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Nanluoguxiang Nightlife

Nanluoguxiang is very much an international community that attracts many people with its mixed but agreeable culture. It is not far from Houhai area, but is more low-key. There are a lot of interesting restaurants, bars, coffee shops and shops there. It is well worth an evening.

Most Popular and Recommended Bars in Nanluoguxiang

1. Lao Wu Bar

The bar is a perfect place to catch up with friends and family for a drink at an average cost of RMB 200 per person. It is located in the deep of Hutong with a typical Chinese entrance doors guarded by two Menshen (door gods, warding off the evil spirits). Laowu Bar opens between the hours of 3:00pm-3:00am.

Address: No.66, Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng district
Tel: 010-64025086

2. Pass by Bar

Pass by Bar was opened in 1999, a favorite for foreigners and tourists residing in the neighborhood, this pleasant courtyard bar and restaurant is an ideal place to hang out with friends and family for drink, taste Italian foods, chatting and also surfing the net on your laptop. The wall is made of Tibetan prints and wooden masks. Not to forget, there's a selection of reading materials to browse and borrow.

Address: No.108, Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng district
Tel: 010-84038004

3. 16 MM Bar

It is the perfect cafe to visit for a quiet drink and a movie. The entrance to the bar is lined with movie posters and once you get inside you will be greeted by comfortable sofas. Though the bar gate is quite small, there is plenty of space inside including a second floor and back courtyard. Relaxing on the cozy sofa with a cup of coffee and watching a movie with friends, is a great way to spend an easy afternoon or evening.
Films projected daily at 4:00 and 7:30pm with a new theme each week.

Address: No.57, Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng district
Tel: 010-64063863

4. Hongtongr Bar

It is a nice place for a date and also better services. There is no noisy music and also crowded people. It’s more like a place where you may sit and chat quietly whiles enjoying your drink. The Hongtongr Bar has a large roof-deck and second floor and seated on either, you may see the Gulou from afar, and Siheyuan in the nearby area.

Address: No.105, Juer Hutong, Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng district
Tel: 010-64006808

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