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Chinese Kung fu

You may have seen or watch Chinese action movies and probably thinking of what Kung fu means at all? Kung fu (also known as Gongfu, Wushu or Kuoshu) is one of the typical demonstrations of traditional Chinese culture which combines techniques of self-defence, curative effects, health-keeping and intelligence based on classical Chinese philosophy.

Chinese Kung Fu


Kung fu practice, philosophy and concept can trace it roots back more than 4000 years ago. It originated from the Shaolin Temple in Henan province when an Indian Buddhist prince named Da Mo (506–556 AD) came to preach in the Buddhist Shaolin Temple, which is popularly known as Buddhist monastery.

During his visit he noted that the shaolin priests were weak and ill, so he help them recover their strength and forcefulness.

Five Animal Styles of Martial arts

The Five Animal martial arts supposedly originated from the Henan Shao lin Temple, are

Tiger: This exercises and strengthens the bones.

Snake: It is a style of Shaolin Boxing which imitate the movements of snakes.

Leopard: The emphasis of leopard is speed and angular attack 

Crane: Originated in Fujian which is based on observations of movement, fighting abilities and spirit.

Dragon: Exercises to cultivate spirit, flexibility, and graceful movements. The dragon is a mythical animal associated with courage and energy. Dragon exercises stress this animal’s flowing spirit.


Some famous Kung fu masters and Actors

Yue Fei (March 24, 1103 – January 27, 1142)

Wong Fei-hung (July 9, 1847-March 25, 1924)

Bruce Lee (27 November 1940 – 20 July 1973)

Jackie Chan, born in April 1954

Jet Li also Li Lianjie, born in April 26, 1963

Recommended Kung Fu Movies


Beijing Kungfu Show Spot 

Beijing Kungfu Show Spot

Beijing Kung Fu Show spot like Red Theatre provide charming and enjoyable kung fu shows presented by the China Heaven Creation International Performing Arts Company.



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