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Guilin Li River Hiking

Li River is considered to be the most beautiful river in China. There are three ways to tour Li River:

* Taking a cruise boat: the most popular way to explore the river;
* Bamboo rafting: a more sedate, flexible, and natural way;
* Hiking along the river: enjoyed by an increasing number of outdoor lovers.

Hike along the Li River is a good choice to get closer to nature and local lifestyle in Guilin.

Why choose to hike the Li River?

On the boat or bamboo raft, you may not enjoy the beauty of the Li River. However, Hiking along the Li River gives you a great opportunity to see the gorgeous natural scenery and the life of the farmers who live by the river.

Drive to Yangdi and start your hiking tour from Yangdi to Xingping about 20km in 5 hours. You will pass several local small villages and see rive fields, orchards and unique karst mountains, and then reach the old town – Xingping. Xingping town is the largest town along the Li River, surrounded by the enthralling and beautiful scenery.

On the way, you will have enough time to count how many horses on the famous Mural Hill (nine-hourses-fresco) and to see whether you are the No.1 Scholar or not, as well as take a picture at Xingping which is featured on the 20 Yuan bank note.


There are river cruises available from Yingdi and they will pass through this area too. However, the walk is a more peaceful way to enjoy the Li River and mountain scenery than on the loud noisy boat.

If you get tired, you can always rent a bamboo raft to float down the rest of the river. Hence, it becomes a popular destination for hiking enthusiasts.

Bamboo Rafting

The Famous Li River Hiking Route

Yangdi - Xingping

Hiking Route: Yangdi Dock - Ferry Boat - Langshi Village - Langshi Dock - Ferry Boat - Quanjiazhou Village - Laocun Village - Lengshui Village - Lengshui Dock - Xingping Town

This route can be divided into two parts:
* Yangdi - Jiumahua Mountain ( 10km )
* Jiumahua Mountain – Xingping ( 12km )

Three ways for you planning to travel this section from Yangdi to Xingping:
* Only hiking: drive from Guilin downtown to Yangdi, and then start your hiking;
* Half hiking, half rafting: after arriving at Yangdi, you can choose either of the two sections Yangdi - Jiumahua Mountain or Jiumahua Mountain - Xingping to hike. Fro the other section, you can take a raft, but be prepared for a fee.
* Just rafting: if you are tired and don’t want to hike, you can take a bamboo raft to see both these sections of the Li River.

The route from Yangdi from Xingping is the most famous. The whole 22km route covers the essence of Li River. It crosses the Li River three times, and you must take the ferryboat to the other side of the river. It passes six nature villages. You can take a rest in the local family, and beg for water and local famous fruit. The villagers are hospitable.

The entire trip takes five to six hours by foot. You will come across many scenic spots, such as Langshi Scenery, Nine Horse Mural Hill and Yellow Cloth Shoal.


Xingping - Yangdi

If you are in Yangshuo county and want to hike the Li River, you will also realize your dream.

It takes about 1.5 hours and the ticket is RMB 10 per person to take a regular bus from Yangshuo Bus Station to Yangdi Ferry directly. The first shuttle leaves at 6:40 in the morning and runs at an interval of 20 minutes.

Then start your hiking tour from Xingping to Yangdi. When you arrive at Yangdi, you can take a bus back to Guilin downtown.

Jiumahua Shan

Notes for Your Li River Hiking

1. Best Hiking Time

The high season (from April to October). In the hotter months of June and July, the river mist is best-looking in the early morning. During sunny days, you can see the reflection of the hills on both sides clearly in the water. During cloudy days, the hills are surrounded by mist and you may feel you are cruising or hiking in a mystical paradise. When it is rainy, drizzle is like a veil covering the hills and the river.

The low season (from November to March): Wear heavy coats when you take the cruise or hiking tour, because the temperature is lower then in the city.

2. Road Condition

The road along Li River consists mostly of rice field trails and footpaths. You do not need to climb mountains, and will not get lost since there is only one way. Wear good walking shoes.

3. Carry-on Items

Bring an umbrella or a rain coat in rainy seasons; a hat in sunny days; Sun scream for protecting your skin; enough water and food.

Prepare changes if you want to buy water or other snack.

Li River Hiking

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