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Guangzhou Transportation: get to & around in Guangzhou

Located at the north of the Pearl River Delta, facing the South China Sea and neighboring and Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Regions, Guangzhou is the third largest city and one of the most important transportation hubs in China.

Guangzhou has very dense transportation network. It is very convenient to get to the city by flight, by train, by long-distance bus or by boat. In addition, taxi, subway, public bus, ferry can take you to any places in the Guangzhou city.

How to Get to Guangzhou?

1. By Flight

Guangzhou has a Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport (CAN), about 28 kilometers away from downtown Guangzhou. The airport was the 2nd busiest air transportation hubs in China in passenger traffic and 3rd busiest in cargo traffic.

The airport is the main hub of China Southern Airlines and a focus city for Shenzhen Airline. There are more than 120 scheduled flights in the airport, and 86 of them are domestic flights between Guangzhou and major Chinese cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Xian. The direct international flights: to Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Bangkok, etc. From August 1st, 2013, the passengers who hold passport of 45 countries and regions can be granted a 72-hour visa-free permit while in transit via Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

It is conveniently get to the airport.
A. Taxi
Usually, the taxi charges RMB10 for the first 2.5 kilometers and RMB 2.6 for the additional per kilometer.

B. Subway Line 3
The Line 3 is operated with one north-south-ward main rail and a northeastward branch. The north-south can branch to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

C. Airport Shuttle Bus
There are 10 shuttle bus lines running and transporting passengers between Baiyun Airport and the downtown area; and 4 special lines to Fosha, Nan, Longshan and Shunde.

Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport

2. By Train

At present, Guangzhou has 4 railway stations: Guangzhou Railway Station, East Railway Station, North Railway Station and South Railway Station.

Guangzhou Railway Station

Guangzhou Railway Station is one of the rail transportation hubs in China. The "Guangzhou-Shenzhe", "Beijing-Guangzhou" and "Guangzhou-Sanshui" railways meet here. The station provides the trips to Beijing, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Maoming, Wuhan, Nanjing, Chengdu, Chongqing and so on. The meeting place of the Canton Fair and Yuexiu Park are located to the south of its, which can be reached by walking about 10 minutes from the station.

Guangzhou East Railway Station

The station, originally named Tianhe Railway Station, is situated on the Linhe Zhong Road, Tianhe District. Built in 1910, it is 8km from Guangzhou Railway Station. It is the terminal of Guangdong - Kowloon, Hong Kong through train. It just takes you about 2 hours to reach Hung Hom Station in Hong Kong.

Guangzhou North Railway Station

This station is located in the Huadu District, a bit far from the city center. It is about 27km from Guangzhou Railway Station. Nowdays, There are 26 pairs of high-speed trains launching from the railway station, including rail to Wuhan and Changsha.

Guangzhou South Railway Station

The station is located in Shibi Village, Zhongcun Town, Panyu District, about 17km away from the down area. At present, there are only high-speed trains running from the city to Wuhan and Changsha.

Guangzhou Railway Station

3. By Long-distance Bus

In Guangzhou, there are 15 bus stations operating frequent buses to and from the cities in and around Guangdong Province. Among them, Fangcun Bus Station, Tianhe Bus Station and Yuexiu South Bus Station are frequented by passengers. Especially, Yuexiu South Bus Station boasts the bus routes to reach Hong Kong and Macau.

Guangzhou Long-distance Bus

4. By Boat

Guangzhou lies in the Pearl River Delta. It is one of the biggest port cities in China.

Guangzhou has many ports, including Humen Port, Xinsha Port, Huangpu Port and many other inner ports. There are lots of ships cruising to more then 100 ports in China. Its international sea transportation is well developed. The ship routes lead to over 300 ports of 80 countries. It is the biggest foreign trade port in South China. Besides the load and discharge of cargos, some ports also provide passenger services.

Guangzhou Boat

How to Get around in Guangzhou?

1. By Taxi

Nowadays, Guangzhou has 84 taxi companies in the city with more than 16,000 taxis in different colors, including yellow, blue, maroon and gold.

Usually, the local taxi charges RMB10 for the first 2.5km, and RMB2.6 for additionally per kilometer. If you take a taxi at night, you can bargain with the driver. The taxi driver often charge not depending on the taxi mileage, and charge you RMB100 from the Guangzhou Railway Station to Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport.

* Walk to the special pick-up points for taxis in peak hours;
* At night, you can bargain for the fee;
* Taxi complaint hotline: 020-83600000

Guangzhou Taxi

2. By Subway

Up to December 28th, 2013, Guangzhou has 9 subway lines operating through 164 stations, including Line 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, Guangzhou-Foshan Line and APM Line.

Line 1: 16 stations; reach to East Railway Station, Chen Clan Academy and Tianhe Sports Center
Line 2: 24 stations; reach to Baiyun Culture Square, Baiyun Park, Feixiang Park, Guangzhou Railway Station, Yuexiu Par, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and South Railway Station
Line 3: reach to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport from downtown
Line 4: 18 stations; reach to Olympic Sports Center, Guangzhou Asian Games Village and Higher Education Mega Center
Line 5: connects some major business and residential districts
Line 6: connects historical and cultural sites
Line 8: 13 stations; reach to Sun Yat-sen University
Guangzhou-Foshan Line: running between Guangzhou city and Foshan city
APM Line: named Zhujiang New Town Automated People Mover System; mainly serves the CBD Zhujiang New Town in Tianhe District.

Guangzhou Subway

3. By Public Bus

There is also a comprehensive public bus service that covers Guangzhou from end to end. There are more than 450 bus lines operating in Guangzhou city, and 44 of them are running at night from 21:00 to 06:00 of the next day. By far, it is the cheapest way to move around. Usually, the fee is RMB 1 for the common bus, and RMB 2 for the air-conditioned ones.

Guangzhou Public Bus

4. By Ferry

Guangzhou's passenger ports not only serve domestic and international transportation, but run ships to other areas of the city. It is very convenient to travel by ferry from Dashatou Passenger Port and Xidi Passenger Port.

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