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Shanghai Weather

Shanghai is a famous tourist city enjoying generous sunshine, abundant rainfall and four distinct seasons. Any time is great to go and visit different landscapes. Choose your time to travel.

What Time is Right for You to Travel in Shanghai?

Shanghai is located in eastern coastal China, with a pleasant northern subtropical maritime monsoon climate. Four seasons of Shanghai is distinct: a pleasant warm spring, a hot rainy summer, a comfortable cool autumn and an overcast cold winter. The temperature change is larger than other cities. In July or August, Shanghai temperatures can reach 40 centigrade degrees while in winter they have been known to drop to -10 centigrade degrees.

To avoid the heat of summer (June to September) and the cold of winter (December to February), spring (March to June) and autumn (September to November) are better times for your traveling in Shanghai.

Highest rainfall is between May and September which accounts for 70% of the annual rainfall. There are heavy rain and thunderstorms can be expected from late August to mid-September.

Shanghai Temperature Change of A Year Shanghai Temperature Change of A Year

Spring – pleasant and warm

Spring of Shanghai, from March and May, is warm and comfortable for spring outings. The trees become green and spring flowers burst into bloom, making the city lively and attractive. The weather feels comfortable with the average temperature at around 15 °C (59 °F). Light rain happens however will not disturb your trip. Long-sleeved shirts, thin sweaters or coats are suitable for this time.

Recommended place: Shanghai Century Park, Nanxiang Guyi Garden, Guilin Park

The Flowers in the Spring of Shanghai

Summer – hot and rainy

During the summer, from June to September, Shanghai is undergoing the hottest and wettest time of the year. The highest temperature occurs in July and August. In the ten days or so in these two months, temperature can be above 40 °C. June and September are the wettest months of the year with around 155mm of participation for each. In order to heatstroke and dehydration, wearing cool clothes such as T-shirts and shorts and carry water with you is necessary.

In China, there is a special period when showers alternate with sunshine and weather is really hard to predict. The period is Meiyu Season, lasting for nearly one month from mid-June to early July. The unexpected rain may spoil your travel plan. Because of the location of its, Shanghai is frequently affected by the typhoons from late August to mid-September. To make sure you have a happy vacation in Shanghai in these two periods, you should plan and prepare journey before your starting.

Recommended place: the Bund, Sanjiagang Seaside Park in Pudong New District, City Beach in Jinshan District

Sanjiagang Seaside Park

Autumn – comfortable and cool

Autumn is one of the best times to visit Shanghai. The time lasts from October to November. The temperate weather makes this season good for travel. Though the Meiyu season has gone by, sometimes the rainfall happens. As Summer progresses, the rain fall declines which makes Shanghai urban more stunning. Generally, the daytime temperate stands in over 10°C, but during night, the temperature drops to 3°C -5°C.

In autumn to visit Shanghai, you should do the same to maintain warmth. Long-sleeved shirts, sweater and coat are appropriate.

Shanghai Guilin Park

Winter – overcast and cold

From December till mid March, winter of Shanghai is the cold period in a span of a year. Particularly, the coldest period is from the end of January to early February which is the time of Chinese Spring Festival. The average temperate may drop to 0°C. It is really chilly and freezing. The worst of the cold usually lasts for only a few days and the humid cold wind is a torture for visitors, even the northerners. However, winter is the driest season of the year while receives more than 5 hours of sunshine. A sweater and overcoat are necessary in winter.

Shanghai's urban sprawl greatly affects the climate. The urban area is usually hotter and drier than the suburbs and this effect aggravates the rainfall and pollution, calling for visitor's attention to protect and improve the environment.

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