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Shanghai Culture & Lifestyle

Shanghai has disparate and dramatic history and culture. There is a large amount of historical relics, cultural centre and museums around the city’s downtown areas. Here we have shared some interesting topics about Shanghai local lifestyle with you, and we hope you will have a wonderful Shanghai vacation.

Shanghai's History & Culture

It is known to all that the film "The Hero's Legend in Shanghai" is famous in China whether in the past or at present. The film mainly describes the lifestyle of the Old Shanghai. Moreover, we also get a great impression of old Shanghai through this film.

In addition, we can go to visit Shanghai cultural centre and museums to enjoy Shanghai's rich history and culture. A good place to start is Duolun Road, Shanghai's culture street in the historic Hongkou District. It was once one part of American Concession, and then merged with the British Concession to form the International Settlement in colonial Shanghai. Because of famous for street's elegant villas and shop, it became home to many cultural progressives, such as writers and artists. The most popular place is the excellent Duolun Meseum of Modern Art with antiques and curio shops.

We recommend the follow famous museums to enjoy Shanghai's History & Culture:

1. Shanghai Municipal History Museum

This excellent museum is in the shadow of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. It recalls the Shanghai's story from 1860 to 1949. In the museum, we can see the recreated dioramas, models and tableaux of the city's famous thoroughfares and districts in times past. Well worth a couple of hours of your time.

Shanghai Municipal History Museum

2. Shanghai Art Museum

The Art Museum is a landmark clock tower, located at the Shanghai People's Square. It is a home collection spanning modern, traditional and temporary exhibits over 12 galleries.

Shanghai Art Museum

3. Museum of Contemporary Art/MOCA

The Museum is a striking new steel and glass building, located in Shanghai People's Park. It mainly focuses on the promotion of Chinese and international contemporary including conceptual art, sculpture, painting and installations.

4. Shanghai Museum of Arts and Crafts

This museum is artists' studios, workshops and elegant galleries. Go there to look for intricate jade, wood, and bamboo carvings - many of which are for sale.

Museum of Contemporary Art/MOCA

Shanghai Local Lifestyle

Shanghai is a dynamic and cosmopolitan city. In China, it is a city at the earliest to be affected by Western culture. It has blended the best of China's past and present together with western cultural elements.

For Shanghai's Elderly

Shanghai's elderly spend most of their time in exercising. Early in the morning, they head to Shanghai's parks and the People's Square to do morning exercises in group. We can see them doing square dances, practicing Taichi and other activities we do not know the name.

In the afternoon, the Elderly may go to Yuyuan Garden. They can not only enjoy the landscapes but become a distinctively beautiful scene in other visitors' sights.

Shanghai's Elderly

For the Young of Shanghai

The Young in Shanghai is known for their hard work. But after work, they really like to play. Whether in shopping streets or bars and nightclubs, you will see Shanghai local young.

The famous place for them is Huangpu River. Night is the perfect time for local lovers to take a cruise on the Huangpu River. On the boat, the Bund and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower will come into sight one by one. For Shanghai's fashionable young ladies, they love to spend a evening or a afternoon in shopping in Shanghai popular boutiques on Shanghai's Nanjing Road and Xintiandi.

Yuyuan Garden

Shanghai Nightlife

Shanghai is one of the world's greatest cities with much entertainment to match.

Night Cruise on Huangpu River

Huangpu River Night Cruise is not only loved by Shanghai local people but also by visitors from home or abroad. Cruising on the boat, you will enjoy the spectacular view of the Bund and Pudong District at night. Regular, the cruise ships start from the Bund and pass the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Binjiang Avenue and return to the Bund after reaching Yangpu Bridge. Here is the most beautiful Shanghai's night view.

Open Time: 10 am – 21 pm
Fee: RMB 100 per people for just taking in the sights; RMB 200 per people, including dinner
Duration Time: 40 minutes to 1 hour

Night Cruise on Huangpu River

Have a Night Walk

In the night, Shanghai local people love to go outside for walk. The best places include the Bund, Xintiandi, Former French Concession and People's Square.

With many good restaurants, outdoor seating and live tunes music, Xintiandi has become the hub for nightlife in Shanghai. The Bund is also considered the must-go place for a great view of Shanghai's night.

The Bund

Watch a Night Show

In Shanghai, there is many famous night shows, including Shangcheng Acrobatic Shaw and Era Intersection of Time.

Shangcheng Acrobatic Show 商城杂技

The show consists of around 9 different 10-minute performances. This acrobatics show is performed by Shanghai Magic Troupe and New Shanghai Circus Troupe. This is the first steam who performed acrobatics in Broadway Stage of USA.

Add: Shangcheng Theater, No.1367 Nanjing West Road, Jing'an District
Get There: take Metro Line 2
Price: RMB 200 – 300 per person

Shangcheng Acrobatic Show

Era: Intersection of Time 时空之旅

"ERA: The Intersection of Time" is Shanghai's most popular acrobatic show, featuring the gamut of traditional and contemporary Chinese acrobatics from aerial walking, bowl balancing, and trampoline shows to high flying trapeze acts and motorcycle cage stunts. Thematically, ERA takes the combination of China's past and future as its starting point, offering a window into traditional Chinese acrobatics performed according to a modern, contemporary aesthetic.

Add: No.2266, Gonghexin Road, Zhe Bei District.
Get There: Take Metro Line 1
Price: RMB 150 – 400 per people

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