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Guilin Local People and Lifestyle

What makes Guilin such a wonderful destination is not just its breathtaking landscape, but also its people. The people of Guilin have a warm spirit and are happy to greet visitors. They do their best to make people feel like at home.

In local areas, there is a famous saying about their homeland – “I would rather live in Guilin than in heaven.” This shows how Guilin folks are proud of their city, and love to share it with others.

Read on following brief information, and take a glimpse into the daily life of Guilin people.

Morning Exercises for the Aged

When the sun is just coming up, you will see that many elderly people walk across the streets heading towards the nearby parks or open areas for their morning exercises. They believe strongly that morning exercises will make them become healthier and have a chance to make new friends. The aged usually share common interests and chat with each other. This may be a reason that longevity is so common in the region.

Their exercises include practicing Taichi Chuan, martial arts, ballroom dancing, singing, or doing the local drum or square dancing.

Morning Exercise in Guilin

Guilin Rice Noodles as Common Meals

In Guilin, whether the aged, child or adult, they like to eat Guilin Rice Noodles in local small restaurants.

Rice Noodles is famous in Guilin, even China. It has the distinctive flavor. The food is finely made with materials carefully chosen, and can be cooked with a various ingredients. Rice noodle soup with fish fillet comes topped with peanuts and is very good. Different kinds of rice noodle shops have different secret recipe to make their own rice noodles loved by people.

Guilin Rice Noodles

Selling Specialties as Job

As a famous tourist city, Guilin has the same development in tourism and commerce. Guilin locals use the advantage of tourism to sell their specialties, which is the mainly income resources of the local people. Selling their specialties is their major jobs.

Underneath Guilin's main square is a maze of small shops which is called "Little Hong Kong" by the locals. There are hundreds of shops in Little Hong Kong, with most selling clothing and accessories. However, there are also shops selling souvenirs, luggage, needlecraft supplies, toys, and artworks.

Guilin Specialty Shop

After-dinner Stroll and Night Market

When the sun sets, Guilin locals return home from work for dinner, which is always a family affair. After dinner, the entire family steps out into nearby park for square dancing or the street for a stroll.

Families can be seen walking down the night market along the streets, chatting with each other. They will frequently stop and chat with neighbors and friends, or occasionally stop at a little roadside stand to pick up a snack. After their walk, people will get together to play chess, mahjong, or cards.

Nightlife in Yangshuo County

For the Yangshuo locals, two popular things for them to do in night.

One is to stroll in the West Street. There are hundreds of shops with many amazing variety of local craft and souvenirs make this a visitors' paradise, even locals.

The other one is to enjoy the Impression Sanjie Liu. The performance is set in the natural landscape of Yangshuo. This is the world largest natural theater which utilizes the waters of the Li River as its stage, with twelve mist shrouded hills and the heavens as its backdrop. Mist, rain, moonlight, the hills and their inverted reflections in the river all become the ever-changing natural background.

Yangshuo Impression Sanjie Liu

Local Life during Weekend

When weekend comes, the Guilin folks will spend their leisure time to the countryside. The entire family or with good friend go to cruise on Li River or go to the beautiful town, such as Yangshuo and Longji or peaceful villages along the Li River. Outdoor activities such as trekking and rock climbing are extremely popular within younger generations.

For the older generation or people with disabilities, they have good way to enjoy their weekend. They invite their neighbors or old friends to their home together for tea drinking, playing chess, mahjong or cards.

Guilin Folks Cruise on Li River

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