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Top 10 Things to See and Do in Guilin

So far, Guilin has been praised as the most picturesque and natural scenery place in China, and is one of the "must-go" and "must-see" destination for travelers coming to China.

Cruise on or hike along Li River to enjoy the fanscinating Karst peaks and landscapes of guilin; stroll the West Street and cycle in Yangshuo county to stay far from the Madding Crowd; Hike Longji Rice Terraces and wake into Minority Villages to experience the exotic ethnic culture; also, relax youself in Elephant Trunk Hill Park and taste the featured cuisine in Guilin.

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1. The famous Li River Cruise

Li River is the main reason for people traveling to Guilin. The curise from Guilin City to Yangshuo on the Li River is 83km with uniquely beautiful karst landscape. Taking the Li River cruise is the best way to enjoy this natural beauty.

The peaks stretch along the river creating interesting stories, fishermen ride bamboo rafts to catch fish and each turn of the river offers a surprise to make the 4-hour cruise enjoyable.

Open time: 9:00am-18:30pm

Recommended Li River Cruise Itinerary:
* 4 Days Guilin & Yangshuo Essence Tour

Li River Cruise

2. Hiking along Li River

It is known to all that cruising is usually the most popular way to go sightseeing on Li River. However, for people who prefer to feel and do physical exercise instead of only appreciating the scenery, hiking along the picturesque river is no doubt a more suitable choice. Walking through characteristic villages, bamboo forests and rice fields and enjoying picturesque mountain landscape will help you to relax yourself and purify your mind and soul.

Some points of interest on Li River are:
* Jiu Ma Hua Shan (Nine Horses in Mountains): the cliff face has images of what appeared to be a group of horses. Variegated in yellow and white, dark and light, the horses assume a variety of poses: some seem to be running, some just lying there and others playing. These images have been present on the mountain side for centuries.The number of horses there depends on your imagination.
* Huang Bu Dao Ying (Reflection of Yellow Cloth): the clear water reveals a yellow rock board at the bottom of the river for about 100 meters.

Hiking Route: Xingping to Yangping
Time: about 6-7 hours
Best time to visit: April to October

Recommended Li River Cruise Itinerary:
* 5 Days Guilin Highlights & Li River Hiking Tour (incl. flight from Beijing)
* 5 Days Guilin, Caoping, Xingping, Yangshuo, Yulong River Tour


Li River Hike

3. Yangshuo County Cycling

Yangshuo County, about 60 kilometres far from Guilin city in Guangxi province, has become a popular bicycle base in China. A peaceful countryside journey makes people escape from the boisterous urban cities. Numbers of people head to Yangshuo to explore the beautiful countryside scenery by bike.

Plenty of Chinese style bikes, tandem bikes, mountain bikes and high quality Giant or Merida bikes are offered in bicycle rentals. All routes start from West Street (Xi jie) and take a half-day or a day on the basis of different travel plans and paces.

Cycling Route:
* Relaxing: Yangshuo - Big Banyan - the Moon Hill - The Moon Hill Village - Jianshan Temple - Yan Village - Tianjia River - Yangshuo
* Yangshuo - Gunning Bridge - the Riverside Villa - Yangshuoshengdi - Tongmenyan - Fenglou Village - the Moon Hill - the Big Banyan – Yangshuo
* Two Days: Yangshuo - Full - Chelan Hill - Xing ping - the Stone City - Patio - Yangshuo
* Difficult(5 or 6 hours): Yangshuo – Gongnong Bridge - Yangshuoshengdi - Jima – Old County – Xiangua Bridge – Yulong Bridge– Baisha - Yangshuo


Recommended Cycling Itinerary:
* 5 Days Guilin Highlights & Yangshuo Cycling Tour (incl. flight from Beijing)


Yangshuo Cycling

4.Yangshuo Bamboo Rafting and Nightlife on West Street

Yangshuo area has become known around the world as a top vacation place in China.

Yulong River, a small tributary of the Li River only has bamboo rafts to ferry passengers down the river. It is a most relaxing experience to recline on a bamboo chair of the raft and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. In additon, Yulong River is cleaner than the Li River and is much better to go rafting on.

At Yangshuo's famous West Street, you can simply relax yourself in one of the bars or cafes, or do some souvenir shopping at the numerous stands. At the West Street, you will never get bored.

