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Shanghai Cycling Routes

Are you a cycling lover? Do you love to travel in Shanghai on two wheels?

Here is the best place sharing the famous Shanghai cycling routes with you. It is the time to stop your busy tour pace and hop on a bike to explore the highlights of Shanghai: Nanjing Road, People’s Square, Xiantiandi, Tianzifang, French Concession and any more.

Famous Cycling Routes in Shanghai

Route 1: Binjiang Avenue - Nanjing Road - People's Square - Shanghai Old Street - Xintiandi - Tianzifang - Old French Concession

Distance: 20 km
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: medium
Highlights: Enjoy daily life of old and modern Shanghai.

Binjiang Avenue

Cycling Details:
Get on your bike and start this cycling route from Binjiang Avenue in Pudong District. There is a special yacht dock there on Huangpu River. Stop at the top of the beautiful lawn and enjoy the lovely view of the Bund. Then walk down the dock, board a ferry boat for about RMB 2 per person with your bike to go across the river. Here is the busiest and famous section in Shanghai, but is also the best place for your taking photos.

Head west to Nanjing Dong Road and cycling straightly about 1640 yards to get to People's Square. You can stop there to explore Shanghai Museum and Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. Hop back to your bike and bike south to Xizang South Road, and then turn left at the 4th block to leave for Shanghai Old Street. There are a lot of traditional and ancient house, even many stalls selling souvenirs on the street.

People's Square

Continue your tour to Xintiandi area by going west along Fuxing East Road and Fuxing Zhong Road which are connected by Xizang South Road. Xintiandi is a place where yesterday meets tomorrow and east meets west. There are many modern Western and Chinese restaurants and other building for entertainment, shopping. It is also gathering place of the traditional well-preserved architecture of Old Shanghai.

Go south from Madang Road and turn right on Jianguo Road. Keep biking after go across Chongqing South Road and then turn left when seeing the sign of Taikang Road. The nest stop is Tianzifang which is located in 210 long of the road. It is an old alley with special stores, cafes and interesting places. Some people are still live there, adding vitality to the new creative street.

Go along Taikang Lu to the north and then turn left. About 77 yards you will reach to Jianguo Zhong Road by turning right. Cycling again for a few minutes, you will see the Old French Concession. This concession is one of the oldest four French Concessions in China. Nowadays, there are many old buildings with different special designs left and it is also a good street for café and leisure time.


Route 2: Antique Market on Dongtai Road - Shanghai Old Streets – Zhou Enlai's Residence - Cite Bourgogne - Tianzifang - French Concession

Distance: 15 km
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: medium
Highlights: Flee from the busy city to see real Old Shanghai.

Shanghai Old Street

Cycling Details:
Get on your bike and start off from Antique Market at the junction Liuhe Road and Dongtai Road. The market is considered to be one of not-to-miss market when shopping in Shanghai. Then continue to cycle south to Shanghai Old Street for a close looking into Shanghai old buildings and numerous cheap souvenirs. Hop back and go on biking from Xizang Zhong Road. Turn left to Yan'an East Road and then turn right till reach to Henan South Road. Go across Ren'mian Road and you will see the City God Temple, also named Laochenghuang Miao.

Go Back from Henan Road to Renmin Road for the next stop Zhou Enlai's Residence on Sinan Road. Here is the place where the most famous Chinese premier once lived. Continue to cycle on Renmin Road and move into straightly Huaihai East Road.

Zhou Enlai's Residence

Ride from Sinan Road and go bak to Huanhai Zhong Road. About 952 yards and turn left to Shaanxi South Road. Cycling straightly around 12000 yards, you will see Cite Bourgogne on the Left. Here is the rare old Shanghai building group combining with French buildings.

Start again from Shaanxi South Road and turn southward. A few minutes later and turn left to Jianguo West Road which links Jianguo Zhong Road. After cycling for around 230 yards, you need to turn right to Taikang Road where lays Tianzifang on the left. Tianzifang is a perfect mixture of Shanghai traditional buildings. Go north from Tianzifang for a few minutes and then turn left for around 77 yards. Then turn right and you will see the Shanghai French Concession. It is really worthy of your visit to enjoy the special old buildings and come across some nice stores.

Tianzifang Bar

Route 3: Century Park - Laoshan Lu - Zhaojiabang Canal

Distance: 9 km
Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Highlights: A comfortable route for cycling to visit nice scenery alongside.

Cycling Details
Start from Century Park metro station and ride north on Haitong Road leading to Century Park. Cycle straightly around the park and turn left to Fangdian Road. Ride for about 1 km and then turn right without going across a bridge where offers a nice path leading to a beautiful canal. With only a short distance, you need to turn left onto Laoshan Lu. Head north and you will reach a set of traffic lights where you should turn right for Jinxiu Road. Crossing the bridge and turn right to Heisong Lu.

Ride straightly and turn to Jinqiao Road. Then turn left to the Zhaojiabang Canal which is a pretty waterway with willows and a nice path. It also provides a space for spring outing or even fishing.

Century Park

Route 4: Longhua Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs - Kangjianyuan Park - Guilin Park - Tianlin Lu.

Distance: 15 km
Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Highlights: stop several parks for beautiful lotus and golden Osmanthus trees.

Longhua Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs

Cycling Details:
Get on your bike and start off at Longhua Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs, which was once for prisoning Chinese communist by Kuomintang (KMT) during 1928-1937. It is next to the famous Longhua Temple. The park inside has many big trees especially different kinds of peach trees with a large lawn. Stop for some time there under the sunshine with your bike.

Hop bike again and continue to southwest. Cross over the bridge and then turn right to Tianshui North Road. Ride along the street till reach to Guilin Road. There you will get to Kanjianyuan Park. In the park, the buildings are in Japanese style and plants are mainly lotus, peonies, osmanthus trees and cherry blossom. Close to the Kanjianyuan Park is Guilin Park which lies on the right.

Cycle northwards along Guilin Road until you see the entrance of Tianlin Road. Go east on the road and the market is just on the left side. Return by the same route or take a taxi back home.

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