How to get to Xintiandi:
* By subway No.1 (get off at "South Huangpi Road") or No.10 (get off at "Xintiandi").
* By bus No. 146, 781, 911, 926, 42, etc.

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