Recommended Itinerary to Have Nightlife on West Street:
* 3 Days Guilin, Yangshuo Classic Tour

Bamboo Rafting

5. Enjoy Impression of Liusanjie

Show of Liusanjie Impression is a great performance in a natural stage. It is a creative combination of hills and water with the minority culture, even a perfect artistic harmony between man and nature. The show takes on the Li River with the Shutong Hill and 12 other peaks around as its background. It makes a different visual effect from the traditional theatre. All the actors of the show are local peasants. The famous performances are Red Impression and Silver Impression.
* Red Impression: Li River is dotted with fishing lights, and over 600 actors and actresses sing an antiphony.
* Silver Impression: 200 ethnic minority girls in festive costumes perform on the watery stage, welcoming visitors from all corners of the world.

Location: 1 Tianyuan Road, Yangshuo, Guilin
Open time: 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday; 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and 9:50 p.m. to 10:50 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday

Liusanjie Impression

6. Reed Flute Cave (芦笛岩,Ludi Yan)

Located on the side of Taohua River and about 6km away from Guilin city center, Reed Flute Cave is the most notable cave in Guilin. The cave is filled with a large number of stalactites, stalagmites, and rock formations in weird and wonderful shapes. Illuminated by the colored lights, the cave looks like a dazzling underground palace. That's why the cave is also known as "Nature's Art Palace". The most liked formations are Rose Dawn over Lion Peaks and Crystal Palace.

Open time: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Bus: No.3, No.13 and No.58

Reed Flute Cave

7. Hike Longji Rice Terraces and Visit Minority Villages

Located in Longsheng County, about 102km southwest of Guilin.There are numerous terraced fields in the area of Longsheng, of which the terraced Fields in Longji are the best and most spectacular.

As the rice terraces are built into the hillsides, the best and also the only way to view these fields is by hiking.

How to Get to Longji ?

Take a bus at Guilin Bus Station to Longsheng and then change to another for the Terrence Fields. The journey takes about 1.5 hours.

When to go ?

* June to Novemeber

Longji Rice Terraces

Beyond the astonishing scenery, Longsheng is also the area to visit for its exotic ethnic culture. Scattered across the magnificent terraced fields are various minority villages, where Zhuang, Miao, Yao and Dong people are living.

These different minority groups are maintaining their own unique costumes and traditions, and living in harmony with each other. This provides a valuable opportunity for tourists to see firsthand the rich variety of customs in the region.

* Huangluo Yao Village: Yao women's distinctive hair style and their embroidered pink costumes and the heavy silver earringsm
* Pian'an Zhuang Village: Zhuang women wearing white shirts, black pants and brightly colored towels on their heads.

Recommended Itinerary to Hike Longji Rice Terraces
8 Days Beijing Essence & Guilin Longsheng In-depth Tour

Miao Minority

8. Elephant Trunk Hill Park - Relaxing place

Elephant Trunk Hill is on the west bank of the Li River. It is one of the symbols of Guilin. This hill gets its name from the fact that it looks a bit like an elephant drinking water from the river. There is a park on the hill called, not surprisingly, Elephant Trunk Hill Park. It's worth a look. It makes a good photo spot.

Elephant Trunk Hill

9. Climb Fubo Hill

Located in the northeast of Guilin and on west bank of Li River. It was named for General Fubo of the Tang Dynasty who built Mayuan Temple on the hill. Because of its location and height, Fubo Hill can tame the waves, stopping the surging waters which then form whirlpools. Attractions include Pearl-Returning Cave, One-Thousand-Buddhas Cave, Sword Testing Stone, Listening-to-the-Waves Pavilion and One-Thousand-Persons Pot and Big Iron Clock.

Fubo Hill

10. Featured Guilin Cuisine


Guilin Rice Noodles

It is famous in South China and the favorite food in local areas. The noodles are made from rice flour of high-quality rice. The mouthfeel is tender, smooth and refreshing. They are served to you in fragrant pork soup or beef flavored soup, but any seasoner added into it depending on your taste.

Guilin Rice Noodles

Guilin Spiral Shell

It is a type of snails living in countryside fields. This kind of snails is large and rich in meat. They are usually boiled with a special Chili Sauce, Sanhua alcohol, shallot and ginger. Adding a bit slightly spicy and vinegar tang, they become zesty and appetizing. To eat inside meat needs a special skill, but it is fun.

Spiral Shell

Yangshuo Beer Fish

This is a kind of grass fish catched from Li River. Then cooked with beer and other seasoner such as chili, onion, garlic, etc. The fish tastes fresh and tender with sweet and sour flavor.

Guilin Beer Fish

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